Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just a little Selfy Update

I had to add a girl (Raven) to my Selfy tab (HERE)

Here is Raven's Selfie:
Raven: What're YOU looking at?
I also had a request to make Kazehana (the visiting Dollfie Dream Kanu)
into a Selfy as well:

Kazehana: Why aren't you working, Heaaaaather? *GLARE*

Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Himeno!

Today is Himeno's Birthday!


Himeno is one of the main ExCute girls. 

Birthday: 7/29 (LEO)

Blood type: A

Favorite things: sushi,
Seeing stars (through her grandfather's telescope)

Good at: abacus and judo

Future dream: astronaut or astronomer

Favorite brands :FannyFanny

Family: grandmother, father and mother
Brother, brother and dog daycare-taro

Here is her story:
She attends school with the other ExCute girls.
Born in Osaka, moved to Kobe in grade school.
Honest, kind, caring type but also stubborn
and is excited about going to Osaka.
A member of the ExCute band (the singer?)
She and her Grandfather star gazed together,
giving her a love for astronomy.
Talking about her move in Himeno's words:
But whenever I transfer it was hard
When grandpa moved to the various places you go
Always the same as Shining stars in the sky.
( stars are always watching HIMENO! )


Let us take a look at the Himeno that have been released!

  Welcome to EX☆CUTE! HIMENO
Released April, 2008
Normal Version

Welcome to EX☆CUTE! HIMENO
Released June 4th, 2008 at Dollshow 22
Limited Version


 Welcome to EX☆CUTE! HIMENO 1.1
Released October, 2008
Normal Version


Released December, 2008
Normal Version
Series 5
(Sweet Punk Girls! Series)


Released January 18th, 2009 at Dollshow 24
Limited Version
Series 5 (Sweet Punk Girls! Series)

renewal 1 year anniversary ver.
(azone direct store limited ver.)

Released July 4th, 2009

Azone Store Version

Series 5 (Sweet Punk Girls! Series)


renewal 1 year anniversary ver.
(azone direct store limited ver.)

Released July 4th, 2009

Azone Store Version
Series 5 (Sweet Punk Girls! Series)


Secret Wonderland/Himeno

Released September, 2009
Series 6 (Secret Wonderland Series)


Released December, 2009
Normal Version
Series 7 (Fanny Fanny Series)


Released January 24th, 2010 at Dollshow 27
Limited Version
Series 7 (Fanny Fanny Series)


EX☆CUTE Fanny Fanny II Himeno Osaka Anniversary Edition
Released February 18th, 2010 (??)
Osaka Store AnniversaryVersion
Series 7 (Fanny Fanny II series)


Released September, 2010
Normal Version
Series 7 (Fanny Fanny II Series)


EX☆CUTE! Alice Tick Tock Rabbit HIMENO
Released January, 2011
Series ??


EX☆CUTE Majokko☆Himeno / Little Witch of the Starlight
Released August, 2011
Normal Version
Series 8



EX☆CUTE Fanny Fanny ~Charity Project~ HIMENO
Released October, 2011
Charity Event (30% proceeds donated to Japanese Red Cross for Earthquake Victims)
Series 7



EX☆CUTE Majokko☆Himeno / Little Witch of the Starlight 1.1
Released March 13th, 2012
Limited Version
Series 8



EX☆CUTE Friends of the Forest/ Wolf Himeno
Released February, 2013
Normal Version
Series 9

EX☆CUTE Secret Wonderland Commemorative Festival Model Himeno
Released June 27th, 2013
SET A Version
Series 6 (Secret Wonderland Series)


EX☆CUTE Secret Wonderland Commemorative Festival Model Himeno
Released June 27th, 2013
SET B Version
Series 6 (Secret Wonderland Series)



Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lovely Skirt

Liz over at
is amazing...
she just sits down and is like,
"Imma gonna knit me up some awesome!"


Now, the sweater is not by Liz,
please refer to this post to learn about the sweater.

But the super cute skirt is!

It fits awesomely,
and has zero bulk to it...
it's less bulky than Azone Pure Neemos skirts!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dungeon Master Yotsuba: Where's Our Cleric?

Yotsuba: It's gaming night! I'm so excited!!

Yotsuba: But wait... where's the cleric?
Gamer #1: He said he was out this week, had to prep for a Con.
Yotsuba: ... oh... that's ok, I guess.
Gamer #2: I wouldn't be so sure... *shows Yotsuba his tablet*

... so... instead of epic battles this week,
we had several hours of info dump.
Thanks, Cleric, thanks a lot.
(hehe, this is all said in good-nature... we still had a lot of fun)


Yotsuba is not pleased with my note taking.
Not being familiar with the D&D world
(at least, not to the level the guys I play with are)
I often just make up the names of things like places and monsters...
calling them words that sound like what was said.

That leaves everyone but me confused.
Just how I like it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Azone Update

  Time for Friday's Azone Update!

A birthday wish,

A blast from the past,
and a bunch of delays.


Let's cover the birthday first!!

It appears last weekend, on the 20th,
was Pure Neemo Lycee's birthday!

To date, there have been 4 versions of her released...
and she's one of my favorites,
so I really wish they'd make more!

Happy Birthday, Lycee!!
Here is a banner that was hung in her honor XD


Next up, UTENA!!!!
  OMG, say what??
Talk about a blast from my anime past!

Azone is releasing a 1/3 scale Revolutionary Girl Utena!!
She seems to be coinciding with the release of the
Revolutionary Girl Utena blueray box set.

You can preorder her here:
and if you preorder now, you get a discount :)


1/3 Revolutionary Girl Utena / heavenly Utena

Price: ¥ 62,000 (Roughly $620 USD)

Reservations for this girl begin July 26th, TODAY! 0_0

In Azone's own words:
The release in the beauteous 50cm doll Duelist of fate, the heavenly Utena anime legend of buzz from "Revolutionary Girl Utena" in place of the original exhibition and the launch of Blu-ray BOX.

Big eyes clear as it is anime that was reproduced in doll eye,
Sword of Dios indispensable to Utena costumes and every detail was elaborated,
Engraving of a removable rose and is a special specification.

You also sure that I can be a world revolution with Utena in this!

Fate ... Apocalypse absolute.

Head: the new shape Soft head ※ Sculpted: ZAN (oval cat) Wig
Body: Obitsu 50cm body M Bust Size: 1/3 Height approx 50cm

Costume: Helle Gunther style outfit shoes

Accessories: Sword of Dios, engraved rose, flower crest: (oval cat) ZAN: Sculpted

Now for the delays...

1/6 scale:

Ex cute Bambi Raili
Shipping delayed from late July to early August

Luluna Moonlit Raven (both versions)
Delayed from July to August

Hasegawa Kobato (both versions)
Possibly delayed until early August

1/3 scale:

Heaven's little friends NEXT Crescent Moon night sky (usually sold ver.)
Delayed until the second half of the second week of August

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Delayed from August until September

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Predators and Prey

Me: Time for a photoshoot, girls!

*the group of Neemos before the camera smiles a set of wolfish grins*

Me: Hey! Where's Miu and Chiika??
*looks around and sees them in the back*
Hey guys, come on over and get your picture taken!

Miu & Chiika: NO WAY!

For anyone confused by this...
the theme for the Pure Neemo Ex Cute girls this year is "Forest Animals"
Some of the girls (the ones up front) are meat-eatin' fools
(kitties, fox, wolf)

While the two in the back are herbivores :)
(Bunny and Squirrel)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hand Dyed Sweater by Quenne

Yesterday I got my package from the Quenne of etsy (hehe) 
and I have to say,
I think half the battle of pleasing the customer on etsy...
is packaging.

I opened up the bubble envelope and found this:

I was immediately thrilled.
It's simple packaging, but it's cute and thoughtful and I loved it!

What was inside, you ask?

A very beautiful, hand-dyed sweater... which, of course, is the other half of etsy success...
having quality product XD

Mia thought the sweater was awesome :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Up North

This last weekend I went Up North
to enjoy some of the fruits of summer...

There might have been some nerdy games played :)

Some folks, who aren't allergic to dairy, got to eat some tasty ice cream too.

A couple of girls might have come along for the trip:

Where they sat by the fire and enjoyed the summer breeze... but...

Kestrel: Let's go see nature, up close.
Kazehana: Ok.

Kestrel: This is scary! Let's try something else!
Kazehana: Yes, please, let's... the summer night terrifies me.

So, the next day...

Kestrel: We're going to go kayaking!
Kazehana: That sounds productive!
Kestrel: It will be!! And you won't even need a life-vest,
you come pre-equipped with flotation devices!
Kazehana: And you're flat as a kickboard, so I can use you to paddle back to shore. HAH!
Kestrel: Heeeeeey!

Kestrel: This is where we'll put the kayak in!
Kazehana: I'm sure you mean the river, not the road. -_-;;
Kestrel: OF COURSE I mean the river! Sheesh.

Kestrel: Now put your back into it, Kazehana!
Kazehana: GRRRRR

Kestrel: *happy sigh* Finally, we're on the water!
Kazehana: I think I need something to drink, that was hard work...
but you're right, it's lovely out here!
I can imagine this lake frozen, a beautiful winter wonderland...
I'm sure it's amazing!

Kestrel: Paddle harder! We're almost there! Our own private island!
Kazehana: *paddles* That's right, I'm getting things done... I OWN this kayaking thing!

Kestrel: We're here! We're here!
Kazehana: Our own private island!

Kestrel & Kazehana: This SUCKS.