Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An item for sale and Holiday Header

So... I kind of feel like my Halloween Header should just be the permanent one... 
being "The Majokko Shop" and all, lol!

I've also got a new item for sale,
the Pure Neemo Asuna outfit (ears included)

Price: $45 (including shipping)

Here are some pics from Azone:

You get all the pieces seen here, except the doll.
Outfit ONLY! :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Joining in the fun in the month of November

I'm sure you've all heard of NaNoWriMo...
but have you heard of SkADaMo and PiBoIdMo?
I'll be participating in all three over on my
blog (where I post crafts and such)
(don't worry, I won't be drowning you guys with this stuff...
but I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone was interested in trying it themselves!)

SkADaMo is "Sketch A Day Month" put on by Sketched Out.
No pressure, no rules (other than you should try to make a sketch a day)
and no pre-made themes. Just doodle!
You can also follow Sketched Out's blog to see what she doodles every day!
Want to join in?
Click on the "Sketched Out" link above,
or the button below to find out how:
Next up is PiBoIdMo,
or "Picture Book Idea Month"
Every day your task is to come up with a new picture book idea.
It doesn't have to be a full story... it can just be a title, or character name,
or anything simple that could *BE* a story someday.
Every day on Tara's blog, there will also be an awesome guest post by someone
in the Children's book/publishing industry.
How cool is that?
If you're interested in participating,
signups are open until Nov. 7th,
just click the link to Tara's blog above,
or the image below:
Finally, there is NaNoWriMo,
National Novel Writing Month.
If you're unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo,
it's a way to encourage budding (and in full bloom) writers to write,
by setting goals for the month of November.
If you're interested in joining in, click the link above,
or the image below:
 It looks like I've got a busy month ahead of me!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Drawings from pre-made color palettes: Cold Stare

I love Design Seeds,
everyday they come out with a new color palette...
so I thought I'd do a quick little drawing from the color palettes
during the week.
The palette I used today is Cold Stare:
and here's the image I made:
I found this quote and wanted to save it in some way,
so I figured it would be a good candidate for the color palette illustration.
Where the other was all computer generated,
I decided this week to try a sketch.
I've been wanting to work on my drawing skills for a while,
so a daily sketch might not be too bad an idea.
The image above is a web quality png,
please feel free to use it
for web purposes,
but let me know if you do...
(just cause I'd like to see how you use it :) )
If you're interested in using this image
for a print project,
please contact me:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Azone Update

  Time for Friday's Azone Update!
  Clothes Catalog Time!!

★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·゜☆ October/November Clothing Catalog ★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·゜☆
Once again, Azone has put out a clothing catalog filled with stuff I'd just love to buy.

Although I'm not entirely sure why Pico Neemos need slutty bunny outfits 0_0

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Figma #143 Yuzuriha Inori

I'm not going to lie,
I'm in love with this character's design,
but other than that,
know absolutely nothing about
Yuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown.

I've never seen the show, don't have a clue what it's about...
and yet, I'm repeatedly drawn to this character.

Her Pink, gradient hair, her pink/orange color scheme, her bird-like motif
she's just cute.
She makes me think of a Phoenix.

Here are her extras:
Does this ever happen to any of you?
Are you drawn in by a character's image,
without knowing anything about the character itself?

Time for confession #2:
This is how I buy ALL of my figma.
I see a character design that I like,
I buy it.

I have yet to buy a figma based on the fact that
I *really* love the anime it's from.

Instead, I often buy the figure,
and then seek out the anime.

This particular figma I had resisted when she was first listed.
No idea why... I think I was trying to be responsible.

But then, just the other day, I saw she was back in stock...
someone must have not paid for their order...
so I snapped her up.

I do not regret it,
she's a great figma.
Excellent posing, 
each of her skirt tails are jointed,
and she's adorable.
I'm pretty sure I'll never bother trying to watch the anime she's from...
but that's fine with me.
I enjoy imagining her as some outer space diva
(the open mouth she comes with looks like it's singing to me)

She makes me think of RahXephon (an anime I have watched, lol)...
so that's where my mind categorizes her.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Selling Some Girls and Stuff!

Selling some Neemo gals on ebay:

and also some clothes:

 Blue skirt with stars and silver sparkles from
Fanny Fanny Himeno (DS Version): $5 HOLD

Panda Shirt from Yuzuha: $10 SOLD

Maroon Shoes from Mamachapp: $5

Studded Belt from Yuzuha: $2 HOLD

Red Shoes from Yuzuha: $10 SOLD
Pink Tennis Shoes: Free Gift with purchase (first come, first serve) HOLD

Stardoll Shoes (Also fit Neemos): $2 per pair

Yuzuha's Headband: $3 HOLD
Yuzuha's Choker: $1 SOLD

and some Re Ment items:

 Hello Kitty Musical Instruments (Keyboard, Kazoo & Noisemaker) along with Hello Kitty figure:

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Giveaway and some help for a friend

Good Morning, everyone!

First up...
I have been following these kitties for quite a while:

And recently, poor Ginko has developed seizures and needs rather pricey medicine
to help keep them at bay.

Having had a dog with severe seizures,
this is a matter close to my heart...
nevermind that I LOVE reading about these kitties on the internet!
They have their own website HERE!

Also nevermind that their owner, Chun (aka Puppy52)
is one of the sweetest folks you'll ever come across.

ANYWAYS, to help gain some funds for Ginko's pricey meds,
Chun has created this lovely illustration of Yoshi
that you can buy through Zazzle on things like shirts and bags.


You can also opt for the "Photo-quality Yoshi"
LOL... aka, a photo of him...

A brother has to do his part to help his sister out!

I opted for the illustration...
because I believe in the cause
(100% of the proceeds go to Ginko's meds)
but also because... look at it!
It's a lovely illustration!!!
You can have a kick ass, cute as heck bag
(which you'll love even more if you check out Ginko & Yoshi's blog)
AND you'll be helping a kitty out!


Next up is a giveaway that I thought might interest you... it's an "our scale"
decorative item from the very talented Mijbil Creatures.

If you've never checked out Mijbil Creatures...
Such cute stuff :)

You have a chance to win this tiny squirrel, and it's box of tasty macaroons!
for a tutorial on how to make your own squirrel!!

The giveaway ends when there is a random drawing at the beginning of November!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Azone Update

  Time for Friday's Azone Update!
  Once again, Azone gives me reason to wish
I lived in Japan.
Like I needed them for that. HAHA!

★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·゜☆ Azone Direct Store Halloween campaign ★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·゜☆

If you happen to live in Japan and can swing by
any of the Azone shops,
from October 19th until October 31st
you can pick up this cute little postcard with your purchase:

Anyone want to grab one for me? ;_;
Next let's talk about this 1/6 scale furniture... 
these items seem to be in store in Akihabara.
I have no idea if they'll be selling this online or not,
but isn't it cute?!
 {{Sideboard Piece: ¥ 2,205 (roughly $23 USD)}}

 {{Tall Shelf: ¥ 2,100 (roughly $21 USD)}}
  {{Wide Shelf: ¥ 2,205 (roughly $23 USD)}}
 {{Nordic Sofa: ¥ 1,680 (roughly $17 USD)}}
  {{Nordic Chair: ¥ 1,470 (roughly $15 USD)}}
 {{Retro sofa (with cushion) Brown / Green ¥ 2,520 (roughly $26 USD)}}
{{TV mini photo frame ¥ 924 (roughly $10 USD)}}
  I really want these chairs and TV!!!!

They even have a little 1/12 chair:
{{Mini retro chair green / orange each ¥ 609 (Roughly $6 USD)}}

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hat on a Neemo

Here's a little hat I made,
modeled by a Neemo...
I've made many more hats... 
but I haven't photographed them yet -_-;;

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Drawings from pre-made color palettes: Happy Harvest

I love Design Seeds,
everyday they come out with a new color palette...
so I thought I'd do a quick little drawing from the color palettes
during the week.
Today's palette is Pie Tones:
and here's the image I made:
A little bit fall, a little bit Halloween :)
The image above is a web quality png,
please feel free to use it
for web purposes,
but let me know if you do...
(just cause I'd like to see how you use it :) )
If you're interested in using this image
for a print project,
please contact me:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hats are coming!

I've been working on some Neemo scale hats...
(they fit Barbie and FR too)
more on this soon :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All the leaves are brown...

This last weekend,
little miss Bambi Raili
had an outdoor adventure!

Raili: Hi!

Raili: I got a delicious Salted Caramel Mocha!
Raili: This place was so peaceful and quiet!

Raili: There were weird mushrooms...

Raili: and normal ones.

Raili: Then we stopped at Fishtown!

Raili: There were fish there...

Raili: and boats and stuff too.

Raili: Thanks for stoppin by!