Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adventurers Club

Only two more days (including today!) to partake in April's Adventure!!

If you have a blogger account, let me know the email attached to it,
and I can make you an author on the Adventurers Club blog!

Visit the blog here:

You might also notice a slight change in the logo...
My original idea was to have a gal with the name Adventurer (which I still do)
and it was her club...
but every time I saw it, it just looked like a typo, so I changed it!

Remember, you can still email me your entry at
or add them to the group on flickr:

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Azone Update

 Time for Friday's Azone Update!

A new Pure Neemo
and two new Pico Neemos!


· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·
Pure Neemo (1/6 scale)
· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·

Character Series 080: Love Live! / Eri Ayase


Price: ¥ 12,000 (roughly $120 USD)
Preorder Date: April 28th
Body Type: L body with L bust
I love that this girl is a Pure Neemo scale!
When I first saw the thumbnail of her, I assumed she was a larger sized doll,
so it was a pleasant surprise to find a 1/6 scale girl with such a sultry expression.



· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·
Pico Neemo (1/12 scale)
· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·

♪ Himeno ♪



Price: ¥ 6,800 (roughly $68 USD)
Preorder Date:
May 8, 2014

♪ Miu ♪


¥ 6,800 (roughly $68 USD)
Preorder Date:
June 3, 2014

Aren't these two adorable???

★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. o °. ★ ─

2_480-640 4_480-640

★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. O °. ★ ─ ☆. o °. ★ ─

1_480-640 2_480-640

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Exciting news!

Well, exciting to me, anyways, lol!

This morning I woke up to find not just one, but BOTH of the
series 10 Ex Cute Aika girls up on www.hlj.com for preorder!

I suspect they will be available during the preorder period,
and then go "Order Stop" when the order period is over.

Preorder period:
NOW- May 19th
(remember, in the USA, May 19th will really fall on May 18th, because of time differences)

Her release date is scheduled for "August"
©Azone ©HLJ

Smiling Aika:

©Azone ©HLJ

 Open Mouth Aika:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sarah's a la Mode Alisa Maron Parfait

Alisa has always been one of my favorites...
and now that this girl is here,
it only makes me want her DS version too -_-;;

Her short hair is super cute, and I'm tempted to try giving another of my A la mode waitress gals the same haircut... but I can't decide if I should try it on Sahra or Lycee (the non-DS versions)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Azone Update

 Time for Friday's Azone Update!

A sneak peek at the next girl in Ex☆Cute Series 10
and a TBSishop exclusive


· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·
Pure Neemo (1/6 scale)
· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·

Here's a little sneak preview of the next gal to be released in Ex☆Cute Series 10:

Angelic Sigh II Lien!This particular version is the DS Doll Show version that came out later,
so it will be interesting to see if they do an alternate version of her too,
like they did with the faces on the first Series 10 release, Aika.


Next up is a TBSishop exclusive...
Takanashi Rokka TBSishop Limited Edition
 You can evidently place your order for one through the TBSishop

So... I'm assuming that means you'll have to use a shopping service if you want this gal
(because I only see a Japan shipping option on their shipping information page).
I could be wrong... but, yeah, shopping service.

Price: ¥ 12,000 (Roughly $120)
Body Type: Small
Preorder: April 25th


Thursday, April 17, 2014

A few alternate logos for the Adventurer's Club

Here are a few alternate logos for The Adventurer's Club...

I actually commissioned these ones a long time before the logo I'm currently using,
but for various reasons, they didn't get done until this week!

They're really cute though, so I thought I'd share them...
that way if you want to change it up, or use one of these,
you can!
(The aqua haired girl is an illustration of my Dollfie Dream Alna,
the pink haired gal is a Chiika) XD

Anyways, I hope you enjoy them!
Also, don't forget to join in on this month's theme!

Exotic Animals!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mid-Month Tutorial #4: Flower _'s Paint Chip Box Tutorial

Yuzuha: Hi everyone! I'm back with a new tutorial for you!

This one is pretty easy!


1. Scissors
2. exacto knife
3. Behr Paint Swatches
4. paper glue (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue)
5. ruler
6. Pencil

Let's begin!

Step 1:
Choose your Behr Paint Swatches in the colors you want the box to be.
You will need 2 swatches to make a box, one for the box, and one for the box lid.
You can pick these swatches up for free at your local hardware or paint store.

The swatches measure 5X6 inches.

For your box bottom, you will need to cut out a 5X5 inch square.

For your box top, you will need to cut out a 3X3 inch square.

Step 2:
When measuring your box bottom, it's wise to make sure you're not cutting on the curved edge.

Yuzuha: Hmmm, ok, I think that's pretty good...

Step 3:
Once you have your 5X5 inch box measured out, cut it out with scissors.
(You can also use a ruler and exacto knife, but it's not necessary to be that precise)
Yuzuha: Someday I hope Heather gets us those Neemo sized scissors... -_-;;

Step 4:
Now it's time to cut out the 3X3 box top.
I like to make two lines (like you see below) and then measure from there...

Step 5:
Here is where the instructions are a little vague...
The next step is to draw the lines for where you'll cut the flaps and make the folds...
and the tutorial measurements say:
For the 5X5 box bottom:
Measure in "a tad over 1.5 inches"
... well...
So, here is what I chose for my "a tad" measurement.
You can see the pencil mark falls between the 5 (which marks 1.5 inches) and the 6.
My "a tad" is very small.

In the end, your Box Bottom swatch should look like this:
(divided into 9 boxes)

For the 3X3 inch top:
Measure in "a tad under half an inch"
On this ruler, the 5 marks 'half an inch', and I made my pencil mark between the 4 and the 5.

In the end your Box Top swatch should look like this:
(divided into 9 sections)

Step 6:
Next we're going to cut out the tabs!
Yuzuha: I recommend using the Exacto knife for this next bit!

The black dots mark where I cut.
I don't measure, I just sort of roughly cut out some bits...
ONLY cut where the black dots are,
the other pencil lines are for folding along!

Also, pay attention to the fact that the notches you will be cutting out go outward,
and do not cut into the middle box on the top and bottom rows.

In the end you will cut out tabs like this:

Do the same on the box lid (but obviously, the notches will be much smaller!)
Again... I just eye-balled it:

Step 7:
Now I use the ruler to help me fold along the pencil lines!
Fold along all the pencil lines!

Step 8:
Now it's time for GLUE!

The tiny tabs that you created by cutting out the notches on the box top will be glued to the inside, so fold them inward...

And then glue them!

On the box bottom, the tabs aren't quite as tiny, but you still glue them inward,
they will just overlap.

To have a nice box, it is very important to make sure the top edges all line up evenly!

This picture illustrates where I put the glue!

You have some cute, multicolored little storage boxes!
Yuzuha: I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

This was a pretty great, simple, cheap tutorial!
I suggest everyone try it out!