Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review and some resolutions

Looking back at 2013, I realized that in January of 2014... The Majokko Shop will be 2 years old!
I think we'll have to do something to celebrate!

There will be a giveaway for sure...
but is there anything else you'd like to see?

Anyhow, here is 2013 in review!
This year started with a resolution to take 1 picture a day... which I failed... but not too badly. I definitely took more than 365 pictures, that's for sure!

In February I received the wonderful gift drawing from the very talented George Panella, which was, and still is, the mascot illustration on this blog!

I got a new lens this month and spent some time playing with it... it's a great little lens and I love it!

Yotsuba started playing D&D... she's quite the DM (Dungeon Master).
In May, Pipit saw her plan to go to Acen come to fruition.
She made it, she collected things, she was happy.

Sonico arrived in June,
and proved to be an absolute lunatic.
This is about the same time I found Never Outgrew Toys and got the urge to
do more with my figma... hmmm...
guess what one of this years resolutions will be? -_-;;

I went Up North in July and took some DD girls with me. It was a lovely season for vacation, and also the month of my birthday!
I got a new doll stand this month that allowed me to accomplish some dynamic poses.
I'm still kicking myself for not having thought of doing this on my own.

I finished my first Pure Neemo reroot.
It turned out pretty cute... I'm working on reroot 2 as we speak.
Another trip Up North to see the changing colors, and watch the Salmon run...
Bambi Raili tagged along and got a lot of attention from passerbys!
A stained Neemo arrived in the mail and I decided to experiment with tattooing one of them.
So far so good, the tattoos haven't leaked or spread... so I think she'll be getting more!
After the Blinkydoll's Boutique Giveaway, I ended up with a really adorable Christmas tree for my girls (as well as a lot of other Blinkydoll's stuff that I just couldn't resist)... I'm officially addicted to the store and can't wait to see what else they release!


1. Photo a Day (Yes, we're trying this again):
Pretty self explanatory... and I'd say I'd do it all on Instagram (I'm littlebearries on Instagram too)... but Instagram is often glitchy as heck, so I'm just shooting to take one pic a day any way possible... to be shared on Instagram when the app is working, LOL. I'm sure I'll share some of them here too... maybe a weekly recap on Mondays?

2. More Photostories:
I *LIKE* telling stories... I think up stories all the time when I'm messing around with the dolls... but do I post them regularly? No. I suck at that. This year, more stories... and stories featuring all the dolls and figures around here, DD, Pure Neemo AND Figma.

3. One Tutorial a Month:
I'm always finding awesome online tutorials and thinking, "Oh, that would be cool"... then I pin them on Pinterest... THEN I forget about them. Well, this year I'd love to take and do one of those Tutorials a month, and document the process and results and share them here.
Or maybe sometimes I'll make up my own tutorial to share with you all.
Either way, One Tutorial a Month.

4. Prepare blog posts for the month in advance:
This would really help when things like The Icepocalypse happen.
I'd like to have the entire month of posts planned, if not pre-scheduled to post.
(let's face it, sometimes there's an event that you just can't pre-post... but I can at least be better prepared for the rest of the posts)

5. SEW!
I want to make clothes for the Dollfie Dream girls,
as well as for the Neemos... but it's not going to happen if I just sit here and stare at my fabric (trust me, I've tried this method... TOTALLY doesn't work).

What are some of your New Year Resolutions?


  1. Hello from Spain: I prefer to live in the present and not think about the future. I would like to staying the same. I also wish you a Happy New Year. Keep in touch

    1. Hehehe, that's a good plan... I like making lists too much for that, and I loooove calendars XD

  2. That's a pretty full year and you've made some laudable goals for 2014. I'd would love to do photo stories again in 2014 but right now, I'm struggling to have any time on the 'net. More photography is a goal of mine this year but I think I need a camera that's more idiot-proof than my trusty old Nikon.

    I find that preparing blog posts a bit in advance does help me be more productive. I'm not sure I could do it a month in advance but for a situation like you have where there are regular features, it sounds like a good idea.

    At any rate, I've really been enjoying The Majokko Shop and I look forward to seeing what you post in the coming year. Here's wishing you and yours a happy 2014!

    1. Understandable with the new addition. Perhaps you should start the "Sleepless Night" photo series.... for times when you're woken up by needy baby :)

  3. These resolutions sound great - but we won't hold you to them if they don't happen perfectly. I haven't really made any but my aim is to stock my etsy and madeit shops properly and keep them stocked if I can (but we'll see).

    1. Stocking the ol' etsy shop is an excellent goal... it's something I need to do more of too! But yes... LOL, thank you for not holding me to them... they're lofty, hahaha (especially considering that these are just my Majokko Shop goals... then there's the Traveling Twig and my general want to do more crafting... EEK!)

  4. Nice and specific! Mine were purposefully vague so that I could dodge them if I felt like it, but I got rumbled ... A month of advance posts is such a good idea! I write all mine on the night but I think I might try to get a bit ahead too. Good luck with them anyway :)

  5. Nice and specific! Mine were purposefully vague so I could dodge them if I felt like it, but I got rumbled .... writing posts well in advance is such a good idea! I might steal that one. Good luck with them, anyway :)

  6. Great resolutions! They are much more specific than what you usually see which isn't a bad idea since you have something more attainable than with a vague resolution like "Be more positive!". I'm excited to see what creative projects you do~
    And preplanning posts. The ultimate challenge for every blogger. Today all I wanted to do was write my anime wrap up post and instead spent the whole day shuffling around the house...

    And thank you for the mention! My heart has been tickled >///<
    Happy News Years again, and good luck with your resolutions! :D