Thursday, February 5, 2015

Product Review: QMagic Doll

Not too long ago I decided to take a chance and order some
super cute shoes and tights from QMagic Doll on etsy.
Click the QMagic banner to go to their etsy shop!

All of their clothing says it's Blythe size...
but a lot of Blythe stuff will fit Azone Pure Neemos,
so I thought I'd give it a try.

I could not have been happier with the result!

I know a lot of you had seen these shoes in one of my past posts,
and asked about them...
so I figured I'd do a full review, with links to the store!

I had actually ordered two pairs of tights and the shoes...
but in the move, the tights have gone MIA!
So you'll just have to take my word for it when I say the tights fit Azone Pure Neemos
wonderfully, and are SUPER cute!

Now, on to the shoes!

A good pair of red shoes can go a long way,
and QMagic Doll shoes are no exception.

They are exceptionally well crafted.
The tiny design work is adorable!
The stitching is clean, the laces are easy to use and they fit nicely over socks
(even two layers of socks!)

The soles are also lovely... something that is often overlooked, or lackluster when it comes to
such tiny shoes (even Azone will have very plain, foam bottomed shoes)

They are adorable from all angles,
and the dolls can stand in them easily enough!

Seriously, how cute are these???
Shipping was also pretty fast, considering they came from China and weren't shipped EMS.
I will definitely be buying more shoes from them!

If you're interested in picking up a pair of your own,
this particular pair comes in a few different colors:

Buy them here!

These are the tights I bought, as well as some bear tights,
and I love them!

Buy them here:

And... here, just for the heck of it,
is the tip of the iceburg on other products I'd love to buy from them!!!

Buy them here:

Buy them here:

They have quite a lot more when it comes to cute stuff,
though... so go check them out!!



  1. I love that shop, they have so adorable stockings and shoes! ♥ I already have a bunch and some more on the way hahah XD Oh and I'm actually waiting for those cat-shaped shoes in white ;w;

    1. Yeah, their stuff is too cute... I think I'm going to have to order some kitty shoes too XD

  2. Gorgeous shies! I'm definitely getting some cute t-bars from this shop and the randoseru backpack! Great prices too

    1. I know! Can't beat the pricing, and the shoes I got are really adorable, I'll have to place an order again soon myself XD

  3. Thank you for this :3 I ordered the black kitty shoes (of course) and the brown bunny heels :3

    1. Hehehe, go figure XD I should order some black kitty shoes too... they're too cute XD

  4. OMG so cute! I am so happy you posted this review. The shop owner said those boots won't fit azones but i turns out they do! that makes me amazingly happy! thankyou for posting this! I love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yes, I wanted to do the review, but I wanted to ask QMagic first if it was ok to use their pics, since I only have one pair of shoes at the moment XD MUST REMEDY THAT!!! XD

      I do understand why they would say their shoes don't fit Azone, if they don't have an Azone body to try them on... Azone dolls are bigger than Blythe default bodies (except maybe XS), so clothes can be iffy... but shoes are usually a pretty safe bet!

  5. Hi Heather!
    You know I have a passion for shoes and those little double buckle red ones fit PukiFees perfectly...I have so many different colours in that style, and just last night ordered three pairs of the kitten shoes. I so love that shop, it's my favourite stop for PF shoes.

    1. I noticed they show pics of the shoes on PukiFee sized gals! Too cute!! Man, you'll have to share all your QMagic shoes! I'm in love with their stuff... I have to go order more myself XD

  6. Oh thank you for this! I had been wondering if Blythe shoes would fit the Neemos. I only like a small number of the ones produced by Azone so it's nice to have a lot more choices. Will have to order some for two of my girls...

    1. Blythe shoes are usually a pretty safe bet. I've yet to meet a pair of Blythe shoes that don't fit Pure Neemo feet (it's not to say they can't be out there... I just haven't met them yet XD)

  7. Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I missed your reviewing shops and making me want to buy things.
    Going to check this place out~

    1. Me too, I love doing reviews... I actually have quite a few I need to do, some with giveaways as well that were supposed to happen last year and go waylaid because I've been pretty much sick for the last 9 months! Yuck!