How to buy a Pure Neemo

Manami-Sensei here!
I've heard some of you asking about how to buy a Pure Neemo...
and being a teacher, I just have to have a little lesson about it!
Now remember, if you still have questions afterwards,
please ask!
I will answer them as best I can!!
There is no such thing as a stupid question!!
Let me start off by saying,
if you are reading this and you live in Japan...
then you have the wonderful option of visiting one of
Azone's 4 shops!
Here is a link to their locations:
Now, for those of us outside of Japan... let's talk about options!
My favorite option is...

Preorder sites allow you to buy an Azone Pure Neemo for what you would get it for directly from Azone!

My three favorite sites to consider for preorders are:


To find Pure Neemos on amiami, use the search box and type in "Azone" or, in the left hand sidebar, click on "dolls" then at the top of the page, click on the box that says "Azone"

Hobby Search

To find Pure Neemos on Hobby Search, use the search box and type in "Azone" or, click the blue box along the top that reads "Fashion Doll"

Hobbylink Japan

To find Pure Neemos on Hobby Search, use the search box and type in "Azone" or, choose the "Shop by Category" drop down menu, and click on "dolls"

There are other sites you can find that have Azones up for preorder, but I've never tried them, or heard anything about them, and I know these three sites are trusted sellers.
Next up...

I have to admit, I've not used a shopping service.

Shopping services will buy things from Japanese Exclusive Stores
(Like Azone International's Website),

they will sometimes get things from special events (like doll shows)
and they will bid on things on YahooJapan! for you.

However, here are the ones I've had recommended to me by friends who do:



Japan Auction Agency


(for folks in Italy, only)

Then there is the...

The After-Market shops and sites sell things usually at a markup,
although sometimes you can score some really great deals!

I've found great deals on

In the Search box, enter "Azone" or アゾン
You can sometimes find some really sweet deals on Mandarake.


Usually it earns the nickname of "evilbay" with some pretty hefty after-market price hikes from sellers profiting off of the fact that they can get something we just can't (without being in Japan or having a shopping service). One of my favorite sellers on ebay is Custom Dolls Party (customdollsparty2011). They aren't cheap, but they're awesome sellers who will bend over backwards to fix a problem, should there be one, with the product.

Also, I know a lot of people will tell you, "Don't buy from ebay, the prices ALWAYS suck!"... but that's a bunch of bunk.
Yes, the prices often are outrageous... but sometimes you'll run across a really great deal. Ebay is always worth searching every once in a while.


All Azone stuff, all the time, lol.
I have bought from these guys,
and other than not always updating their stock, they're pretty good to deal with.

Azone Pure Neemo Flickr Group

People aren't supposed to sell Azones here, but sometimes they still do...
so it's worth it to keep an eye out!

Azone Pure Neemo Facebook Group

Pure Neemos will sometimes pop up here.

Dollfie World

Not prices as great as you can find on Mandarake, but sometimes a decent price compared to other aftermarket prices.

So there you have it!
I really hope that was informative, and has helped some of you out in your quest for Pure Neemos!
If you have anything to add, or any questions, please don't hesitate to comment!!


  1. Thanks for this guide. followed your blog too!

    Mine is :)

  2. Hello! Id like to ask if you can make a full guide about neemos, with scales, series, how to choose apropiate clothes and shoes for the size, how to match heads and body, etc...

    My Head becomes a mess every time I try to buy one. Thankyou!