Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A wee little Neemo comes a creepin!

A new tiny member has joined the ranks here at The Majokko Shop... 
please meet:

Squeak is tiny.
A... pipsqueak, if you will.

She is a:

[Ex Cute] Chisa ~ My First Diary

She was made back before Azone had created their own XS body, so she comes on an Obitsu 21cm body. I don't really mind, though, as I hate the Azone XS body as it currently is. The thing falls apart ALL the time (not the boy XS body, though, the boy XS body is AWESOME)

I bought this one second hand on ebay for a VERY good price... so she might have been missing some pieces (like... did the original come with a diary? I don't know)... and the bows on her shoes were missing... but honestly, for the price I got her for, I can't even come close to complaining.

No worries Squeak, we'll get new bows on your shoes in no time :)

Squeak: Oh hi! I am just looking for my diary, have you seen it?


  1. She is absolutely adorable! I love her big, brown eyes! She's so mousey, Squeak is a good name :).

    1. Yeah... the poor kid is victim of me looking at her and saying, "Ok, pipsqueak, what am I going to name you?".... ahhh... Neemos... so casually named over here XD

      Your Neemos are much luckier in that department XD

  2. Lucky you! She's such a cutie pie!!

    1. Thank you! She needs to be added to the bio page 0_0

  3. heya Squeak! welcome to Heather's Neemo world! You are very cute but please don't tell the other girls I said that...Hugz Jazzi

    1. hahaha, it's ok, as long as you say the other girls are cute too XD

      But Squeak is so quite, they might not hear her even if she did tell them!