Thursday, March 29, 2012

Claire, Claire with the bubblegum hair...

Meet Claire.
I was editing these photographs of her, looking at the profile pics of her, and it struck me, 
her name is Claire.

She wanted to see the daffodils that Ella saw.
But she couldn't hide in the grass, and the flowers didn't speak to her the way they do to Ella.

"Oh well. I don't want to be an outdoorsy girl."

So she went back inside.

Then there was a noise outside.
"Heather, I hear something, put me in the window."

It was the neighbor's teenage daughter, driving away in her car.

"Ooooh, *I* want to be a Teenager!"

... oh god.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ella Explores

Ella took advantage of the wonderful weather over the weekend... 

Ok, actually, she snuck outside while it was drizzling to play in the rain.

Heather felt like she was watching a scene from a Miyazaki movie.

You may recognize Ella's outfit as being the one Kana has been wearing.

Don't worry, Kana isn't running around naked. She looks quite cute, in fact, and you will see her later.

I'm not sure what Ella was looking for.

I'm also not sure if she found it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tiny Handmade Purses

Hi everyone.
It's me, Kana.

I want to show off something Heather's been making.
Please tell me what you think!
These are available for purchase on Heather's etsy site here:

Isn't this so cute?
They are tiny purses!
They are all entirely hand sewn, with working snap closures...
they really hold stuff!!!
And they have embroidery details on them too!

Ella loves them too, they are perfect to carry a tiny Clefairy and a pocket book... plus, what's that? Ella even has some change!

Here is a detail of the light green purse! Look at those cute tiny flowers!

Ella wanted to show you the snap too.

What's this?! Even Tuesday thinks they're stylish????

Hahaha, this picture makes me nervous -_-;;;
But Heather says it's necessary to show how the purses look with Blythe bodies.

The red purse is pretty cute too. :)

Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

Clothes Available in the Fashion For Sale Section

Just wanted to let folks know that there are now items for sale under the Fashion For Sale tab.
Nothing that I made at the moment, all factory made stuff.

Check it out!

Shipping to anywhere in the world is included in the price.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet Ella

Technically you met her yesterday, but now she has a name!

Here are a few pics of her... I'm infatuated.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's this? Where's the Neemo?!

Oh yes, another day...
another disturbing lack of Neemo.

But a new girl arrived and I haven't had much time, so,
much to Twig's chagrin, there is no elaborate introduction.

Meet... uhm... this girl who doesn't yet have a name!
She is a
U-NoaQuluts Light Fluorite Christmas Version
Obviously, these are not her default clothes... but, tis not the season!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Not Quite Neemos

I apologize for the wait for an update!
It's me, Heather... the sickly one *coughcough*

Anyhow, today's update concerns some new girls here at the Majokko Shop.

You already know one of them:
Sunday is our Fashion Diva... she outdoes Samantha by a mile when it comes to being picky about clothes... and she's very fashionable in them :)
She is a Misaki doll, which, from what I gather, is the Japanese version of Fashion Royalty dolls... 
it's probably sinful that I don't know more about them, but I don't.
I just know that I like them.
So if anyone wants to wax-poetic on them, please do!

Next up...
Friday may not look it, but she's absolutely the sweetheart of the group... she has a fun streak and loves doing silly things with the Neemos... in fact, I suspect she prefers their company to some of the Misaki's company... although she is best friends with Sunday.
Friday is a Misaki doll.

Ahh, how do I say this nicely? There's a reason she's named Monday... and that's because she is a bee-otch! She's snooty, uncooperative, snippy, catty, all around just a mean girl. What made her this way? I'm not sure. She's beautiful and she knows it though. Perhaps it's just the spoiled life of the privileged? She is also a Misaki doll.

Tuesday is Sunday's younger sister. She has a soft, quiet personality and generally spends time on her own reading, or doing other solitary activities.
She very much likes Kawaii and Lolita fashions.
She is also a Misaki doll.

 Finally there is Kyori. What can I say about her? She just got here today, and she is NOT amused. She is my first ever Fashion Royalty doll, and she is VERY full of attitude... which is amazing, since I thought the Misaki dolls were already overflowing with it!
Kyori is actually her Fashion Royalty default name, but it just seems to fit her so well, that she's keeping it (kind of like Madoka! hehe)
I'm sure she'll tell me more about her as time goes on, but for right now, she just seems really annoyed with me!

Monday, March 12, 2012

[The Toy Box] Blind Bag My Little Pony... not so blind!


Madoka here, trying to invent new ways to say Hello! Hehe!

Today we talk about My Little Pony Blind Bag ponies... which are the perfect size for us Neemos. Not true 1/6th scale... but still fun to play with.

They come in these cute little bags that they call "Blind Bags" because you're not supposed to be able to tell what is in them...

But I know a secret...

 If you know where to look, you can tell which pony is in each bag! Let me show you...

On the back side of the package there is the long seam that runs the length of the packaging...

If you fold that up... on one of the ends... you can find a little imprinted number.
Every number corresponds with a specific pony!!
Numbers 22, 23 and 24 are the special sparkle ponies!!!

I really love mine!!!!

Especially Sparkly Pinkie Pie :)
I hope this helps you guys get the ponies you want!!

ps, here is the list for Series 1:
1 - Pinkie Pie
2 - Applejack
3 - Rainbow Dash
4 - Rarity
5 - Twilight Sparkle
6 - Fluttershy
7 - Sugar Grape
8 - Lily Blossom
9 - Minty
10 - Bumblesweet
11 - Fizzypop
12 - Flower Wishes
13 - Roseluck
14 - Sweetie Blue
15 - Pepperdance
16 - Lemon Hearts
17 - Cherry Spices
18 - Sweetie Swirl
19 - Lucky Swirl
20 - Sweetcream Scoops
21 - Firecracker Burst
22 - Pinkie Pie (Special Edition)
23 - Twilight Sparkle (Special Edition)
24 - Rainbow Dash (Special Edition)

Available for Adoption

Please check out the Available for Adoption page for some  new dolls listed.

More to come as well :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

[Samantha's Closet] One Sixth Sense Hats

COUPON!!!  Use the coupon code: BLOGMARCH
on One Sixth Sense's Etsy shop to receive FREE SHIPPING!

 Sam here.
It's time to talk business.
Serious business.
HAT business.

You know me, I'm a fashion diva, and a picky one at that. If the clothing is shoddy, I'm not going to wear it, and I'm not going to let my fellow Neemos wear it.

So, when I found

One Sixth Sense on etsy, click HERE to go to her shop!

Also, check out the One Sixth Sense website HERE
to see all of the other really awesome work done by OSS, as well as more fashion!

 I wondered at the quality, but,
upon closer inspection of the photographs, the hats looked really well made, and they were REALLY cute, so I took the plunge and ordered two for my fellow Neemos.

They arrived within days of ordering them, in little baggies with business cards... and here is what ensued:

Prue: Oh hi! Sam and Heather ordered us these AWESOME hats! This one was for me... they said something about me having monkey brains and always swinging from the rafters... but I have no idea what they're talking about... the other one we gave to Kana, because it looks SO cute on her!!!!
Kana's is an OWL
Kana: Oh, oh hi... *blush* I really love my owl hat, Miss Dawn, thank you!

Prue: Here is the business card that came with our hats. Pretty nifty, huh? There are some really pretty girls on this card. The creator of the hats is named Dawn Anderson, and she is just the SWEETEST, fastest working person ever! She was super nice about all of Samantha and Heather's questions... and Heather can have a LOT of annoying questions. Especially when she thinks you might have eaten all of the last of the Girl Scout cookies. WHICH I DIDN'T!

Kana: *ahem* Prue, you're getting off topic.

 Kana: *ponders* I think... right now... it's best to really focus on how cute and perfectly fitting these hats are for us Pure Neemos, and other 1/6th size dolls. The Barbies fit well into them too, and so did Sunday. We shouldn't be focused on who did, or did not eat the Girl Scout cookies.

 Kana: *in a photograph of epic cuteness* I mean, yes, whoever did eat the last of the Samoas, undoubtedly the BEST of all Girl Scout cookie flavors, with their coconut and caramely goodness, without stopping to ask if everyone had gotten some, was being very selfish indeed. *ponders even more wisely thanks to the wise owl hat from OSS*
And I'm sure that person will pay with their very guilty feelings. *nods*

 Prue: *thinks* OMG, she's so cute.

Kana: *thinks* Why won't she confess to eating the cookies???

Prue: Haha! Whose off topic now?? The POINT is, these hats are amazingly well crafted.
They also have some stretch and flexibility, so that they fit on our heads perfectly and don't come popping off! I can't recommend them highly enough... and the price is ABSOLUTELY right.

Here are a few photographs, ©OSS, of what's available in the store now.
Click the caption under each picture
to go directly to the etsy listing for it.
$8.50 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!
$16.50 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!
$18.50 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!
$11.50 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!
$36.00 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!

PLUS, as Heather found out... Dawn is VERY willing to work with you to make what you want.
Heather browsed her "Sold" items and chose a few things from there, and Dawn was happy to make all of them for her. Can you talk about Customer Service or what???