Thursday, April 5, 2012

Neemo Mail Delivery comes with a price

Alna: Hello! You've never met me before, but I live here with the Neemos. I'm a 1/3 scale doll, so I'm quite a bit bigger than they are... but we get along quite well.
Unlike the Neemos, I have changeable eyes and hair, so please don't be alarmed if you see me with many different looks!

Alna: Today I thought I'd show you my extensive wardrobe...
Kana: Hey! Hey!! You up there! Alna!
Alna: Huh? Oh, what is it, Kana?

Kana: Some packages arrived for you... sort of.
Alna: Sort of? *thinks* and how is she pushing these boxes with just her fingertips?? She has hidden strength!!!

Kana: Well, really the big box is for Neris, but since she moved out, I guess you can have it.
Alna: Uhm... ok... -_-;;;

Claire: Hello, Big Sister! I see we got packages?
Alna: WTF?!
Claire: What? Can't I be your little sister? We all have weird colored hair, we're all cute... we all love clothes... I think that makes us related.
Alna: I'm pretty sure it doesn't... but... ok.

Kana: This box is moving.

Kana: I'm gonna stand over by Claire while you open it, Alna.
Claire: Yeah, we'll hang over here. You go for it.
Alna: Ok... *gulp*

Alna: OOOH, he's a big squishy Tiger-face!!!! Squishy, squishy, squishy!

Claire: *yoink* Ahh, Tiger! Tigers are my favorite!
Alna: HEEEY!
Claire: Oh come on... you still have a whole package just for you, and this was technically for Neris anyways... and I have *sob* NO WORLDLY POSSESSIONS...
Alna: Oh my... ok... I guess that's ok then.

Kana: Oh, ok, since we're dividing this package up, I'm taking these.

Kana: I want the candies cuz they're small like me and I like small like me things and you have a whole other package just for you and we have nothing because nobody sent us anything but they sent Neris something but she moved out before she got it so I want the small candies that are small like me!!!!
Alna: *sigh* OK.

Kana: Thank you, Alna, you are very kind.

Alna: So I've heard... but let's not forget the most important part. This awesome package came from Traveller, our friend who lives all the way in England! Thank you so much!!!

Alna: Now I get to open the package that is just for me! Pink ponies!!! This person knows me well... pink and sparkly is my thing!

Alna: OMG, look at this tiny, adorable, nerdy Hello Kitty with Rhinestones... I think she's just the cute.s....t.... 

Kana: I'll take that.

Alna: Hey! I thought you said this bag was just for me!
Kana: I did... but I was wrong... that kitty is for me. See, it's small and perfect and nerdy with glasses just like me. I'm sure it was meant for me. I think it being in your package was just a mistake.
Alna: Well, I don't think so, but if you ask nicely, I'll let you have it.
Kana: Can I please have the Hello Kitty? Please?
Alna: Yeeees. Of course.
Kana: YAY! *scampers off*

Alna: Wow! Look at all this other awesome stuff that was in the bag!!
Claire: *peeks* Cool... someone has good taste, who's it from, and what's in the box with the ribbon?

Alna: Oh wow, there's a three page note here from milkytea and Mimette... Mimette was the girl I chose to send my Valentines gift to... although I just had to send some to milkytea's girls Clover, Thistle and Claire too. They all have such AMAZING style!
Claire: Yeah, yeah, open the box!

Alna: Oh, there's a note.... I wonder what's in this box??
It says... it's something... I... I can wear?????
(for those of you who don't know, Alna is a CLOTHES FREAK)

Alna: !!!!!!!!

Alna: *passes out*
Claire: Alna? Alna! Are you ok?? What's going on?! Alna?!
 Alna: *murmurs* shoooooes *drool*
Claire: Wow... Alna is a freak.
Thank you so much for a lovely White Day gift, milkytea!
I don't know how you knew... but these shoes are just perfect for Alna!


  1. Aww, Alna is adorable! I really love her eyes :). Kana is a girl after my own Hello Kitty loving heart!

    1. hahaha, yeah, she's just so cheeky in this story! I wonder what's gotten into her, LOL.