Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Goodwill Hunting] Easter Finds!

Hello again!
Today we found some really lovely Easter type items in our scale!

There were two glass Easter eggs and a lovely basket (it's really ceramic, but it looks woven!) that will make awesome decorations for the holiday.

We also found the blue beaded necklace you see... it's really pretty, and has very fine chain, in case Heather wants to make jewelry for us... plus all the beading can be broken down into different necklaces... that is... if Heather doesn't decide to just keep it for herself.

[World Wide Webs] Giveaway Time again!

Can you guys believe it?
There is another awesome giveaway online!
Check this one out!!

It's from La casa di Lu!
How cool and antique looking is this stuff???
Wouldn't you like a chance to win it?!

If so, go here:
and enter!
 (here it is run through babelfish into English... 

The drawing will be on March 19th!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Goodwill Hunting] Today's finds!

Heather decided that I should be in charge of the section [Goodwill Hunting] in which I reveal the fabulous things we find at Goodwill.

Heather and I go almost every weekday at lunchtime, thanks to her coworker wanting to go (haha, otherwise Heather couldn't get there on her own!... wait... I guess that's not funny... at least, Madoka says it's not nice to laugh... oops)
Anyhow, here's what we found today!

The vase would have to be a floor vase for us PNs, but for Dollfie Dream girls, it would work out as a regular flower vase! The fabric is a cute, ice cream cone pattern that Heather wants to use to make us shirts! She's been trying to figure out the pattern, but it hasn't worked for her the way she wants it to yet!

Finally, the shell necklace... there was another blog where they were building a beautiful summer home, and they had little shells that they'd made into hermit crabs... well, we PNs saw that and we all want our own pet hermit crab now... so Heather's got to get to work!

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! Those were our finds for today!!!

[The Toy Box] Only Hearts Pets

Do you guys like my new picture?
Heather decided that each of us should have a few "Intro" pics... for variety.
Today I wanted to introduce you to...

Only Hearts Pets 
Sly the Fox

Ok, I just have to tell you guys... OMG! The Only Hearts Pets are the PERFECT size for us 1/6 dolls!!!
They also have velcro arms so that they can hold on to us... 
and can I just say, they are SO SOFT!!!
I want, like, a bajillion of them!
Heather says "No"... but I still want them anyways.

He comes in a box with a clip on it, and there is a little loop on him where you can put the clip, in case you want to carry him around that way...

and... on his butt there is a super cute little heart!!!

He also comes with this pamphlet that shows most of his other buddies that you could maybe buy, if your name was Heather, for someone... whose name might be Madoka.

Monday, February 27, 2012

[World Wide Webs] More Giveaways!

Goodmorning, everyone.
First off, I've found more lovely giveaways, which I will list shortly!
But second, I just wanted everyone to know... thanks to being away all weekend, and at the mercy of others (Heather can't drive herself, so she pretty much goes where she's taken these days 0_0 )
... the posts that were supposed to be made, didn't get made!!!
We apologize profusely... and Heather swears she has got to get herself an ipad so such injustices will not happen again! (I think she just wants an excuse to have an ipad...)

On to the Giveaways!!

Click this picture to go straight to the giveaway!!!!

This amazingly adorable little purse is being given away at The Little House at Pine Haven.
The drawing will be held on March 25th, so you must enter before that!!

I LOVE making doll purses, but haven't delved into the 1/6th realm yet... and stuff like this just blows me away! I want to win this one so badly... but... it would just be unsporting of me not to share it all with you... everyone should have a chance.
(but I still really want to win...hehe!)

Next up is another amazing little furniture piece!
How do you guys make all this awesome stuff???

Click the picture to go straight to the giveaway!

This piece is made by Mis Miniaturas y Yo!
The drawing will be held on March 4th, so hurry up and enter! Not much time left!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

1 Month Old

Well, it's been one whole month of almost (ok, I got really sick there and missed two days) constant posting to The Majokko Shop.

Today is our
1 Month Anniversary
from when this little blog was born (in other words, from it's first post)

I thought it would be kinda doofy to do something for one measly month beyond just a quick post noting that it's already been that long, when it doesn't seem like it at all!

One thing I've been feeling like mentioning though, is that I go to Goodwill almost every day at lunch (my coworker drives me... thank goodness... since I'm banned from driving for 6 months!)

And I've been finding some really lovely things for The Majokko Shop!
Today's finds included the awesome little stone box you see above... I figure it will make a lovely little chair or a trunk for the end of the bed... or some such.
I also found the little vase with painted bamboo... I'm sure it was originally a Sake cup... but I'm going to put a real little bamboo shoot in there with some gravel, and the girls can have a living plant in their house :)
(You can also see the dumb little sketch I did in my Doll Blog Calendar... because yes, I plan everything out for this blog in a calendar dedicated to it... granted, things get changed all the time... but *sigh* I'm a calendar addict.)

Anyhow, THANK YOU! to everyone who stops by and reads!!!

[World Wide Webs] Cynthia Howe's miniature tutorials

Good Morning!

Well, this really wasn't the post that was intended for today, 
but sometimes, when you're surfing the web...
don't you just find the most amazing things???

©Cynthia Howe

Today I stumbled across Cynthia Howe's website (and really cool miniature shop):

where there is a whole page of free tutorials!
These are SO helpful!!
Check them out here:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Such a Doll] [ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika | Miki Sayaka ] (school uniform)

Good Afternoon, everyone!
Twig here!

It's time for the formal introduction of Miki!

Or, to use her full name: 

[ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika | Miki Sayaka ] (school uniform)

She's Madoka's best friend, and pretty darn cute!

 Miki, unlike Madoka, is a M size body.

Madoka: I love Miki... she's my best friend!!

She does come in their same ol' school uniform, so my review for that is the same as my review for Madoka's... stupid attached bow!

She comes in a box pretty much identical to Madoka's, except this particular Miki came with a sticker saying she's from Wonderfest... which means she also came with...

Twig: GAH, always with the screaming when they see these white cats... what's the deal?

 4 Kyubey's, 3 of which were exclusive to the event.

She also comes with little metal barrettes that I haven't photographed yet, because I don't want to take them out... I'm afraid if I use them, I'll lose them!!! XD

Overall, she's cute as heck... one more Magical Girl rescued!!!

On a side note... I have been making buttons lately :)



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a quick note today

Please check out our new tabs for our blog!
Or else...

Heads will roll!!!

One of them is a "Links" tab... if you would like us to add a link to your shop or blog, please email us.
The other tab is "Available for Adoption" where dolls who are looking to travel so to find new homes.
There is also a "Giveaways" tab, where I will post links not only to the giveaways of other people, but to any I might be having on this blog as well!

Monday, February 20, 2012

[World Wide Webs] Oh my, ANOTHER lovely giveaway at Lovejoy Bears!

I'm back again! I promise... last time for today,
but aren't these giveaways SO cool?

Lovejoy Bears 

is having a giveaway for this awesome little cabinet she made!

Who wouldn't want to win that???
Plus it's her very first giveaway!

You must enter by March 8th!

Please stop by her blog and check it out:

[World Wide Webs] Giveaway at Julie's dolls house blog

Oh my,
I can't believe it, but here is another absolutely lovely giveaway!

Who is giving something amazing away?

Julie's dolls house blog

And what is she giving away?

Can you say WOW?!
This house is 1:24 scale... and absolutely beautiful!

You must enter by February 29th!

I can't believe all these amazing giveaways!

To enter, go here:

[World Wide Webs] Giveaway at Linda's Minis!

Hello, all!

I just found this blog and became a follower today!
The blog is called:

Linda's Minis

and she's having a giveaway!

Click HERE to be taken to the giveaway!

You have until February 25th to enter... and she will be drawing a winner on the 26th!
Please hurry over and check out her blog... even without giving anything away, it's totally worth the read! I have been browsing the internet a lot lately, hunting down good miniature blogs for Anna and Prue to check out as they try to build the store... and I have to say... what a WONDERFUL community the Miniature Artist community is! I think I'm in love with them all!

Here is a picture of just some of the stuff included in this giveaway!

Anyhow, check out Linda's Minis here:

You can bet I'm a follower!!!

~ <3 Alisa

Saturday, February 18, 2012

[World Wide Webs] Nerea Pozo Diorama Auction

 Nerea Pozo had done it again!
This time it's an uber cute little room that's called

~ Crafts and Roses ~

I wish I had half of Nerea Pozo's talents when it comes to making this kind of stuff... or, you know, repaints... or clothes making or painting... GAH... she's just SO talented!!!!!!

This room is for 1/6 scale dolls like Blythe, Momoko, yo-sd , Barbie and Monster High .

Also, you should check out Nerea Pozo's flickr account:
 and  her official website:

Here is the link to the auction, it starts at $250, which I think is more than fair for such a work of art:

Friday, February 17, 2012

[Stepping Out][Fluff N'Stuff] Hey Cavey!

Hey everyone!
Samantha: I just got this new Stardoll Accessory pack called Pretty n' Love!
It comes with two pairs of great shoes, these cute heart glasses, this rea....

Sunday: Hey. Sup?
Samantha: ... uh... who are you?
Sunday: Name's Sunday, and these clothes are mine. Why are you talking about them?
Samantha: What? This isn't yours! Heather bought this for the Neemos so we can have more shoes!
Sunday: Nope. Mine.

Samantha: No it's not! It's for us! FOR US!
Sunday: Sheesh, kid, calm down.

Samantha: Who are you calling "kid"?
Sunday: Listen, now... this is just an idea... but why don't you try talking about the shirt you're actually wearing, instead of my clothes?
Samantha: Huh?
Sunday: That shirt you're wearing. Looks special... you obviously got it from somewhere, right?
Samantha: Oh... yeah... it's a Blythe shirt from Hey Cavey! 
Hey Cavey usually comes out with a new shirt every year for Blythe-con! They have a new one for this year too... I think this one was from 2010? Maybe? I'm not exactly sure.

Pita: Did someone say Hey Cavey?!
Samantha: What are you doing here?
Pita: Bringing over a Cavey! I heard someone say "Hey Cavey!" so I brought one over!

Samantha: He's pretty cute... *pats the Cavey on the head*
Pita: He is, isn't he? And each one is limited... in small or medium or big runs depending on, uhm... stuff. A lot of stuff. Too much stuff for me to know about.
Sunday: Don't be daft. The short runs, the ones where there are 10 or fewer Cavey, these days tend to be ones where the artist, Holly, collaborates with another artist. Medium runs tend to be holiday releases or random releases on her site (although even those numbers have been getting bigger lately) and the bigger releases (where there are usually 100 in the run) are when Holly sells the Cavey through specific shops.
Pita: Oh... that makes sense... how do you know these things?
Sunday: Because that's what I am, Pumpernickel, someone who knows things.
Pita: Uh... it's Pita.

Pita: Anyways... See, Holly numbers each one by hand, this one was number 20 out of 50!
He was the Zingy Green Cavey!
If you'd like to see all the Cavey released so far, and what numbers they were released in, you can go here:!prettyPhoto[inline]/22/
She releases them pretty regularly... and has a nifty countdown for them when they're about to come out! You can currently still purchase a few of the Cavey at her shop!

Samantha: Oh! I almost forgot to mention! The shirt has velcro up the back, so it's very easy to get in and out of! No head or arm removal required!!

Pita: Awesome! Let's go check out the Hey Cavey! website, ok Sam? We can see the new shirt!
Samantha: Sounds good to me! Below is what the front page looks like... and the website is:

*Samantha and Pita head off to check out the website*
Sunday:: Finally... you're mine, all mine... precious clothing....

Looks like Samantha might have some solid competition for fashion diva 0_0

Thursday, February 16, 2012

[The Toy Box] McDonald's Build-A-Bear GIVEAWAY

Ok, so, I felt the need to declare it, since I'm the only guy, I have to declare things and sound manly.

ANYHOW! (See, I declared again... look at those cap letters... so manly!)
McDonald's has started in with a new Happy Meal toy, tiny plushies from Build-A-Bear.

That in itself is pretty cool... but what's REALLY cool (hah! I did it again!) is that they come with a coupon for a free shirt for your Build-A-Bear... that fits something close to the PukiFee and Lati Yellow size... which means it fits Pure Neemo too!
There is also a nifty $10 off a $30 purchase coupon :)

Not only that... but Build-A-Bear claims they'll be changing the shirt every week!
Is this a cool promotion for us 1/6ers or what???

Well, it turns out, for me, "what" is the operative word.
Thanks to Heather being ill, and not being able to drive... I can't make it to a Build-A-Bear.

So... if there is anyone out there who lives near a build a bear and is interested... it's giveaway time!
I will send you:
1. The Build-A-Bear you see pictured above
2. The Build-A-Bear free shirt coupon
3. The Build-A-Bear $10 off coupon

How sweet is that???

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below!
One thing though, this is a US only giveaway, since these are coupons for the US stores.

The giveaway will end on Monday, February 20th!

I hope people are interested in participating!

[Such a Doll] New girl on the way!

I am very excited to tell you all that we will soon be having a 
[ WonderFestival ] 2012(W) | 12/02/2012 exclusive 
coming to live with us! Her name is:
[ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika | Miki Sayaka ] (school uniform)


 She is coming with 4 WonderFest exclusive QBs, and none of us is really sure how we feel about that!
She is on her way, on a plane from Japan right now! Hopefully she will be here in the next few days!!