Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Just some very random shots of Squid:
She is painted by the very lovely, very talented

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Commissioned portraits of my DD girls from Nekopon

I am a HUGE fan of custom portraits of my DD girls
(or any of my girls, for that matter)

So when Nekopon said
"I'm thinking of taking commissions"
I said...

Here are the beautiful, beautiful pieces she created:

 Left to Right: Jun, Alna, Pidge

 I commissioned her for 3 ACEO card pencil sketches... and they turned out SO cute!
I'm already on the list to get another commission from her.

If you're interested in commissioning Nekopon yourself, you can find her:

On deviantART:

On flickr:

On Wordpress:

or on the Dollfie Dream forum where she has a commission thread:

Here are photos of the girls I commissioned her to draw:




Friday, December 7, 2012

Adoption Time!

I just wanted to let you all know I've put some of the girls up for adoption!
Don't worry... their characters will remain...
I just want to replace them with other Neemo girls, lol!

Please go check it out:

Alisa gets a letter!

Alisa: Oh! Hello!! I know it's been quiet a lot here lately, but that doesn't mean we're gone!
I have the most wonderful penpal in Melany!
Soon I will be shipping off a holiday present for her, and I hope she enjoys it...
but first... look at this lovely card she sent!

Alisa: Her penmanship is just beautiful!

Alisa: Look! There is a map too, so I can see where she's been! What a wonderfully exotic place!

Alisa: My necklace is even an anchor... it's a hint... Heather should send me on a cruise!