Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Drawing


For the next few weeks (until the week of Halloween),
Friday Funnies will just be Friday Drawing...
for two reasons!

1. I'm working on a lot of drawings right now for Holiday Crafts
that will be sold in my etsy shop... and it's taking a lot of my
drawing time and energy, lol!

2. Friday Funnies tell the story of The Majokko Shop...
so while I've currently got the Wednesday Horrors
photostory going up...
I don't want to make things confusing by posting
the Friday Funnies... with a totally different
storyline, but the same characters, LOL!!

So... on to a picture of some drawings!

These are part of a project that will soon show up
on my etsy shop. I'll post another pic when
the pieces are fully put together. :)