Monday, April 30, 2012

If you go out in the woods today...

 Hi everyone, it's me, Anna... out hunting the world for treasure again!
This one was just a quick stop... or... so I thought... but, if you look below, you'll see what I saw when I got to the spot marked "X" on the map.
HOW is a little Neemo supposed to move all those logs?!

*whew* I found it, eventually!
Why are there always pricker bushes?
Treasure hunting is dangerous!
I don't know, what do you guys think, do I need a Treasure Hunting outfit that isn't quite so...

Inside the cache was a lot of fun stuff, some computer bits, some toys... but what I thought was most exciting was the boyscout stuff! I had to ask Heather what a boyscout was!

but... Heather says I can't be one...
but she says she'll start the Doll Scouts for me...
because she says, technically, I can't join Girl Scouts either. T_T

Do any of you dollies out there want to be a Doll Scout with me?

Here is what I left behind... a mini uglydoll!
I took the Cub Scout sticker... because...
I like stickers.

I think the Doll Scouts will need a sticker too. Yup.
I hope that little uglydoll finds a home!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Nazreem Eggs

Me: Look, Luna, I found this for you guys at Goodwill today!
Luna: Oh. That's lovely. I'm sure we'll all travel very comfortably in the shell of a giant Nazreem Egg.
Me: Uh, what? What's a Nazreem?

Luna: How curious, you bought the egg of one and have never even heard of them!
Me: But... what is it?!
Luna: *wanders off*

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mickey Mouse

I took a little time today to better organize the "Meet the Neemos" tab... 
So please stop by to see the changes and learn a little bit more about them
(I added info to all of their bios)

However, while organizing them alphabetically... I noticed something, 
since these two come one right after another:

Would you look at that? Mickey Mouse... or, Miki Mouse, as the case may be!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Geocaching is fun for all sizes...

Well, after our first experience finding treasure, Anna just couldn't be stopped, so the next day we went out geocaching again... this time to some very swampy lands!

Anna: Hello, everyone! I'm reporting in from the middle of a swamp! Wasn't it nice of them to put a bench in it? I'll bet soon, though, this will be the bench where they will find bodies drained of blood.
No, I don't mean vampires... I mean mosquitoes.
It's Michigan's national bird, you know... or did I mean bug? Hmm...

This cache required us to travel through many swampy lands, over many bridges and past quite a lot of marshy area... at one point, Anna tripped and her treasure from the last geocaching trip (the small flashlight) went flying off into the swamp!
Thankfully, there was someone very tall along, with very long arms, to rescue it for her.

There was a lot of hiking, but finally:
Anna: Heather! Heather, I found it! But these logs are too heavy, please help!

This cache box was much bigger than the first one we found!
Plus, when we went to find it, we spooked three deer...
or maybe WE didn't, because a second later, three dogs ran up to chase them (although whenever the deer stopped, the dogs stopped too and gave them a look like, "Uh, wtf, why'd you stop?")
I think they played this game a lot.
One of them was a tiny pug who was very happy to see us.
Anna: I think they were the guardians of the cache! I wonder what's inside?

Something that was inside were these, cards for people who geocache!
Anna: Look! These people have cards!! We should have cards!
Me: That's not a bad idea... I think you should be on it, as our mascot.
Anna: You mean Team Leader... YOU'RE obviously the mascot, mule.
Me: 0_0 again with the pack animal name calling!

Anna: There's a lot of fun, little stuff in this one, but I'm not going to take any of it.
Me: Why?! Don't you wan treasure?
Anna: It's because I found something better!

Anna: I found BIGFOOT!
Me: Whoa! You did!
Anna: Yes, but catch and release is very important.
Me: How responsible of you... where are you going to release him?
Anna: That's a surprise :)

Anna: See, on the back there are instructions and stuff. We can't keep him... I'm kinda sad about that... but it's ok, he's meant to be roaming the country.
Me: It's true, it's his goal. See... when you find a trackable item, you can look them up, and they often have goals associated with them! This one is just out to travel :)
(There was a code number on the back, but I erased it from the picture, because only the people holding the trackable are allowed to know it)

Anna: It's very exciting to have a trackable! We'll be able to watch him travel the world!
Me: It's true... treasure hunting is pretty fun. I never thought I'd see a bigfoot!
Anna: It's cuz you're too fat to see your own feet.
Me: HEY! (and no I am not, thank you very much!)


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A brief introduction, cut short on account of Nargles

Luna is our newest Neemo...
but she's our first White Skinned Neemo!

I've never seen the Azone WS in person before, and I have to say, it's quite lovely.
It's not a true white, it's still human flesh tone in color, just pale.
The Normal Skin flesh tone, compared to it, is very peachy.

Still, combined with the white hair, Luna's kind of like a little ghost :)

As with all of my girls from Azone's Majokko series, Luna is named after a witch.
This time, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter:

Luna is possibly my favorite character in the Harry Potter kingdom. 
She lives in her own little world and doesn't really care what other people think of her.
She's enjoying life and that's all that matters.

I'm going to have to see if I can get my Luna a Luna Lovegood costume.
Does anyone know of a good 1/6 scale Luna I could steal the clothes from?

Luna is a

[EX☆CUTE] | Majokko☆Raili
/ little witch of the snow

This is what her company default looks like:

As you can see, she also came with a bunny ear hat, a hand muff (and a snowflake wand ~ Not pictured), all of which are very cute... but her outfit is so danged white, I might just have to change her out of it, for fear it will get stained... seriously... the WHOLE thing is crisp, clean white.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Intrepid Treasure Hunters!

Anna: Hello, everyone! Anna here, reporting from Heather's front coat pocket!
Me: Are you ok? You look a little frazzled...
Anna: Nope! Good to go! Get a move on, mule!
Me: 0_0

Anna: It's got to be here somewhere, it's just got to... it says we're only 6 ft away!
Me: Maybe you should let people know what you're doing, Anna?
Anna: Oh! I'm Treasure Hunting! Like... in that movie, National Treasure! I'm going to follow the clues and find lots and lots of sparkly treasure and then buy a house!
Me: Uhm... kind of. You're Geocaching. ( ) and yes... it is a treasure hunt, of sorts... so at least you're not wrong there.

Anna: I'm up so high, but I still don't see it! Maybe the treasure is a lie! A great family hoax!
We'll be laughing stalks!
Me: LOL, that's it, no more adventure movies for you... and we won't be laughing stalks, we'll be laughing stocks... if... you know... our family name's reputation was actually riding on this.
Anna: Oh, it is. *looks very serious*

Anna: *smacks gps* WHERE IS MY TREASURE!!!
Me: I think you just have to look harder.

Me: Maybe we should just give up... maybe there isn't any treasure after all... and it's raining. A lot.
Anna: NO WAIT! I found it!!!! I FOUND TREASURE!

Anna: Isn't it magnificent?!
Me: It's tupperware -_-
Anna: The treasure is INSIDE, dummy.

Anna: *gasp* Look at this bounty! We're RICH!
Me: Anna, you can't take it all... remember, you can only take out as much as you put in.
Anna: T_T
Me: Aww, don't be upset, look inside there, I see something pretty awesome for you! Plus...

Me: We have some cute little gifts to leave behind!
Anna: Yeah, our stuff is pretty cute... I hope people like it!

Anna: And you're right! This is the perfect treasure for me! This little light is just my size, and perfect for future treasure hunting! Every treasure hunter needs a good flashlight!
Me: Well done, Anna :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Loots for a little Witch

A friend of Heather's just spent a week whisked away to a magical land.
While there, she had the chance to visit Hogwarts... and of course, all the little witches here got VERY excited! So when she returned with goodies, well, all of the little witches were interested, but none so much as Prue... and when Prue found out there were Pygmy Puffs among the goodies brought back... well... let's just say Prue has some new pets.

She named  the little purple one Arnold (hmm, wonder why...) and the pink one Susie.

 The pink one is so big!

Heather's friend also brought the girls 4 new puppies to take care of!
Aren't they cute!!
They'll all need names!

She also brought a Kokeshi doll that is Neemo size, a delicious dessert and a Hello Kitty charm that is 100% Pure Florida! We wonder if there are ones for other states too!

Prue: Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Also... uh... don't miss my super cute ice cream necklace by Retrograde!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


It's a rainy day and Anna finds herself waiting, 
refreshing the USPS website...


OH my!

Stay tuned to see what has arrived!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's post is a failure...

Or, at least, the epic post I had planned was a failure.

That post will just have to wait two days until the necessary equipment arrives in the mail.
THEN Anna, Ella and I shall complete that post (oh heck, and by then I'm pretty sure Alisa is going to want in on the action too... she's gotten all dressed up for it).

So, to make up for epic failure, I give you... 


Meet Chip.
He's actually everyone's pup.
Chihuahua, we think, but he is pretty big, so we can't be sure.

The entire group does their part in taking care of him at the moment.
Maybe, later on when a story line develops and people break off more, he'll be pared with one Neemo or another, but at the moment, everyone enjoys his company :)

Next up:


Bailey is a lot younger than Chip, and not as well behaved.
Let's face it... he's easily distracted and often stays at home because he can't be trusted to behave.
He's cute and curious though, and gets a lot of time to play in the yard, which suits him just fine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This ain't Charleston, baby...

Poor Anna.
It just wasn't her weekend.

When I told her we were taking a trip this last weekend, she got very excited.
See, Anna has a cousin named Chou.

Right before we left for our trip, Anna got to read all about Chou's
really awesome trip to Charleston, SC.

(Check out Chou, and her really fun, happy adventure to Charleston HERE)

So, when I told her we were going to a beach and forests too, she was super psyched!

Poor, poor Anna.

You already saw what happened with the forest, and how she's now lost, perilously alone in the woods, wandering, probably hungry for cookies, and thinking that slugs are going to suck out her brains.

But here's what happened the day before that, at the beach.

Anna: This is so great, Heather! It's sunny, and I am going to a beach, and I'll look for little shells just like Chou, and there'll be water I can stick my toes in and sand and look how blue the water is and wow! I mean... uh... it's kinda cold... so, I don't get that, cuz, it's really sunny, but, uh, I guess that it could have been cold where Chou was and she just didn't say.... and it's pretty windy, and the sand is kind of blowing in my eyes, but she might not have mentioned that either, because I'll bet it's way better down by the water...
Me: Uh... yeah... I'm sure that's it, Anna... *carries Anna down to the water*

Anna: AAAH! What is that?? There is stuff in the water? Dirty black stuff!
Me: *puts Anna's toes in the water*

Me: *puts Anna on the beach near the shells*
Anna: AAAH! What are these??? They're nasty and they smell! GROSSGROSSGROSSGROSS!!!!

Anna: *huddled among the gross beach junk* PICKMEUP~PICKMEUP~PICKMEUP *cries*
Me: Ahh... Michigan beaches in the spring time *inhales deeply with satisfaction*

No Neemos were hurt during the filming of this photostory, LOL
As you'll note, the gross beach and shell photos were devoid of Neemos... that's because the water WAS gross, and so were the shells... and they stunk too... Michigan beaches in spring really aren't pretty, LOL... they're icky... and there's a bunch of eww floating in the water... and the wind was blowing so hard that even sitting down, Anna was blown over to face-plant several times... the poor girl... she still ate a bunch o' sand.
I think she hates the beach now. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Into the Woods

This weekend Anna went on a little trip Up North.
This trail goes all the way from our cabin to Lake Michigan.

For my family, "Up North" has always meant Traverse City, Michigan,
and the surrounding area. Our cabin is actually about 1/2 an hour out of Traverse City, in an area with no cable, no cell phone reception... nothing but wilderness.

Our property is surrounded by National Forest and protected by law... so this path, and the woods that surround us will hopefully be there for a very long time.

Little Anna, I have to admit, had a hard time on the path.

Anna: Heather! Pick me up!
Me: Uhm, Anna, you're supposed to walk the path, that's part of the fun.

Anna: Don't patronize me! I just walked this log!! It's the same as you walking the whole path!
This was hard! I fell off twice!!
(It's true, she did... every time I left her to stand alone, a heavy breeze picked up and knocked her right off the log!)

Anna: Look, there's strange stuff on this log... I think it's an alien growth...
we should quarantine the area!

Anna: Look at this... a body snatcher!
Slug: 0_0

Anna: Hurry, Heather! Get the lab equipment! Get the containing devices! We have to trap him before he can take over one of our brains!
Me: Anna, it's a slug... because Michigan sucks and is seriously lacking in snails.
Anna: I don't know what either of those things are... which means you're making up words, which means YOU'VE ALREADY BEEN POSSESSED!!!! *runs off*
Me: Anna! Come back!
Slug: *slimes away*

Anna: *whew* To anyone out there reading this, I am trapped in the woods by Alien beings... they have taken over Heather's brain. TRUST NO ONE.
And send help...
and cookies.