Friday, April 13, 2012

An Easter Basket!

Alisa: Hey, Anna, this arrived today, what do you think it is?
Anna: I dunno, but we should probably open it and find out.

Nora: Now stop it, you two. You know full well that this arrived BEFORE Easter. Heather even took all these photos before Easter... then she got sick again. She's so unreliable.

Nora: Thankfully, the sender of this lovely basket left a very detailed note:
Dear Nora, 
I know Heather is an unreliable louse, but you are very trustworthy.
That's why I am sending this basket to you, and trusting that you will carry on my good name,
letting the people of the world know that this did, IN FACT, arrive on time, before the holiday of Easter, and was NOT, in fact, late at all. Heather is just a loser.
Love Elly.

Alisa: It does NOT say that, Nora!!! You're awful!!!! This is from a lovely person named Elly who doesn't mind at all because she already knows we got it and love it!!! Don't be so mean, Nora, or I'll make you write all the thank you notes!!!!

 Anna: Yeah, and there will be a LOT of thank you notes! I can already tell this gift is gonna be great!

Anna: Just look at this awesome hair bow!
It matches my outfit and everything!!!

Nora: Ok, fine, but if I have to write all the thank you notes, I get this pencil that was in the basket... it only seems fair that this should be my present.
Alisa: Seems fair, it's covered in monsters and you're being a monster! Haha!
Nora: Hey!

Anna: Come on, guys, look at all this cool stuff!

Anna: There are three bunnies, how did she know three of us would be opening the basket??
Nora: It was VERY excellent planning on Elly's part.
Alisa: I like Elly.

Anna: I gotta try this thing out!
Alisa: Be careful, Anna... I'm not sure that's such a good idea...
Anna: I'll be fine!

Anna: I just gotta.... a...aaaaaaaa!!!!

Anna: Maybe that wasn't such a good idea...

Alisa: These necklaces are so beautiful, I want to wear one right away!
The little card they come on is so cute too!

Nora: This baby dino is so tiny, he needs me to take care of him, for sure. Plus he matches my outfit perfectly... it's like he was meant for me.

Anna: Who's my little ice cream cone? Who's mommy's little ice cream cone? Imma gonna eatchoo all up, yes I am, yes I am!
Alisa: Uh, Anna, that's just creepy... plus... that's a pen.
Anna: What?!

 Nora: Oh SWEET HEAVENS what is that!!!

Alisa: Look! Elly sent us these lovely hair clips too! Aren't they beautiful!!
Nora: I don't think you're supposed to wear them all at once -_-;;;

The girls open the final box:
 Alisa: EEEE
Anna: Oh my goodness!
Nora: These look so tasty!!

Nora: It looks like Elly made us all delicious snacks!
Alisa: We will have to thank her!

Nora: Look, there is even a super cute bunny cake! How did she do this?!
Anna: I don't know, but we'll have to think of an appropriate thank you!
Alisa: Oh, most certainly... until then...

Everyone: THANK YOU, ELLY!!!!!


  1. Awww, Nora cracks me up! She's so matter of fact <3. Also, ANNA~ Chou's long lost twin XD. Alisa's making quite a fashion statement, as well! I'm glad they liked everything <3!

    1. They LOVE everything, and they haven't even shared it with the other girls yet, LOL.... just wait until the rest of them get a load of it XD
      I hope you had a lovely vacation!!! I hope Chou did too!
      I contemplated mentioning Anna being Chou's cousin, but wondered if that was just too cheeky, LOL!

  2. That was the cutest story! I am falling in love with your girls. Especially that feisty red head. What a wonderful Easter basket. My congrats to the ladies.

    1. Thank you, thank you! Yeah, the girls were lucky enough to have some fun doing Easter exchanges with fellow Neemos recently! This basket was from our good friends Elly and Chou! XD The Neemos are big fans of snail mail and are always ready and willing to acquire new penpals :)

      I'm trying to design them their own 1/6 scale stationary, LOL! (Of course, they'll have to send it in a human sized envelope, otherwise it'll never make it!)

  3. So adorable!! Gosh, I so want that miniature bunny cake! LOL. Hope you had a great Easter! :)

    1. We did!! Especially the Neemos!! I hope you guys did too!!! And yes, the bunny cake is too cute!