Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Bunny!

Kana: Hey, Bunny! You got a package!
Bunny: Oh, Kana... surely you jest! I don't know anyone, so who would send me a package? Hohohoho.

Kana: I don't know, OPEN IT AND FIND OUT!!!
Bunny: GAH! Whoa, bout a 9 on the tension scale there, Rubes.... 
Kana: Huh?
Bunny: It's a quote.... nevermind.

Bunny: Whoa, this is all for me?
Kana: Bunneeeeeeee.... soft bunny...
*the bunny hops out of the basket and scampers off*

Kana: No! Wait... Bunny!!!!
Bunny: *gasp* Black panties?! Kana... what a naughty girl.... 

Bunny: Oooh, what's this that was under the bunny?! A Sailor Moon Teacup and Saucer???? OMG! How did they know I LOVE anime????

Bunny: Oh, and carrots! They must be for the bunny, how thoughtful.
Heather (aka, booming, disembodied voice from the heavens): Uhm... I think those are chocolate... 
Bunny: Really??? Oh my! So much chocolate all for me!
Heather: Well... you *could* share...

Bunny: Thank you so much, mystery Easter Bunny Person!
Heather: Uh... there IS a card, you know...
Bunny: Card?
Heather: That paper, rectangle thing you flung out of the way to get to the presents.
Bunny: Oh! Well, let's open it!

Bunny: Wow, very cute paper!

Bunny: Oh! It's from Kirino!!! That girl we sent all those shoes to!
Heather: Yes, we sent her an Easter Basket too... and she chose YOU to receive hers.
Bunny: Why?
Heather: She wants to steal your Bunny hairclips while you sleep.
Bunny: WHA? 0_0
Heather: Just kidding... I don't know, she read everyone's profile and chose you... just say thank you.
Bunny: Thank you!!!!

Bunny: And thank you for this super cute bunny drawing!!! I will hang it up right away!

**These gifts came from our lovely friends, Innocentsake and Kirino**


  1. Those little carrots are too cute! As are all the girls <3!

    1. They were tasty chocolate carrots XD ... I ate them all when Bunny wasn't looking...

      Bunny: HEATHER!!!

      ... oops...