Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Geocaching is fun for all sizes...

Well, after our first experience finding treasure, Anna just couldn't be stopped, so the next day we went out geocaching again... this time to some very swampy lands!

Anna: Hello, everyone! I'm reporting in from the middle of a swamp! Wasn't it nice of them to put a bench in it? I'll bet soon, though, this will be the bench where they will find bodies drained of blood.
No, I don't mean vampires... I mean mosquitoes.
It's Michigan's national bird, you know... or did I mean bug? Hmm...

This cache required us to travel through many swampy lands, over many bridges and past quite a lot of marshy area... at one point, Anna tripped and her treasure from the last geocaching trip (the small flashlight) went flying off into the swamp!
Thankfully, there was someone very tall along, with very long arms, to rescue it for her.

There was a lot of hiking, but finally:
Anna: Heather! Heather, I found it! But these logs are too heavy, please help!

This cache box was much bigger than the first one we found!
Plus, when we went to find it, we spooked three deer...
or maybe WE didn't, because a second later, three dogs ran up to chase them (although whenever the deer stopped, the dogs stopped too and gave them a look like, "Uh, wtf, why'd you stop?")
I think they played this game a lot.
One of them was a tiny pug who was very happy to see us.
Anna: I think they were the guardians of the cache! I wonder what's inside?

Something that was inside were these, cards for people who geocache!
Anna: Look! These people have cards!! We should have cards!
Me: That's not a bad idea... I think you should be on it, as our mascot.
Anna: You mean Team Leader... YOU'RE obviously the mascot, mule.
Me: 0_0 again with the pack animal name calling!

Anna: There's a lot of fun, little stuff in this one, but I'm not going to take any of it.
Me: Why?! Don't you wan treasure?
Anna: It's because I found something better!

Anna: I found BIGFOOT!
Me: Whoa! You did!
Anna: Yes, but catch and release is very important.
Me: How responsible of you... where are you going to release him?
Anna: That's a surprise :)

Anna: See, on the back there are instructions and stuff. We can't keep him... I'm kinda sad about that... but it's ok, he's meant to be roaming the country.
Me: It's true, it's his goal. See... when you find a trackable item, you can look them up, and they often have goals associated with them! This one is just out to travel :)
(There was a code number on the back, but I erased it from the picture, because only the people holding the trackable are allowed to know it)

Anna: It's very exciting to have a trackable! We'll be able to watch him travel the world!
Me: It's true... treasure hunting is pretty fun. I never thought I'd see a bigfoot!
Anna: It's cuz you're too fat to see your own feet.
Me: HEY! (and no I am not, thank you very much!)



  1. LOL, that Anna is a handful. What a great trip and I loved seeing the outdoor photos.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by and following the Neemos!
      Anna is certainly a handful... not to mention she *should* be building the Majokko Shop (it is an actual store) with Prue... but she's been out messing around instead! LOL... the shop is making very slow progress!

  2. Wow, she's certainly excited about her new hobby! I suspect you might be as well XD. I loved finding trackables in caches!

    1. Yeah, it's a lot of fun. I'm discovering a bunch of neat little parks I had no idea even existed! That in itself makes it totally worth it. Anna loves the treasure, and signing the log book, but I think she's right, I think we need a calling card!

  3. Your doll is super adorable! i like the shot of her sitting on the bench :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, she looks so small in that shot XD Anna is one of many, many Neemos that live in my house XD You can check them all out, with their bios, under the "Meet the Neemos" tab... and then the other dolls that live here are under the "Meet Everyone Else" tab. I'm still working on their bios and such, but it at least lets people know who the players in this little tale are!
      Thank you for stopping by to read about the Neemos!

  4. Where I can find infos about geocaching?

    1. Haha! Are you going to join in the geocaching fun?!
      You can find out more at:

      That is the official website, and you can look up geocaches near you that way too.

  5. Way cool! I've never heard of geocaching before; I'm going to have to check that out too. My husband loves the outdoors and it would be something we could do, if I'm up to it. I'm very limited as far as mobility, but I'm up for a little challenge sometimes. I loved how you incorporated Anna in you expedition; very cleaver! Well, I'm off to venture more into your site here, so you'll probable get another comment or two.

    1. It is pretty darn cool! I've really been having fun with it... and if you're limited mobility, there are ones called "Park and Grab" that are close to where you'd park the car, so you don't have to go hiking to who knows where XD

      Most of the ones I've done are pretty easy to get, though, and a lot of them are just right off of paved pathways in the parks.

      I recommend it!!

  6. That is so cool-geocaching!! Is Anna the lucky doll getting to express her artistic talents?

    1. Yes, it's quite the adventure, and some of them are hidden *really* well. You're supposed to be able to see a bit of them, none are buried or anything... but man, sometimes they've got great camo! XD

      And Anna is not... the lucky girl is Squeak! (below is a link to her intro post)