Sunday, April 15, 2012

Something is bothering Anna...

Anna: Isn't it beautiful here, Alisa?
Alisa: Yes, Heather's parents have a lovely property.
*wind whistles through the dogwood*

Alisa: There's a lot of time to sit here and think.

*more wind whistles through the dogwood*

Alisa: What are you thinking about, Anna?
Anna: That thing.
Alisa: What thing?
Anna: That thing, in the middle of the yard...

Anna: It was just there... 

Anna: and I don't know why.


  1. What a beautiful place. I wish I was sitting out there reflecting with the girls.

    1. My parents have the best yard... and it's in the middle of a busy town, so all the animals come and live there... there are deer and about 40 turkey and bunnies and squirrels and turtles and ducks, it's insane XD The yard is filled with fruit trees and bushes, but my parents just leave them every year for the animals... and the sweet grass in the horse pastures is all eaten by the deer, LOL!

  2. What's the thing?!

    I love the shot of them from behind, sitting in the tree :).

    1. Anna is disturbed by the shuffleboard court XD When we moved into the house, years ago, it was already in disrepair, and we never fixed it... so it's always been this long, paved strip in the middle of the yard. Very strange.

      Hehe, I LOVE sitting under the apple trees, they're low and have very lovely branches for sitting.... perfect for the neemos too, plus the deer come up to them to eat apples XD No deer were around that day though.