Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Such a Doll] Bratz Heartbreakerz Cloe & Jade

Oh! Hello!
I'm back again... I hope you're not sick of seeing me... 
but there are a lot of dolls around here lately!

Today we're going to look at some Bratz dolls.
We see a lot of those guys around here, because... er...
we can steal their clothes. 0_0;;;
Sorry, Bratz! I'm so so sorry!
But... we do. We steal their clothes all the time!
They fit Pure Neemos perfectly, and Mamachapp's too (which is what I am!)

Anyways, here is a picture of the type of packaging they came in... this is Jade:
I really like Bratz packaging because it's easy to open. 
I like it when I don't cut my fingers opening a package!
The design of the package isn't anything spectacular... and here's my biggest gripe:
When you look at the illustrations of the clothes on the package (because they don't put pictures of the acual doll)... they always show more, or better pieces than what you actually get.
Not usually a big deal... but when you're buying a doll who is wearing a closed jacket, and the illustration shows a shirt, and then you find out she doesn't have any shirt, well, 
that's REALLY annoying.
These particular Bratz dolls came with a star shaped hairbrush 
and a rose ring that had lip gloss inside.

Anyways, time to talk about the dolls.
I've never really been a fan of Bratz dolls... mostly because they don't have real feet.
Plus I've also found quite the variance in the quality of the plastic the head is made out of. It's really weird, but sometimes it's hard and crappy, and sometimes it's softer and fairly nice.
Jade and Cloe of the Heart Breakerz are the nicer head plastic. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that Jade is downright pretty. I like her makeup and eye style, and her vibrant hair and pale skin tone.
 Cloe isn't too bad either!
Somehow, despite the kinda slutty outfits, these two girls ended up with milder makeup when it comes to Bratz girls.
They each have hoop earrings to match their outfits.
The Cloe also came with what have to be the coolest Bratz shoes I've ever seen:
How fun are those?!
Jade's shoes were ok, but not as detailed as the Cloe's:

Now on to the important part... the clothes!
I was very happy to find that the tights that came with these outfits were separate pieces!
That means they had elastic wastebands, and THAT means they fit the Pure Neemos!
Yes, the outfits are a little slutty... as per the long-standing Bratz tradition (although lately they've been making some downright normal clothes!), but they are Valentines Day outfits, so I think it's ok.
Here are some pics of the outfits on Samantha and Sophie:
Sophie in Cloe's outfit (with Barbie shoes and bag)

Samantha in Jade's outfit (with Barbie shoes)
 These outfits fit the Pure Neemo perfectly! :)
Anyhow, that's the update for today!
Tune in tomorrow when we get to see Anna and Prue's progress on The Majokko Shop!

Monday, January 30, 2012

[The Chocolate Box] Meijer Chocolate Covered Cherries

OMG, OMG, OMG! It's finally my turn!
Hi!!! My name is Sophie!
I'm gonna get straight to the point.
I like chocolate.
I mean, I REALLY like chocolate.
I nibble on the stuff all the time.
It's a good thing I'm made of plastic, otherwise I'd gain a million pounds!

Today's chocolate are Meijer Brand Chocolate Covered Cherries.

They were very big!
And their bag had a nice design... very chocolatey!
Compared to other Chocolate Covered Cherries I've had (Cherry Republic!!),
these ones were pretty bitter, and the quality of the Chocolate was not so good. A bit waxy.
Oh pooey! So bitter!
All in all, I do not think I'll buy them again.
What a sad day for chocolate. :(

Sunday, January 29, 2012

[Cute Critters] Tiny Snails!

Hello everyone, my name is Pita.
Someday I want to be a Veterinarian, so I have decided that every Sunday, I will educate you on the topic of animals. To be more specific, cute animals. To be even more specific, cute, baby animals.
I just love cute little baby animals! How could you not want to help them!!

So, without further ado, here is your fuzzy cute picture for this Sunday, in my brand new section called
[Cute Critters]!

Just so you guys don't think I'm a total girl (and I'm not, I'm a boy!!), the first cute critter I'm going to go with is a baby snail!! Check these guys out, how could you ever think they weren't awesome?!

These pictures come to you from the zooborns site, and if you'd like to learn more about these little snails, please go HERE and check it out... they are battling extinction, and need all the press they can get!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

[World Wide Webs] The Selfy Maker

Oh! Hello, I didn't see you there!
This is Alisa!
I've been very busy making Selfy's.
Isn't that such a cute name? The Selfy Maker.
It's by PlusTG, and it's just so CUTE! I'm making some for Prue and Anna.
I thought they could use some mascot pictures for their new store!

Here is where I first saw them, the ones aEthEr hEad, !

The only thing that kinda stinks is that I can't figure out how to copy an image to show it here, you have to go to the link :(
Prue turned out perfect!
Selfy Prue!

But they didn't quite have the right stuff for Anna:
Selfy Anna!

This site is just terrible... I can spend hours and hours here, and I want them to make the outfits in my size! Is that wrong?

I couldn't help it... I had to make me too:
It's Me!!

To make your own, go here:
Make Your Own Selfy!

Friday, January 27, 2012

[Such a Doll] Simply Mango Blythe

 Hi! Twig here, again!
I didn't mean to be back this soon, but yesterday, a new resident arrived in the mail!

Her company name is:

Neo Blythe "Simply Mango"

We are new to Blythe around here, so meeting her was quite a shock!
I thought *I* had a big head, but I've got NOTHING on her!
Her head is huge, and shockingly flat!!
Even more interesting, she has two pull strings coming out of the back of her head.
One is to close her eyes, and the other is to open them... and when her eyes close, they change!
I do not think this girl has a default faceup, but that's ok, since she will be getting a new one soon!

Here is her description, as gotten from www.blythedoll.com

●Neo Blythe Simply Mango
Simply Mango wears a orange-striped top with a beige salopette.
The top of her salopette fits her body and there are three yellow buttons at the front.
The strap is crossed at the back, and its low rise waist is marked with a belt made of a beige cotton ribbon.
The pants are a little bit loose and wider at the bottom so she can run and jump!
She always wears her light blue sneakers when she walks her beloved Chihuahua.
Her hair style is a neon orange straight semi-long hair with bangs.
Her makeup is a yellow eye shadow with orange lips and blush.
Her face type is Radiance, and her skin type is Fair.

 [ Face Type ] Radiance
[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- yellow, Lips- orange, Blush- orange
[ Eye Color ] Stock
[ Hair Color ] Neon orange
[ Nails ] No enamel
[ Earrings ] No earrings
[ The set includes ] Doll, shirt, salopette, sneakers, underwear, 
Chihuahua, lead for Chihuahua, and stand.
Scheduled release date: April 1, 2009
Suggested retail price:10,290 yen

Her body is pretty simple, but it seems to suit her style.
I think the only thing that really bothers me about her is that her head does not move, except for side to side... I wish she could look up or down more easily. 
I feel sorry for her, she must get a very sore neck!

Here are some size comparisons with me and a Barbie:
Just to give you an idea... I never realized I'm so short!

Also, all of the other Neemos were really glad to welcome...
her Chihuahua! >_<;;

I don't think she was too happy about that 0_0

Thursday, January 26, 2012

[Such a Doll] Head Art Factory

 HI! Twig here!
Welcome to my [Such a Doll] blog entry. This is where I review or showcase dolls that pique my interest! Sometimes they will be dolls that are arriving here, but sometimes they will be things like what you're about to see... that I have no chance of seeing in person, but are worth showing!

I have just been introduced to  dbhongkong  and their current auction up on YahooJapan is amazing!
I dabble in repainting myself, and can only hope to someday be even close to this good!

Isn't she beautiful??
Are you interested in bidding on her?

Well, here is her Auction link:

Big Plans, Little Neemos

Prue: Hey, Anna! Have I got BIIIIIIG plans for us today! I've found something wonderful!
Anna: Oh, I'm glad to see you're feeling better, but, uh... what have you found? It's not another pet, is it?
Prue: Haha! No no, it's...

Anna: It looks like a messy shelf to me.
Prue: You have no vision, Anna! This "Messy Shelf" will become our shop and home!

Anna: Oh my, Prue, have you really thought this through? This will be a lot of work!

Prue: This is going to be great!
Anna: How'd you get up there so fast?
Prue: Nevermind that! Once this place is cleaned up it's going to be the neatest store ever! I even have a name picked out! The Majokko Shop!
Anna: Nice name... very uh, self oriented for you :P When do you think this place is going to be ready to decorate?
Prue: Why... once you clean it, of course!

Anna: 0_0 *faint*
Prue: Anna? Anna! Are you ok???

Prue: ANNA!!!
Anna: *thinks* Maybe if I just stay laying down she'll think I'm dead... I should have known I'd be the one who ended up cleaning this place up.  -_-;;

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Under the Weather

Hi, Dis id Prue here... I had wanded to take Adda to see someding today, bud I got dis cold instead.
Id's nod fun having a cold!

Translation: Hi, This is Prue here... I had wanted to take Anna to see something today, but I got this cold instead. It's not fun having a cold!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 Hi! My name is Bunny and I'd like to welcome you to

Of course, the shop isn't ready yet,
but you'll get to see it built, from start to finish, by the shop owners:
Anna and Prue.

To find out more about the Pure Neemos who visit the shop, please check out our bios on this page:

Please tune in next time, when Anna and Prue discover an old rundown bookshelf that will become something magical!!