Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review and Tutorial: Azone Doll Styling Wax

Today we're going to talk about Azone Doll Styling Wax!

First off let me say, it's much softer than I was thinking it would be.
When I think of wax, I think hard... but this is like a pleasant facial cream texture.

As far as how well it works... 
in my opinion... it's AWESOME!

It's light-weight, and doesn't leave any weird sticky or filmy residue in the doll's hair...
plus it smells pleasant. :)

If you're interested in ordering your own,
you can get it through Azone retailers...
but I bought mine HERE.

It's easy to use, and doesn't dry out too fast on your finger or anything.

With that being said, let's get on with the tutorial!

Sera will be our model today!
She looks worried, lol!

As you can see, behind Sera, the wax is pretty creamy... but not *super* soft or anything.

I just use my finger to apply it...

I dab a little on the tip of my finger...

Then splat it on Sera's head! HAHA!
Sera: HEY!

Sorry Sera... I smooth it in (still with my finger tip) and try to get a full, even coverage (very easy to accomplish)

Then I take a little comb and comb it in.

Ah! Getting better already!
Sera's bangs were a real mess from her travels,
and her longer hair was all mixed in with it...
so I just kept combing and adding more wax until...

YAY! You can make the hair shape into cute little points!
Sera: I don't like hair in my face...
Me: Ok, fine fine...

Sera: Thank you :)

Just a note:
As you comb the wax into the Neemo's hair, you'll probably have to add more... Neemos have pretty thick bangs, so to get the under hairs, just add a little more wax as you see hairs that don't seem to have any on them. Easy Peasy! :)


  1. Hello from Spain: interesting product styling our dolls. Keep in touch

  2. Salica :I use it on DD wigs all the time , it is working pretty well ^_^

  3. Oooh I think I'd like to try this, the texture of it looks easy to work with!

  4. Woah! I've never seen this stuff before! The only Azone styling material I'd ever heard of is the mist that apparently nobody is ever able to get a hold of. Thanks for posting about it!

    1. Same here... I wonder if it's like the mist... it'll be here while it's in stock, then disappear for years?

  5. Heather great tutorial, but does it work on all synthetic hair? It could solve a problem for one of my wigs if it does.

    1. Is there a specific hair type you'd like me to try it on? I've tried it on Azone hair (which is Saran) and on the heat resistant stuff from leeke... lol

  6. Ill be glad to try this when it comes in. Right now im using the bed head stuff

    1. People products work pretty darn well for doll hair styling.

    2. Is Bed Head Manipulator really safe for vinyl dolls as azone? I would like to try it someday

    3. It is! Synthetic hair is pretty tough stuff... I would say the most dangerous thing for it would be heat from something like a flattening iron... but regular human gels and mousses are just fine.

  7. Replies
    1. I really love the stuff!! It works great, and I can finally get the hair to look more like the dang promo pics, LOL!

  8. Wow--how very cool! And ugh--another product for me to add to my ever-growing shopping list, LOL!

    1. Haha... tell me about it! These Neemos run everything over here! XD It is a pretty great little product though... and one container of it will go a loooooong way.