Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crazy body swaps?

We're always looking for that better doll body...

It seems like no matter what doll we have, we always wonder...
Is there a better body out there?

I'm curious,
What are some of your most crazy body swaps?
What was a success?
What was an absolute failure?

Recently, I decided to try out an Azone head on my Unoa Light body...
because I LOVE the Unoa Light body and was just wondering if it would work.

Well... if you use a White Skin Azone head, it does!
Now I have a tall, willowy Bambi Raili XD

Here she is next to my Rabbit Miu on a S body and a Lil' Fairy.

The Unoa Light body actually fits great into Pure Neemo shoes,
shorts and shirts... quite a few of the dresses too... and well... 
most of the Pure Neemo clothes!

The jeans she's wearing though, are from Clear-Lan for Poppy Parker.
That's the cool thing about the Unoa Light body, she'll fit into other stuff as well, thanks to her more shapely, taller form. :)


  1. The unoa light body looks amazing with Raili! <3 and those hands are so delicate! I wish I knew where to get one! :D

  2. Not so much a head/body swap but my attempt to build a hybrid 1st gen Cy Girl/ BBI Perfect Body was terrifying. *SHUDDERS* I also mangled the head of a now-rare Dragon Models Amy trying give her a make-over. Head swaps among same brand or similar design dolls usually works well (say, if you to put an earlier head on a later body) and many of my Obitsu hybrids have worked well too.