Monday, January 21, 2013

Doing Good So Far!

Well, so far I've kept up with my goal of taking at least one picture a day (you can check all of them out on my tumblr feed, the link is to right (the big Instagram logo))...

so, needless to say, there are a lot of pictures. Don't worry, I'm not going to share them all, I just thought I'd share the new girls who have arrived.

First up, the most AWESOME Monster High girl ever. Her whole body is sculpted as a skeleton, it's amazing. Poor girl will have to run around almost naked forever XD

There is an Iplehouse Jessica who is visiting for a faceup :)

My lovely Alna (on the left, a Normal Skin Alna) is finally reunited with her little sister, Bird (a White Skin Alna):

An adorable little Nendoroid has moved in who I have named "Mini Me"

Picco Neemo Koron also moves in, she's really adorable... and so is Forest Girl Miu, who has also moved in:

Another DD joined the ranks here, DD Sakuya, whose name is Robin! She was my #1 top dream DD girl... and I still can't believe she's here now!:

Then there are a few dolls visiting me... first up is Miki Hoshii (another of my dream dolls, lol, it will be hard to send her home again XD) Miki is on the right, and my girl, Jun is on the left, they get along quite smashingly:

Finally, Mei is visiting... she's another WS Alna... here she is hanging out with my two Alna girls (Mei is on the left, Bird in the middle and Alna on the right):

So, it's been a pretty busy time of incoming dolls!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentines Giveaway from bearbits

Hi folks, this is totally not doll related... but one of my favorite bear makers, Ginger Brame, at bearbits, who is just the biggest sweetheart ever, is having a giveaway!

Please go check it out her super cute blog, and enter to win this little guy:

His name is Tinsley :)

Please go here to enter:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Photos of Jun!

My girl, Jun, loves to change her look :)

 Jun: Hi :)

Just a close-up of some of the outfit's details:

Friday, January 4, 2013

Mugi and the box

Hello Everyone!

You haven't officially met Mugi yet...
she doesn't have a bio up or anything,

but she was the subject of yesterday's photos!

Mugi: Hi everyone! This box arrived and Heather said I could open it!

Mugi: *digdigdig*

Mugi: Somehow, I don't think this is for me!

Mugi: Ooooh, this either... weapons are scary!

Mugi: All of this is certainly for me though!

Mugi: How perfect! A Galvatron! I shall name him Galvatim!

Mugi: This figure of Miki makes me weep! Such ignorant, half-aged joy! ;_;

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Every year I try to make at least one resolution that
is actually something I can accomplish.

This year it is to take 1 photo a day.
No theme,
no medium (ie, it can be a phone photo for Instagram)
Just one photo a day.

So far so good... lol!

January 1st:

January 2nd:
This is GaMERCaT, btw, check him out, he's super cute:

Now, I figure I will share these here... along with doll photos (which will hopefully result in my taking a doll photo-a-day as well :) )

Here are the doll photos I've taken so far this year:
(they will probably include some girls I haven't even introduced yet!)

Mio: Maybe, could we go shopping?

Mugi: We're both blondes!

And here's one final image... a little something from the Holiday Season:

Of course I also have other things I want to accomplish... 
finish telling my Wednesday story,
make more illustrations, 
make doll clothes, 
etc, etc, etc...
but the photo a day one is the only one with a true time deadline...
and the only one I'm calling a true Resolution... because I think
it's something I can actually get done.
Happy New Year!