Friday, October 12, 2012

OOAK Necklaces

Sorry for my Wednesday Delay... I've failed miserably... illness has gotten the better of me.
... I hope you guys will still be willing to make it through the massive update when I post it...
maybe I'll break it down into a few days worth of posts.

I have been doodling and making little necklaces while I lay at home though:

I've made some OOAK necklaces :)
They're in my etsy shop:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back in Business!!


Expect a horrible Wednesday tomorrow!

For now, Pidge would like to show off her new dress,
and the purse I made!

The dress is made by Dollheart, but the purse is by me!
(There will soon be a Dia De Los Muertos one as well!)

This little skull purse is fully functional (the next pic shows it open)
and is entirely hand sewn using embroidery techniques!
The strap is a beautiful, silk, hand dyed ribbon with an extra silk, hand dyed bow tied on.

Here it is open, as you can see, it has a snap closure, and you can put
fun little dolly things inside!

Pidge: It's so lovely out... but getting cold. Maybe I need a scarf?

I just love this dress, it's so perfectly Pidge XD

This purse, along with the soon to come Dia De Los Muertos purse
are my own design, and will soon be heading to my 
etsy shop!