Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What are you doing?!

 Me: Oh, hi Tiny Evil, what are you up to?
Tiny Evil: Nuffin.
 Me: You don't look like you're up to "nuffin"...

Tiny Evil: *dives to the corner of the keyboard* EEEEHEHEHEHEHEHE!
 Me: Tiny Evil, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

A wonderful post from My Plastic Fantasy

I just found this blog this morning,
and other than being all-around entertaining...
it also has this post about taking your dolls out in public.
(click link below)

I think she has some great advice!

I take my dolls out in public all the time...
but then, I was an art major...
and My Plastic Fantasy is 100% right that having a camera
justifies a LOT of weird behavior to people!! LOL!

Here are a few of my "out in public" doll shots!

This one was at our local bookstore!

At the Post Office!

At the park!

And finally...

At Acen, a huge anime con in Chicago.
For the record, I don't know these girls...
at all!
But they were dressed up as Madoka characters so
I asked them if they would mind posing for a pic
with my doll, Madoka!
They were happy too, so long as they didn't
have to stand up!
(They were so tired!)

My advice for people who are really scared to take their dolls out in public is this:
Tell strangers you're working on an art project.
It's like a free pass to be a total weirdo.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Funnies #2: Is Someone There?

In today's comic... Anna is still stuck with the sneaking suspicion that this place,
The Majokko Shop,
is really, really weird... but there's work to be done,
so she can't really linger on the feeling.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Plush Product Review: Lurky the Murloc

Today is something a little different...
a plush toy review.

I would like you all to meet Lurky, the Murloc!

I have wanted one of these ever since I saw one in person last year at Gencon...
(ok, I wanted them before that...
but seeing it up close and personal just made me want one even more.)

So, when it was time to register for Gencon again this year,
I was also re-struck with the desire to own one of these
cute little baby murloc!
I tried to order one straight from Blizzard's site, but they were sold out,
so I ended up buying him from Ebay.

I'm pretty sure he's not a knock-off...
but if he is... he's the best made knock-off I've ever seen!

He is SO soft!
And his hands, feet and bum are weighted down with pellets, so he sits wonderfully and  has a great weight to him.

He also came with this nifty bag:

Which I love... and need to figure out a use for, other than carrying Lurky.

One of my favorite parts is his hang tag:

If you play Warcraft, you know that once you "right click" on this, it becomes one of your companion pets.... so yeah... I've added Lurky to my personal inventory list, LOL.
He's soulbound to me now, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

He also came with this... and I've no idea what it is...
so if any WoW nerds out there do know, I would love it if you'd clue me in!

So, if anyone was ever pondering getting a Murloc of their own,
I HIGHLY recommend it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's a Penpal kinda week!

This seems to be the week filled with a flurry of penpal activity!

Anna also got to join in the fun, getting a package in the mail from her beloved cousin, Chou.
Please check out Chou's world here:

Anna: I can't wait, I'm opening it!
Lookit the squishy purple stingray!!!
*happy squealing commences as she rips through the package*

Anna: Lookit this stuff! Puppies and kitties and froggies and bunnies!
A Stingray and butterflies.... and LOOK AT THESE SHOES!
Me: That sounds a little too much like Alna for my taste -_-
Anna: HOW DID SHE KNOW?? How did she know I've been walking around barefoot for the last few weeks??? Chou is amazing!
She wrote me a lovely long letter too... you'll have to put this card on the penpal tree!
Me: Yeah, this stuff is all pretty neat.... but...

Me: I think you might want to question why Chou is sending you butterfly poops...

Me: and power hungry Domos intent on world domination!
Anna: Ooooh... oh my!

(I busted out laughing when I saw the PWPS sticker on the butterfly bag... it was fantastic!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Penpals, Penpals, Everywhere!

The girls here at the Majokko Shop are so pleased,
it seems more and more of their letters are arriving at their destinations!

Alisa was recently VERY excited to find that her penpal, the ever adorable Melany, got both a letter and a postcard from her!

To see more of Melany's story, and more of nko's Pure Neemo girls,
please go HERE!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Penpals, travel cases and a new, oddly familiar girl

First and foremost,
Magrat was very excited to wake up and find a new post by her penpal, Lien!

To read Lien's post about being a penpal (it's super cute!)
Please go
 Second, a mysterious monster arrived:
Monster: Mmrphlll!
Me: What's that, Mr. Monster? I can't understand you!

Tiny Evil: *giggle* It's just me!
Me: I should have known.

Tiny Evil has found a new carrying bag, at least for a bit, so he's nice and protected while he travels!

In other news, a new girl has moved in.
She might look *kind* of familiar... but with something a little off about her.
 Hmm... but what is it?

Maybe it will help if I show you how she usually looks when released from the company:

Haha! Yup, that little smiley girl is a Chiika!

She is:
Chiika Romantic Girly! III

The only smiley Chiika I've ever seen.
There will be more of a post on this girl later,
when I figure out her name.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Instagram Weekends: Finding Midnight

When I was little there was one toy that I never got,
that I always wanted.

Don't get me wrong, there were lots of toys I never got,
but most of them I forgot shortly after saying I wanted them...
not this one though.
This one was:

Barbie's horse, Midnight.

I had Dallas (still do) and I loved her...
but I always longed for Midnight too... 
but my parents just didn't have that kind of money back then.
So I never got Barbie's beautiful stallion.

Then... lo and behold,
I was in a musty old antique shop,
and who do I see standing alone on a shelf
in the toy section?


He cost me $18,
which, I have to say,
to fullfill a childhood longing that I never forgot,
even into adulthood...
well, I thought it was a steal.

I wish they still made Barbie horses
that looked like Dallas and Midnight.
I much prefer them to the weird,
cartoony horses they make now.

Instagram Weekends: New Arrival

Are any of you guys on Instagram?
I kinda love it... not just because it's fun to post pictures,
but because it's kinda like a flickr-in-a-second.
I can follow people with similar interests,
and see their pics :)

Plus, it's a free phone app... 
so on the weekends, it's a way easier way 
to keep track of things!

This weekend, I'd like to introduce a new
resident here at the Majokko Shop:

Tiny Evil

Tiny Evil is a Fairyland RealPuki Popo... but you know what he (yes, he)
reminds me of?

A little bit he reminds me of Brian Froud illustrations:

But mostly...
The little blue aliens from Galaxy Quest:

... and you remember how else they looked, right?

I just have to not think about it too much...
but the Neemos should probably watch out
and I definitely shouldn't name any of the Neemos "Guy"! XD
(yes, I love the movie Galaxy Quest)

Thus why I call him Tiny Evil.
He likes to drink all my drinks...
which makes no sense... they're all bigger than him...
where does it all go???
(I just imagine him running around and marking his territory a lot... ew)

He's very tricksy!
He also thinks all the toys are for him.
He claimed everything I found at Goodwill on Friday.

He's been a stowaway more than once, even though he just got here...

And sometimes he just rolls around on the floor and giggles, which really weirds me out,
but alas, he keeps things interesting!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Funnies #1: Haunted Beginnings

Alright, guys...
I'm going to try something completely different on Fridays now.

Ever since I joined the Zine Challenge,
I've realized just how much I need to bone up on my
illustration skills.

So I thought a good way to do that would be to have a Friday comic strip
about The Majokko Shop.
Just some of the little story lines I've been thinking
about that are going on in the
universe where the shop exists.

This first one is a moment Anna and Prue had while
building the shop.

 (In case it's not clear, Prue has NO idea what's behind her)

Yeah, I know, it's pretty rough, and the poor girls hands look like mangled turds.
I'm hoping this gets better as I go along (although the hands were just me running
out of time because of other things that had been going on)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy... and look for a comic every Friday!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Silence from the Majokko Shop...

Hello, everyone!

I have so much I need to write about...
new girls have arrived...
penpal letters have arrived...
and yet, instead, here's what I've been up to:

It all started with a harmless follow-up X-ray:

Which led to me hearing the X-ray technicians say things like,
"Never seen that before..."
and then the doctor saying,
"It looks like an innertube... that's NOT good...
this girl needs an appointment, STAT!"
Which led to me sitting here for a while:

Which led to me being rushed to the ER
and given one of these:

along with a CATSCAN,
in which the doctors found something they could only describe as...
Literally... that's the word they used.

So, I was admitted, and taken to surgery.
Offending articles were removed...
but the docs still aren't quite sure what's going on.

Evidently it looked like my abdomen was filled with scar tissue...
as if I'd have a surgery.
They must have asked me a million times if I'd had surgery
in my abdomen area... to which
I always answered NO... because I never have.

At least I had some pals with me, though.

Teddy Bears are always true, blue friends.
Ginger Brame makes VERY good hospital stay friends, in case you're ever in need.

Le Petit Macaron was there as well...
although she didn't want to be.

But she was stuck just like me
(she had gone with me to work that day)

At least there was a lot of food once surgery was over.
The place had room service from 5:30 am until 6:30 pm...
and I could call them as often as I wanted! 0_0

So yeah, that's where I've been for the last week and a half.
I DO NOT recommend this vacation!

On a happier note, Alna came with me to work today.
Her new wig is the Real Champagne color from Leeke... it's beautiful,
and almost the same color as my hair!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Custom Simply Mango Blythe

Well, quite a while ago
I got a Blythe in a trade.
I gave her a custom faceup...
but never got around to putting her back together!

Here she finally is all in one piece!

I have to say, I HATE assembling and disassembling Blythe dolls.
I'm not even sure I put her back together right...
I mean, her eye mechanism works...
but still...

I think she turned out pretty cute, but BOY does she look snooty!
Her eyelids DO open all the way, but I like them better half closed...
plus then you can see her pink with orange polka dot eyelids.
They're glittery too XD

She also has a small, very light, pink glitter heart under her one eye.

She has orange and pink makeup, with gold glitter eyeliner and pink sparkle lips.
I gave her nostrils, and did some mouth carving.

I didn't have eyelashes to put in her though, nor did I change any of her eye chips.

My problem now is... how do I sell her? LOL.
She'll come with her original body (which she's currently not on)
and the Pure Neemo body she's currently on.. which gives her
a little more head movement, but, IMO, has a less
sturdy head mechanism for a Blythe.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Well, today's the day... I'm another year older.

This year I couldn't help it,
I gave myself a little birthday treat,
by taking myself to the Disney Store.
(The closest one to us is an hour away, so it's a trek)

Here's what I got!

This Brave placemat was just too adorable and vibrant to pass up!!
It sits on my desk at work now.

Looking at Merida's crazy hair makes me happy...
because this is my hair, LOL!
Mine is a lighter red than hers, but just as curly and crazy.
She makes it look good... mine just looks a mess!
But my ancestors are from Scotland,
so I particularly love this princess.

... plus...

I make Teddy Bears!
How could I NOT love Merida???

I also got:
The 5.5 inch doll pack from Brave.
It includes 2 different versions of Merida,
one doll of her Mother (who is lovely)
and her three little brothers.

and finally, probably my most ridiculous purchase...

Baby Rapunzel from the Artist Signature Series.
She is SO CUTE!
Ok, almost all of them in this series are so cute
(except Merida... who looks friggin evil... WHY MUST SHE ALWAYS SMIRK??)
Where possible, Disney had the original artists go back and
draw the princesses as children...
then they made dolls.
ADORABLE dolls...
that are 16 inches tall
and only $24.50.
(Although currently on sale for $20)

I bought it under the guise of "Oh, this is for my future kids..."
but who am I kidding... she's totally for me.
And I need to get Ariel and Mulan too... at the very least. LOL.