Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Making Clothes

I recently got a new sewing machine,
so clothes making mode has been achieved!

First up is Robin

She's wearing a dress that I made, soon to have accessories
like a necklace and headband...
maybe some bracelets too.

Robin: Don't you think this needs a necklace? I think it does.
(The dress can be pulled up a little, of course, to be less revealing, lol)

Robin: It's cute and summery, though... I like it!
Me: Thanks Robin :) (because her opinion certainly isn't biased, haha!)

Next up is Jun,
she is a Dollfie Dream Rise
modeling a long-sleeved shirt I'm working on.

Jun: Oh, hey folks.
Me: Jun! You're supposed to be modeling!! -_-;;
Jun: Like this?
Me: Well... yeah... not the most natural pose, but ok.

Jun: Well, are we talking "Natural for me" pose?
Me: Yeah!
Jun: Ok!

Jun: Wooohoo! This is great, right?!
Me: Maybe I should have thought that through a bit more...
This tomboy should not be given a skirt -_-;;

Anyways, this is what I've worked on so far... the shirt still needs tweaking,
This red one is a prototype (first time trying out the pattern I made),
but for a first try, not too shabby!!


  1. Be good! I don't have a good sewing machine! :s

  2. Nice outfits! Robin and Jun look great in them, and Jun's natural pose was funny! :)

  3. Awesome! I just blew the dust off mine after a while and am tempted to make some clothes...both doll-sized and me-sized. :-D

  4. Me too.. :( althought, i'm pretty sure, i couldn't make something as beautiful, as these clothes!!! They are perfect!

  5. Not too shabby, indeed! In fact, amazing! You have got some serious skills.