Thursday, September 27, 2012

Experiencing Technical Difficulties!

Hey all!

Just a quick note... 
Wednesday Horrors for this week is done and ready to go,
but we're experiencing technical difficulties over here
with uploading pictures...
They were hoping to have the issue fixed yesterday,
but it didn't happen,
so I'm hoping it gets done today!

You should see a post
today or tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Little Bit of Random

Let us begin this 'little bit of random' with my BPAL order.

What is BPAL, you ask?
It's the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
but most people I know call it BPAL for short.

Go HERE to check them out!

My first scent to arrive is BOO 2012
It came with two free samples, which I'll talk about as well!

(BPAL's description)
Eerie billows of spun sugar, fluttering white cotton, and sheets of cream.

BOO 2012 has a very strong, sharp scent when you first put it on...
so at first I wasn't a fan of it.
I also have BOO 2010, which I love for
it's soft, sweet scent.
BOO 2012 is the same as Boo 2010 in the undertones,
but it has that sharp, strong overtone that makes me like it a little less.
Fortunately though, it dulls down into a much more pleasant
scent, and that sharp edge dissipates.
I've been wearing it for 9 hours now,
and the scent is still there, but soft and lovely now.
It's a fun scent, but not my favorite of The Halloweenies scents
that I currently own.

Free Sample #1: 
Imperious Tiger-Lily 
from the Mad Tea Party: Garden of Live Flowers collection 

(BPAL's description)
`O Tiger-lily,' said Alice, 
addressing herself to one that was 
waving gracefully about in the wind,
 `I wish you could talk!'

`We can talk,' said the Tiger-lily: 
`when there's anybody worth talking to."

Alice was so astonished that 
she could not speak for a minute: 
it quite seemed to take her breath away. 
At length, as the Tiger-lily only went on waving about, 
she spoke again, in a timid voice -- 
almost in a whisper. `And can all the flowers talk?'

`As well as you can,' said the Tiger-lily. 
`And a great deal louder.'

(Tiger-lily, ginger root, neroli, purple fruits, and frankincense.)

If you like the way Lilies smell, you'll like this one.
It's strong and floral.
This one lasted for many hours (9+)
with a very pleasant, distinguishable scent.
While it smells nice, strong floral scents
aren't really my thing, so I won't be
ordering any of this one.

Free Sample #2:  
from the Sin and Salvation collection 
(BPAL's description)
A scent celebrating Sir Francis Dashwood's 
Order of the Knights of St. Francis of Wycombe, 
also known as the Hellfire Club. 
A swirl of pipe tobacco, hot leather, 
ambergris, dark musk 
and the lingering incense smoke 
from their Black Mass.

I loved this scent. It was sweet
and beautiful... but unfortunately
it only lasted an hour or so.

So that was my first BPAL order of the year.
I'll be placing an order every two weeks until I get all the
Halloweenies I want... and all of them
will come with free samples... so I'm
looking forward to checking out more scents from them.

I'm also a collector of Nendoroids...
and I admit, I buy them on how cute they are,
not what anime they come from -_-;;

So here are two of the girls who hang out on my desk:
Kuroneko: Heather, you are so stupid, what did I tell you about eating too much chocolate?!
Kuroneko likes to yell at me ;_;

And Miki:
She always flinches when Kuroneko starts yelling!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Coraline is such a little pout-face.
It's ok, I think Jun is happy enough for both of them.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Drawing


For the next few weeks (until the week of Halloween),
Friday Funnies will just be Friday Drawing...
for two reasons!

1. I'm working on a lot of drawings right now for Holiday Crafts
that will be sold in my etsy shop... and it's taking a lot of my
drawing time and energy, lol!

2. Friday Funnies tell the story of The Majokko Shop...
so while I've currently got the Wednesday Horrors
photostory going up...
I don't want to make things confusing by posting
the Friday Funnies... with a totally different
storyline, but the same characters, LOL!!

So... on to a picture of some drawings!

These are part of a project that will soon show up
on my etsy shop. I'll post another pic when
the pieces are fully put together. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jun at Work

Jun's been coming with me to work...
she doesn't seem to mind the clutter.

She has covered her laptop in some stickers...
but still wants to put more on 0_0

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Horrors: Episode 2, Unwell

Episode 2:
 Today we find Pidge fretting over a slew of sick Neemos.
No one is quite sure what's going on...
but there seems to be a flu that has hit the Neemo community hard.

Pidge: Oh, you guys, are you sure you're comfortable?
Does anyone need more tea? Snacks? Blankets?!

Anna: Calm down, Pidge *coughcough*
It's just a little *cough* flu, we'll be fine.

Bunny: *cough* Yes, don't worry, Pidge, it's the flu.
Kana: *coughsnifflecough* I feel dizzy @_@
Bunny: It's the plot of this show, it's very confusing.

 On the screen, Pretty Little Liars plays, but most of the Neemos
are only vaguely aware that the TV is even on. It's mostly there
to comfort Pidge, she loves this show (even though it makes her nervous).

Carrot: *her voice is barely a whisper* Pidge... I... I don't feel very good.

Pidge: Oh! Little Carrot... you don't look so good!
You're so pale! I'm going to find help!

Alna: Did I hear somebody call for help? I have arrived!!

Pidge: *hops off the couch and runs over to Alna* Oh Alna!
Alna: What is it?! You're even more nervous than usual!
Pidge: It's the Neemos, they're all sick... and Carrot looks REALLY bad!
Alna: That's not good... weren't they fine yesterday?
Pidge: Yes, it came on all of a sudden.  ;_;

*Alna and Pidge go over to check on Carrot*
Alna: Oh, little Carrot, you look terrible... and Luna! You look so pale!
Luna: Oh no, I'm always pale.
Anna: It's true *cough*, she is... but Carrot looks *coughcough* a little pale. Will she be ok?
Alna: *places a hand on Carrot's forehead* Oh! She's burning up!

 *At the other end of the couch*
Bunny: Will Carrot be ok, Jun?
Jun: *pats Bunny's head* It's just a little flu, sweetie...
I'm sure she'll be up and running in no time.

*Suddenly, though, Carrot starts wildly thrashing about*
Pidge: OH NO! What's happening?
Anna: Carrot? CARROT! Something is wrong!!!
Luna: This is NOT Nargels.

 *As quickly as the thrashing begins, before anyone can even
move to react, it stops. Carrot is still, and the room is silent,
except for the quiet murmuring of characters on TV*
Alna: *whispers* Carrot?

 Jun: Oh my goodness... is she ok? Did she have a seizure?!

Alna: Carrot?

Pidge: Alna... what is it? Why isn't she moving?!

Alna: *touches her hand to Carrot's forehead* Because... because she's dead.

Tune in next Wednesday for Episode 3 in this 
8 Episode Saga!
Also, please check out the new tab at the top of the page!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A bit off topic, but...

Cadbury wants me to be fat.

Yup, they've taken the beloved Easter Cadbury Creme Egg and turned it into...

The Cadbury Screme Egg.

With the same Creme Egg flavor, but...
spooooky green interior. LOL.

I found mine at Target.

Friday, September 14, 2012


With a massive deadline looming
at work all week...
and today being the big "DEADLINE" day...
the only thing I doodled this week was:

... one rather guilty looking skeleton.
I think it's really a self portrait.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Horrors: Episode 1, The Arrival

Episode 1:

Jun: Hey, Neems*, whatcha up to?
Anna: We're playing dolls... did you want to join?

*Neems is Jun's nickname for the Pure Neemos.

Jun: Can't at the moment, too much anime to watch!
I just wanted to give you this package.

Anna, Carrot and Luna (in unison): Package?!

Jun: Yeah, it's really weird... just "To The Neemos"... and it was left
on the front step... not even in the mailbox.
Anna: Details, details... I'm a Neemo, I'll take it.


*Anna and Carrot are busy shaking the package*
Jun: Uh... bye then, I guess...
Luna: Oh, Bye Jun! Thank you so much!

Carrot: Who is it from, Anna?
Anna: Doesn't say... should we open it?
Carrot: YES!
Luna: I don't know... there seem to be a lot of
Nargles around that package...
Carrot: What the heck's a Nargle? Open it!
Anna: Ok.
 Anna & Carrot: Oooooh!
Luna: Just as I suspected... dead bodies...
Anna: Wha?! No, look Luna.... 

Anna: Lovely little dolls!

Carrot: It looks like there's some for everyone!

Luna: Oh, I suppose that's ok then. Let's take them all out!

*The dolls are removed from the box and placed on the floor...
the girls ooh and aah over the beautiful little costumes
they're dressed in, but finally,
they each choose just one.*

Anna: I'm taking Mr. Pink Pants *giggle*

Carrot: I'll take this little green guy, he matches my hat!
How about you, Luna?

Luna: Oh, I tucked the little orange guy into my hat...
He matches!
Now I'll just take these other ones to the rest of the
Neemos! I hope there's enough!
*With that, the girls all get up and leave, wanting
to go share this mystery package with the rest of
their friends... but...*

Tune in next Wednesday for Episode 2 in this 
8 Episode Saga!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

This is Halloween! Halloween, HALLOWEEN!

It's that time of year,
when the ghouls and goblins
start to peak out from the shadows!

Are you ready for Halloween?!

I know it's still more than a month away,
but we're staring early,
here at the Majokko Shop!

Every Wednesday,
from now until October 31st,
tune in for a very special
Halloween tale!

It all begins next Wednesday!