Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Azone Update

Time for Friday's Azone Update!

Azone has announced 2 new dolls!

First up:


Tsugumi SHIRASAKI from the (adult game??)
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
which, according to Google Translate,
roughly means: Shepard of the Large Library

She is a 1/3 scale doll (Like Dollfie Dreams or SD sized BJDs)

Now, I'm just guessing that this is some sort of dating sim type game, or something along those lines... because the Azone page for this doll is filled with warnings that the links they've posted are not appropriate for people under the age of 18... which usually denotes something of a sexual nature.
If anyone knows more about this particular title, please share!

Regardless, the doll is pretty cute (although I hate imagining terrible things happening to her):

Reservations start May 29th
Price:  ¥ 48,000 (roughly $480 USD)



Despite its naughtier sounding name, 
the anime that the next girl comes from seems to be more of a Shojo
romantic comedy... definitely more innocent than the poor girl above.

Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi from
The 'Hentai' Prince and the Stony Cat
seems to be a girl who has lost her emotions after a run in with
"The Stony Cat" (I'm guessing it also is her nickname)... at least, that's all I can gather online.
If anyone knows more about this, please let me know! 

She is a 1/6 scale doll (Like Barbies, Pure Neemos, Momoko, Misaki, FR, etc (although a bit shorter than the Fashion Dolls)) 


Reservations start May 31st
Price:  ¥ 12,000 (roughly $120 USD)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yotsuba eats a lot

All of Yotsuba's "Up North" adventures
seem to have revolved around food this weekend:

Yotsuba: I can have dis coffee?

Yotsuba: You ateses it all! T_T
Me: Uh... I saved you... that piece of bacon... -_-;;


Yotsuba: More!
Me: 0_0

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sheepish Enhancements

Well, I finally did it...
I bought some little Schleich lambs (they were on sale for $1!!)
 and I'm going to try this tutorial from Paizley Pawz:

Here is a lamb, pre-fuzzing:

Wish me luck!

I also *really* suggest you check out the before and after page on the
Paizley Pawz website...
maybe you'll get a hankerin' to try this out too!

And just to give you an idea, here is what Paizley Pawz did with
the full grown, mama sheep:




Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Azone Update

Time for Friday's Azone Update!
The next girl in the in the Forest Girl series has been officially announced:
Ex☆Cute Forest Animals Lien / Silver Fox
Isn't she cute? 
I still maintain that her grey color makes me think "Wolf"
not "Fox"
... but that won't stop me from trying to get her,
I think she's adorable!
Here's the crucial information:
[RESERVATION DAY]: 4 June, 2013 (remember, this means that for people in the US, you want to start checking on the 3rd)
[PRICE}: 12,000 yen (roughly, at the current exchange rate, $120 USD)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lego Minifigures Series 10

Have you guys heard of Lego Minifigures?


I absolutely love them!
They're already on series 10...
but that doesn't mean it's too late to start collecting!

Below you'll see the lineup of Series 10:


I kind of love them all, lol!
I already have the Medusa (my favorite of this bunch)

What they don't tell you, though, is that Medusa comes with two faces printed on her head, so you can have angry Medusa (as seen above),
Or tranquil Medusa as seen below:

and the Skydiver (who's got a great expression on his face! His wind blown lips crack me up!!),

but I want them alllllll. Hehehe!

You may have also noticed that golden guy surrounded by sparkles...
I guess this time around, they're doing something special:

Evidently he's super rare!
I think it's a cool, sales-generating idea,
and I'm ok with it since I don't particularly care if I find Mr. Gold or not, hahaha!
Just so long as they don't make the "super-rare" one the coolest one of the bunch,
that's fine by me!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pipit's Plan: Part 3

Pipit: Oh, good morning, Heather, my, what a lovely day.
Say... do you know what today is?
Hmmm... I think it's something important... but...
I seem to be forgetting...
Me: Pipit, did you sleep in those clothes?!
Pipit: These ol' things? HA-HA-HA-HA... yes.
Me: Ok, ok, you can go.
Pipit: EEEEE! *scampers off*

Pipit: I gotta put my makeup on!
Me: Ok, just don't take too long!

 Pipit: I'm ready!
Me: 0_0 What IS all that??
Pipit: Acen essentials, money, sustenance... and... uh... where's the Red Bull?
Me: Uh, yeah, there is no Red Bull... don't even think about trying to get some.
Pipit: Okaaaay, but if I fall asleep you'll have to carry me...
Me: As if you were going to walk on your own anyhow... oye.

Pipit: We're quite lucky, it's a lovely day out. The drive should be quite nice.
Me: You're right... I'm glad it's not raining.

So yes, in the end, Pipit wore me down and got to go... and here are a few things she saw:

Pipit: OH WOW! Lookit these ponies! They all bend!! (uh, and some of them cost more than I did)

Pipit: Good Smile Company! Veeeery collectible... I got a Saber Lily figure! (I was trying to get Rin, but no luck ;_; )

Pipit: I stopped by Disjointed Images and had a custom button made of myself (had to document my awesome cosplay, for posterity!)

Pipit: Yay! Thor! He's stepping on Steve's head, hehehehe... 
I think Steve's gonna cry XD

Pipit: Aren't these beautiful stickers?

Pipit: 0_0 Dwarven... Body... Pillow...?

Pipit: I got a cute little seahorse at this booth, where they sold lovely Kimono for dolls!

Pipit: I commissioned an artist to draw me!

Pipit: Here's just a shot of some people... it was very crowded!!!

Pipit: I had to be careful not to get stepped on!

Pipit: But walking all that way was really tough for me.
I saw everything... but...

Pipit: Boy was I tired -_- (so was my little Neemo friend!)

Pipit: I got some really awesome loots though!!!!

Pipit: And a cute little drawing of me in my cosplay! Hehe!

Pipit: And Nyanko~sensei!!!!

Pipit: It was a great day at Acen!

Pipit: A great... crowded day...

Pipit: There was even a chalk artist there making this huge Lupin the Third drawing!

Pipit: But man... by the time we saw everything...

Pipit: I was ready to head home!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Azone Update

Time for Friday's Azone Update!

Today there have been two new announcements!

First Announcement
Remember last Friday when I mentioned a new Minami~sensei was going to be released?
Well, now she has a "Preorder" date!


For us in the US, that usually means that if you're interested in getting on her preorder list
(and if you're interested in her, do it right away!)
she'll show up on sites like the night before the Japanese Preorder date
(because of the time difference)


So... when they say that Minami's preorder date will be 5/21/2013
you might want to start haunting your favorite site to order from
around 8 pm on 5/20/2013 (this is based on being in Michigan)

This Minami sensei comes with quite a lot of clothing,
and all of it is cute!!!
She will be ¥11,000
which at current exchange rates, translates to $110, roughly.



Here is her Azone official page:

Second Announcement
So, when I first saw the second announcement... I had a moment of "WTF, Azone?!"
UNTIL I remembered that one year ago, the Nagoya "Grand Opening" doll was version 1.1
of this very same girl:
 Nagoya label one year anniversary model:
"Majokko ☆ Koron/littlewitch of the wind ver. 1.2

I'm not going to lie... I'm still a bit confused...
there's something about Majokko Mia wanting company?
So Koron got changed... I don't know, the translater is choppy on this one...
What I can tell you, from my own personal knowledge,
is that this is just Majokko Koron ver. 1.1, redressed in Majokko Mia's non-limited outfit.
(Literally, same eye color, same hair color, and exact same outfit my Majokko Mia came with)
 Did they have spares?
Why didn't they make this girl her own outfit?
I really am confused!!!
Personally, I think Majokko Koron 1.1 (pictured above) is cuter.
Needless to say, I'm not sad that this one is a super limited that will be hard to get...
since I have no interest in her anyways.        She will be ¥12,000
and only available at the Nagoya Store Location on 5/24/2013