Friday, March 6, 2015

Review: Little Twin Stars Re Ment Set

 Little Twin Stars Re Ment Set

I recently picked up this little re ment set and wanted to share it with you guys...
because it's friggin adorable!

I bought it for regular price, through amiami on ebay.
I'm not sure if they're still available that way,
but the shipping was super fast, and I recommend it!

Let's take a look at some of the individual pieces:

The little mirror vanity with drawer is super cute. 
The drawer opens, and the set comes with a cute little powder puff and powder case, as well as some perfume bottles that aren't in this picture. :)
I especially like the mirror with the little illustrations of the Twin Stars in it.

There is a little bed side table, with a drawer that opens... and in that drawer is a keyhole, with a key that really fits into it! (Key is the gold thing stuck in the drawer, lol)
There is also a super cute little picture frame that you can stick your own picture in!
Then there is a... wand? Pencil? I have no idea.
The two little perfume bottles are the ones that came with the mirror vanity. They will stand on their own, but get knocked over easily, so I just put them on their side.

I *absolutely* love this tea set! The tiny dish with the star shaped sugars is too cute!
The little cup with tea is just perfect too... and that tea pot?
LOVE IT! The fact that it comes with a little tea cookie and spoon as well is such a nice touch.

These little "plush" items are super cute too (they're really plastic). 
They make great little accents in a room.

This little cupcake set is really cute, and it's hard to see, but the plate is even detailed with illustrations! I have to admit though, the thing I loved the most was the glass of Strawberry Milk!
I didn't have a single glass of re ment strawberry milk, and this glass is adorable with its illustration... it reminds me of my childhood!

I saved what I consider the "Best" for last.
It comes with a spool of thread that can detach from the machine, a pin cushion, and scissors that open and close, as well as a little supply basket.
The machine itself has a raising and lowering top handle (like a real machine, for when you have to tote them around) and the dial on the side also spins! (No, it does not really work the foot, alas!)

Not really pictured is a little shelf and book, a blue and pink shoe (of all the stuff in this pack, I could have done without the mismatched pair of shoes, lol) and a really cute little mug that holds a tube of toothpaste and tiny toothbrush.

Overall, pretty much everything in this set is ADORABLE.
I highly recommend grabbing one before they're gone!


  1. This set is soooo adorable, mine should arrive next week <3 Seeing all the pictures I'm getting even more excited while waiting~ (Oh and I saw a picture on Flickr that the shoes should fit on Azone feet??!)

  2. So cute! I really like the mismatched shoes, they make me think of the 80's when that was a "thing", lol.

  3. Must.... Resist.... Plastic.... Crack!