Monday, April 2, 2012

Possibly the World's Silliest Tutorial : Piercing Pure Neemo Ears

I know that some of you might have been missing us Neemos!
Well, we're back!

... and can you believe, Heather has added more to the ranks!
There are new girls to introduce... but today,
I am pleased to give you...
the world's most useless tutorial!

I thought of it myself!

Alisa: Hi Everyone! Today I have a Tutorial for you!
Madoka: I wanna help!

Alisa: I'm going to show you how to pierce a Pure Neemo's ears!
Madoka: Oooh, pretty stars...

Madoka: I like stars! I volunteer!!!

Alisa: But Madoka, we already have a volunteer.
Anise: Hey *waves*
Madoka: Oh.

Alisa: First, you need a pencil!

Alisa: This is to mark the spot where the earring will go, like this:

Alisa: I like to use a mechanical pencil, because the lead tip is always very nice and pointy then. When you are done, you should have a small dot that looks like this:

Alisa: If you make the earring hole markings in pencil before making them with something sharp, you can make sure they are lined up properly.
Anise: Something sharp?

Alisa: Oh yes! We have to punch a hole in your head with something sharp and pointy!
For us Pure Neemos, a push pin will work JUST fine!
Anise: Is that sanitary??

Anise: I don't like this, maybe I'll let Madoka volunteer instead...

Alisa: Now now, too late for that! I've already drawn on your earring holes!
Madoka: No, it's ok! I will still do it!
Anise: Really, it's ok, she can do it!

Alisa: Stop being such a baby, this will only hurt for a second.
Anise: *mutters* Fine, fine, if you say so.

Alisa: There, see, all done!
Madoka: I still woulda done it.

Anise: You cannot imagine how uncomfortable this is.
Alisa: But... in just a second, I will pull out the push pin and...

Alisa: Viola! A beautiful earring!!

Madoka: YAY!!!!!! Tutorial SUCCESS!!!
Now do me!


  1. What acute way to do a tutorial! I LOVE the 'action' shot...poor Anise! It's probably a good thing that Alisa didn't explain how things would be done before hand! :-)

    1. Thanks! I like to have the Neemos do things as much as possible... I mean... it's their blog... I should make them do all the work, BWA HA HA HA HA! XD

  2. LOL. Madoka looks so sad in the background XD.

    1. Madoka was so sad... she really wanted those earrings... I wonder if she ever got them... hmm.....

  3. Haha, this is so cool. I recently gotten my second ear piercing in my ears (so 2 holes in each ear now) so I can imagine how "uncomfortable" Anise feels! LOL.

    1. Hopefully it wasn't done with Thumbtacks, lol!!

  4. Great Tutorial girls...Heather I think the Neemo's really know how to express themselves! Hope you are feeling hugz...J xx

    1. Thank you so much!

      Hehe, yes, some Neemos more than others XD

  5. Just to let the girls grama pierced my moms ears with a needle and ice XD

    1. Hmm, it is Neemo consensus that THAT is better than Alisa's method, LOL.