Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This ain't Charleston, baby...

Poor Anna.
It just wasn't her weekend.

When I told her we were taking a trip this last weekend, she got very excited.
See, Anna has a cousin named Chou.

Right before we left for our trip, Anna got to read all about Chou's
really awesome trip to Charleston, SC.

(Check out Chou, and her really fun, happy adventure to Charleston HERE)

So, when I told her we were going to a beach and forests too, she was super psyched!

Poor, poor Anna.

You already saw what happened with the forest, and how she's now lost, perilously alone in the woods, wandering, probably hungry for cookies, and thinking that slugs are going to suck out her brains.

But here's what happened the day before that, at the beach.

Anna: This is so great, Heather! It's sunny, and I am going to a beach, and I'll look for little shells just like Chou, and there'll be water I can stick my toes in and sand and look how blue the water is and wow! I mean... uh... it's kinda cold... so, I don't get that, cuz, it's really sunny, but, uh, I guess that it could have been cold where Chou was and she just didn't say.... and it's pretty windy, and the sand is kind of blowing in my eyes, but she might not have mentioned that either, because I'll bet it's way better down by the water...
Me: Uh... yeah... I'm sure that's it, Anna... *carries Anna down to the water*

Anna: AAAH! What is that?? There is stuff in the water? Dirty black stuff!
Me: *puts Anna's toes in the water*

Me: *puts Anna on the beach near the shells*
Anna: AAAH! What are these??? They're nasty and they smell! GROSSGROSSGROSSGROSS!!!!

Anna: *huddled among the gross beach junk* PICKMEUP~PICKMEUP~PICKMEUP *cries*
Me: Ahh... Michigan beaches in the spring time *inhales deeply with satisfaction*

No Neemos were hurt during the filming of this photostory, LOL
As you'll note, the gross beach and shell photos were devoid of Neemos... that's because the water WAS gross, and so were the shells... and they stunk too... Michigan beaches in spring really aren't pretty, LOL... they're icky... and there's a bunch of eww floating in the water... and the wind was blowing so hard that even sitting down, Anna was blown over to face-plant several times... the poor girl... she still ate a bunch o' sand.
I think she hates the beach now. :)


  1. Then you should feel obligated to show her how awesome beaches can be later in the year. ;)

    1. Oh, I think that can be arranged :) We plan on going hunting for Petoskey stones later in the year... granted, the water will still be FREEZING, it's just the way it is with Lake Michigan, but when it's 90 degrees out, you don't mind as much... but I'll let her do some snorkeling, maybe a little sun-bathing on a boogie board, I think she'll like it. XD Plus I'm sure at least a few of the other Neemos have got to be little water babies!!

  2. Anna would change idea if she were on the beaches in Italy

    1. I think you are 100% right... I think anyone might change their mind on the beaches of Italy :)

  3. Chou: Oh, Anna! The trick is to make Heather pick up the shells >_>! I promise that the beach isn't so bad. Maybe you just have to try another later on? The water wasn't very cold in Charleston, but it was very murky and kind of scary O_O.

    1. Anna: OH CHOU!!! You have no idea! The shells were covered in slimy goo!!! I think it was fish poop and lake puke!

      I guess I have to say though, once you got past the icky, icky shoreline, the water was very beautiful and blue and clear. Heather promises that later in the summer it will be awesome and beautiful even on the shore (but still kind of cold) and that there are no sharks and that the water doesn't taste bad either, and that we'll get to go snorkling for pretty stones... so I *guess* I'll give it another try. I guess.

      But right now, it's really gross.