Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Say Hello to Ruruko!

Ruruko is the latest release from Petworks
(you can order her here: http://petworks.ocnk.net/product-list/65)

My Ruruko is the first release... here is her default:
(my crappy, yellow pic does a terrible job at showing the color ;_;)
She also came with a little pillow.

She is supposedly Momoko's little sister...
but uh...

Yeah, not so much with the heads being in scale -_-;;
Momoko looks disgusted, LOL.

There have been 4 different versions of her released so far...
although each release is literally just an outfit or hair change...
their faces are all exactly the same:
Here is mine, Frill Cami (on the left) with Apron Dress (on the right)

Since Ruruko's come on an Azone XS Pure Neemo body,
you can easily switch them onto any Azone Pure Neemo (Fresh Skintone) body...
although the L looks a little funny... but here she is on a S:

The fact that you can switch out her body gives you many more clothing options.

Ruruko: What about Christmas though?
Me: Uhm, huh?

Ruruko: You should talk about Blinkydoll's Boutique and their awesome Christmas stuff.
Me: Oh... Oh yeah! So... you all know I love Blinkydoll's... and right now they've got some really awesome holiday decorations. My favorite being this tree! This one is the taller option, but there is a really adorable shorter one too.

Ruruko: You can get extra ornaments too, and it comes with a nifty glass bowl... that of course Heather forgot to take a picture of.
Me: HEY! (although she's right, I did)

Ruruko: The little ornaments hang on with little hooks!

Ruruko: The little stand that the tree is on is by Blinkydoll's Boutique as well!!


  1. She's very cute and I'm glad to see some "in hand" photos rather than just the few images I've seen online. I haven't yet seen one of these girls that I would rate as a personal must have but I do like them.

    1. I actually hadn't rated her as a personal "must have" either... a friend of mine just mistakenly ordered two, LOL, so I offered to buy the second one.

  2. She is lovely! Such a sweet face with colorless lips! Merry Christmas, Heather!

    1. Yes! Very colorless with just a touch of gloss!

  3. She is super adorable and her eyes are gorgeous. Her name reminds me of the Super Junior trot song Rokkugo which isn't the same spelling at all, lol, but still reminds me of it. ^__^

    1. Haha! It's always amusing the things that trigger a memory XD

  4. I loves all of hers so far...the marine one is paid for, missed out on the cocoa :( but yeah she's gonna be kids for my peeps. I am loving all her veriations so far...wished they just release clothing

    also blinkys stuff is beautiful as always

    1. That makes sense... she has child-like looks but much more defined features!

  5. Replies
    1. LOL, yes, these guys are cuties... you know, though, I'm a die-hard Neemo fan, LOL.

  6. Eeeek! Those eyes. Those pigtails. She's darling.

    1. These guys are pretty cute, and more vintage looking... I think they've got a lot of potential!

  7. I'm totaly charmed by this doll! But can't find her anywhere - where I can buy? Please help me!

    1. You can order them here:

      but they currently don't have any in stock!