Friday, February 13, 2015


There are no really amazing Azone updates for this week,
so instead, let's talk about...


Have you ever sold a doll and then deeply regretted it?

I've sold a lot of dolls in my day,
and 99.9% of them, I'm ok with...

but there was one doll I sold that I regretted,
I regretted selling her before I did it, 
as I did it,
and after I did it.

That would be my Dollfie Dream Alna

I sold her to get what I thought was a "Grail" resin doll,
and I was very wrong.
Turns out Alna was my "Grail" doll all along,
and it took selling her, and constantly lamenting it,
to figure that out.

I lucked out *BIG* time,
and had a friend who was selling her Alna,
and sold it to me at retail... no crazy markup.

So the Alna you see now when I take pictures is actually
my second Alna.
What became of my first, I'll never truly know...
but I was incredibly fortunate to find another.

So how about you guys?
Have you ever sold a doll and deeply regretted it?
Were you able to get that doll back?
What happened?


  1. I'm glad you were able to get your Alna back. Sometimes, we don't realise what we have until it's gone. That saying is definitely true I think.

    I have sold a lot of dolls myself but my only real regret was a Minifee Juri 10 head. It had this fantastic fantasy style face up by a Polish face up artist and I wasn't sure about selling her but put her up anyway to see what would happen. (Plus I think at the time I was getting tired of having so many floating heads so was trying to downsize them.) She sold pretty quickly and I just didn't let myself think about it until months later when I was going through my old photos and I knew then, I regretted selling her.

    I actually won't buy the sculpt back because she usually sells for a really marked up price on the second hand market that I'm not willing to pay.

    So... she's really been my only regret. I've been okay with all the others that moved on.

  2. I haven't really sold a doll and regretted it later, but I have passed up on the purchase of a doll and then later regretted it. One example is the Pirates of the Caribbean Ken doll. I didn't think he was within my budget at the time so I passed on him. Later, after seeing so many awesome pictures of him on various blogs, I wished that I had purchased him. I finally did get him on the secondary market, but had to pay quite a bit more for him than I would have paid if I had bought him when Mattel had him available.

  3. Hi dear Heather, wow, thank you for sharing this! You made me think of the dolls I've sold. I only remember a doll I gave to a neice that I regret giving away. But as an adult collector, I try to be absolutely sure when I do decide to sell them. Still, I do look back, nd miss the dolls that have been dear to me, but wat makes up for it is knowing they have made someone else happy! I hope! Many hugs, gg

  4. I attach to my dolls so deeply so I have never sold any of them >3<! I have think about selling one of my dolls, but after I thought about it, I would have missed him so much and regret it later.

    You were lucky to find out that she was your grail and got her back :). She is so pretty!

  5. I think overall I regret selling my BJD Abadon. Granted Osirus needed a bigger body (because hes suppose to be about as tall as V), but then at the time luts wasnt taking custom faceups, so I couldnt get him repainted by them. Ive tried many times to find Osirus a new form, but nothing is working out right. I also dont like the bigger luts body because of how lankey they look, so its trying to find a head in WS that matches a body I want as well as probably some other faceup artist XD.

  6. Hey Heather, many hellos from Portugal! First off, let me just say I love your blog. I got here while researching where to buy older Pure Neemos (other than eBay), and it's kind of thanks to you that I got my first one through Mandarake, a Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Sahra! Still can't wrap my head around that, actually. =p I always thought of exclusives and limited editions as unobtainable, so it's a little surreal that my first and so far only Pure Neemo is one.

    On to the actual question... I've actually never sold a doll. I did trade away a My Little Pony for a gift for my brother. This was her (not my picture): I thought I hadn't clicked as much as I wanted with her, so I figured it'd be okay to let her go. Boy, was I wrong. I still haven't gotten around to replace her, and I'm honestly not very hopeful I'll find one in the same condition as mine. Rainbow Curl ponies' hair gets messy easily, and all but one in the set had what we collectors call "fading pink" hair, which is to say a shade of bubblegum pink that fades to white with age, but mostly sunlight. If I knew how to reroot/rehair, that wouldn't be a problem, but as it stands now, I don't, so... =/
    And this whole ordeal does make me kind of afraid of an actual doll sale I've been wanting to go through for some time. Last year I got my first BJD, but... Let's just say never was nearly as happy with him as I am with my Pure Neemo. Which is pretty bad for something that costs so much money. I even thought I could use the cash I'd get from him to buy another PN and still have enough leftover to save up. But I'm afraid I'll regret it if I do sell him away... Sigh.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. =p See ya!

  7. I think, like Phyllis, I regret more the dolls I didn't/wasn't able to buy rather than any dolls I have actually sold. I tend to really think my purchases through and then find the dolls are no longer available.