Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's post is a failure...

Or, at least, the epic post I had planned was a failure.

That post will just have to wait two days until the necessary equipment arrives in the mail.
THEN Anna, Ella and I shall complete that post (oh heck, and by then I'm pretty sure Alisa is going to want in on the action too... she's gotten all dressed up for it).

So, to make up for epic failure, I give you... 


Meet Chip.
He's actually everyone's pup.
Chihuahua, we think, but he is pretty big, so we can't be sure.

The entire group does their part in taking care of him at the moment.
Maybe, later on when a story line develops and people break off more, he'll be pared with one Neemo or another, but at the moment, everyone enjoys his company :)

Next up:


Bailey is a lot younger than Chip, and not as well behaved.
Let's face it... he's easily distracted and often stays at home because he can't be trusted to behave.
He's cute and curious though, and gets a lot of time to play in the yard, which suits him just fine.


  1. Replies
    1. For sure, there are more pets to introduce too... XD The Neemos are absolutely pet lovers XD

  2. So you ended up with puppies after all :). At least you don't have to clean up after these, you can make the Neemos do it XD.

    1. This is true... If they're responsible enough... hmm... I wonder which of them would be...

  3. It can't be a failed post when there are doggies involved. They are both cute. Bailey looks like a handful.

  4. Awww!! They're so sweet!! Dono' worry if you are not able to realize the post you had in mind, your posts are always epic and will be worth the wait

    1. Haha, thank you! Mostly I wasn't able to realize my post just because I was lacking equipment... It will happen!!