Monday, April 23, 2012

Intrepid Treasure Hunters!

Anna: Hello, everyone! Anna here, reporting from Heather's front coat pocket!
Me: Are you ok? You look a little frazzled...
Anna: Nope! Good to go! Get a move on, mule!
Me: 0_0

Anna: It's got to be here somewhere, it's just got to... it says we're only 6 ft away!
Me: Maybe you should let people know what you're doing, Anna?
Anna: Oh! I'm Treasure Hunting! Like... in that movie, National Treasure! I'm going to follow the clues and find lots and lots of sparkly treasure and then buy a house!
Me: Uhm... kind of. You're Geocaching. ( ) and yes... it is a treasure hunt, of sorts... so at least you're not wrong there.

Anna: I'm up so high, but I still don't see it! Maybe the treasure is a lie! A great family hoax!
We'll be laughing stalks!
Me: LOL, that's it, no more adventure movies for you... and we won't be laughing stalks, we'll be laughing stocks... if... you know... our family name's reputation was actually riding on this.
Anna: Oh, it is. *looks very serious*

Anna: *smacks gps* WHERE IS MY TREASURE!!!
Me: I think you just have to look harder.

Me: Maybe we should just give up... maybe there isn't any treasure after all... and it's raining. A lot.
Anna: NO WAIT! I found it!!!! I FOUND TREASURE!

Anna: Isn't it magnificent?!
Me: It's tupperware -_-
Anna: The treasure is INSIDE, dummy.

Anna: *gasp* Look at this bounty! We're RICH!
Me: Anna, you can't take it all... remember, you can only take out as much as you put in.
Anna: T_T
Me: Aww, don't be upset, look inside there, I see something pretty awesome for you! Plus...

Me: We have some cute little gifts to leave behind!
Anna: Yeah, our stuff is pretty cute... I hope people like it!

Anna: And you're right! This is the perfect treasure for me! This little light is just my size, and perfect for future treasure hunting! Every treasure hunter needs a good flashlight!
Me: Well done, Anna :)


  1. Geocaching is definitely something I want to try. :)

    1. I have to say, it's a lot of fun, and good exercise... and once you get past the initial investment in buying the GPS, it's a pretty much free hobby. I like to take stuff, so I carry around a little pack of stuff to put in for what I take out... but all of the ones I've done so far have been on my route home from work, or to go shopping... so it's not like it even requires much by way of extra gas money! Seriously fun stuff.

  2. Ah!Ah!Ah!Ah! This post was a total fun!!! I had a mini light like that time ago, it was on a keychain

    1. This one has elastic and fits around Anna's arm (although she almost lost it on one treasure hunt!), we found it in our very first cache find ever... and it seemed just perfect! A little light for her to use treasure hunting!! It's like someone knew Anna would be out there someday XD

  3. Oh, I love geocaching! I haven't been in ages, though. I used a GPS navigation program on my laptop (which is now le dead). You guys should be able to find all kinds of neat, tiny things! Maybe this will get Anna to embrace the great outdoors a bit more readily?

    1. I tried using the one on my phone,I really did... it was pathetic. I'm glad I bought the Magellan. It takes you to the spot, but you still have to hunt for the thing... I'm not sure how much geocaching will be done around here in the winter if there's heavy snow fall, LOL.

      But yes, we were waiting for the GPS to come in the mail, since I knew where the first one was based on description, but couldn't find EXACTLY where it was at that location, and my phone was no help at all.

      Once I had the Magellan, we found it in minutes. It's very nice knowing when you're theoretically only 3 ft away from something... especially since Michigan is now sprouting it's spring foliage like mad!

      Anna is all about the treasure hunting... of course, we've not seen a bug yet. LOL. No, really, for this one, it was pouring down rain, the poor girl got soaked to the bone, but was quite the little trooper and kept going until the treasure was found.

      I think she's a lot more willing to endure cruddy Michigan weather if there is treasure involved, LOL.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! Those are Azone clothes, they really do make awesome stuff for their own girls, lol... I was buying other clothes for them, but then realized, "Nope... their own company makes their clothes the best." XD

    2. Oh! But the necklace is by Retrograde:

  5. I just love your stories. I've never heard of geocaching. Very interesting. She looks absolutely adorable.

    1. I had never heard of it before either, but I saw it on a blog I follow and thought, "Wow... real life treasure hunting, sooo coooool" LOL. You can actually do it without the GPS, but I met utter failure attempting it that way... and knowing you're within 6 ft of an object is so much easier than just knowing you're in the general vicinity. Even at 6 ft away it can often still take quite a lot of looking.

      Anna will be very pleased to know you all think she's adorable and well dressed XD