Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lil' Fairy Vel up for preorder!

The newest version of little Vel is up for preorder!





  1. My gf ordered her already, as a sister to her maid Vel x3 I'm sure they'll look adorable together~ And since I still think this version looks like Ilya from Fate/stay night, I definitely want to take some photos of this girl with my Saber Real Action Hero figure once she finally arrives X'D Hope there won't be a big delay on their release dates...

  2. Did you pre-order her? I kind of caved and put her on order, oops... Damn that one photo of her with the cute twintail-look, I was doomed the minute that I laid my eyes upon it! xD

    By the way, I received your package last night! I had a lot of fun unwrapping everything, you'd included so many lovely gifts! ;u; Thank you so much~ ♥ Hopefully your part of the trade will arrive soon as well, I tried asking our postal service about it but they were really unhelpful and just said that the JF Kennedy airport in New York is badly backlogged so that causes delay. If it doesn't arrive soon, I'm going to bug them again to find out exactly what's the problem. :S