Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pidgeon: A new 1/3 girl joins the flock

You've already met Alna,
well, now meet Pidgeon.
We call her Pidge for short.

She is a

DDS Ms. Mariko

and she's just moved in.
 Here she is with my girl, Alna
(Pidge is a White Skin Dollfie Dream Sister... she is the one with the blonde hair)

Here is her story:
A high school teacher on the weekdays.
A secretive cosplayer on the weekend.

Ms. Mariko.
She is our Japanese teacher, who is a little bit sweet.
Her class is really clear to understand. She is really knowledgeable and good with classic Japanese and claassic Chinese as well, though she teaches contemporary Japanese.
Moreover, she is kind and beautiful. So, she is a wonderful teacher who is popular among us students.
I think it's kind of cute that she's too short to reach the top of the blackboard.

But she feels a little reserved. I mean, her private life is mysterious because she has never told us about her hobbies and such. I wonder if she spends her days off reading some kind of difficult books or something.

Following Akira, "Ms. Mariko" makes her debut as a Dollfie Dream! She won the top prize in the Recruiting a New Character for the "Afterschool Akihabara Girls" as a part of the DD 7th Anniversary Seven Special Commemorative Projects!
A teacher at Moe's school and a secret cosplayer, this eccentric teacher, Ms. Mariko, joins the "Afterschool Akihabara Girls!" 

I'm not sure how much of this will come into play for my girl... I'm pretty sure she will be the school teacher for all of my Pure Neemos though! But secret cosplayer? I'm not so sure, LOL.
Here are her company default pics:


  1. It's getting rather crowded at your place thinks you will be needing an apartment block lol!

    1. You said it!!! The Neemos are pretty happy though, they have gotten their own shelf on the bookshelf, free of Misaki, or any other type of doll that might have wanted to invade, but they're yelling at me to get their store done already... they keep telling me that being sick is no excuse. They can be so harsh sometimes. 0_0

  2. Pidge is adorable! Love how you redressed both dolls! :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I'm really liking these looks for them... I do love the 1/3 size dolls a lot, even though I don't post about them as much (mostly because it's harder to tote them around XD ) But they're just so pretty!!!

  3. I have to say, your version of her is leaps and bounds above whatever Volks had in mind for her character. Pidge is freakin' adorable!

    HAH! Lookit her rack in the first company photo XD. Hello, teacher, indeed!

    1. Yes, well, she is the Akihabara teacher, so... uhm... teenage boy fantasy teacher? XD My other girl pictured, Alna, is actually the Idol Singer from that story line and has an equally insane rack... why do I buy the ones with the insane racks??? (I'm looking at their faces, I SWEAR, their FACES!!!)... but yeah, both of them have crazy boobs XD A lot of times I choose clothes that downplay that, sometimes I don't, lol.

      Thanks though XD I saw Pidge and thought she had TONS of potential and I'm so glad I bought her, she IS friggin adorable!!! Now I just need to do more photos with them!