Friday, April 20, 2012

Loots for a little Witch

A friend of Heather's just spent a week whisked away to a magical land.
While there, she had the chance to visit Hogwarts... and of course, all the little witches here got VERY excited! So when she returned with goodies, well, all of the little witches were interested, but none so much as Prue... and when Prue found out there were Pygmy Puffs among the goodies brought back... well... let's just say Prue has some new pets.

She named  the little purple one Arnold (hmm, wonder why...) and the pink one Susie.

 The pink one is so big!

Heather's friend also brought the girls 4 new puppies to take care of!
Aren't they cute!!
They'll all need names!

She also brought a Kokeshi doll that is Neemo size, a delicious dessert and a Hello Kitty charm that is 100% Pure Florida! We wonder if there are ones for other states too!

Prue: Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Also... uh... don't miss my super cute ice cream necklace by Retrograde!!!


  1. Oh my, I am loving the cute little dogs. They pygmy pets are a little scary to me because one of the few things I fear are rodents and they remind me of those. But did I mention how cute the dogs were? LOL!

    1. I found your missing post from before! Blogger had deemed it spam 0_0!!!

      Anyhow! The puppies are so cute, aren't they?! I guess they were only 50 cents too!
      The Pygmy Puffs remind me of Tribbles from Star Trek XD

      But yes, if you didn't like rodents, they'd be like candy colored rodents from heeeeelllllll XD

  2. So much cuteness in such a small space XD! What on Earth are they gonna do with all those puppies?!

    1. BE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS! *glares at Neemos*

      Neemos in unison: Yeeeeees, Heather!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, she hasn't shown up lately, but she has been traveling around! (She usually goes almost everywhere Anna goes, they're very good friends, but Prue is even LESS of an outdoorsy girl than Anna is, so she passes on all the outside adventures, LOL)

  4. *grin* I have the rottweiler pups twin. :) Haven't named him yet either.