Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FINALLY! That update I mentioned forever ago!

Ok! So I've been a bit MIA lately...
but with many, many reasons, some exciting, some really crappy,
which I will now share!

Let's start with the biggest one first,
I've been feeling really awful lately... for the last, oh,
19 weeks to be exact.
Seriously awful.
Vomiting, nausea, can't sleep awful...
because I have one of these on the way!
(This is NOT my baby, this is my niece)
This will be my first kid...
so I had no idea what to expect from pregnancy,
and so far, it's been a terrible roller coaster of illness.
I'm still waiting for that "glowing" stage, lol!
Yay? :)

Second, we're trying to move.
(pic above is in the old, crappy house we're renting)
Nothing like piling on the stress when you're pregnant, right?
We are in the process of closing on a new house,
and packing up our old house.
We're really hoping to kiss the old house goodbye before it snows.

Third, my car recently got totaled by a deer...
and since we're buying a new house,
I can't get a new car until that process is done.
(The home loan folks HIGHLY recommend no big purchases while trying to buy a house)
That was a highly stressful event that has been a real pain in the butt.
On the plus side, my car insurance, Progressive, did an AWESOME job at helping me out
and taking care of everything.

Fourth, we went on vacation to Disney and Universal,
which was AWESOME...
except I got food poisoning at Disney and was hospitalized,
which, being pregnant, was pretty scary.
Thanks, Disney -_-

We also went to Savannah, Georgia... which is a very cool old town.

So... yeah... hectic, crazy and filled with "morning" sickness
(morning is a lie, it's morning, noon and night sickness for me)

My plan is to get back into the swing of things this week!
So long as nothing else too crazy happens!!!!


  1. Congratulations!!! And your little niece is adorable :-). Sorry to read about the rest, hopefully you can move quickly and is the sickness over very soon!

    1. Thank you! Yeah... it's been a crazy couple of months here... I cannot wait for things to settle down!!!!
      Sadly, the doc told me that if I still have morning sickness now, I'll probably have it through the whole pregnancy.

  2. (Sam here.)
    Wow!!!! Congratulations Heather! That is incredible news. I am so sorry to hear that you have morning sickness though. I remember those days (living on dry crackers and ginger beer), but it will be worth it in the end. Just hang in there. You are creating the best kind of miniature right now!
    Oh my, you have had some horrid experiences as well. Hopefully everything begins to look up really soon.
    Take care and look after yourself.

    1. Oh yes, a lot of saltines and vernors!! XD

      That's true... and on Oct. 21st, I'll get to find out what kind of mini I'm creating XD

  3. Congratulations on your little one that will be arriving soon (not sure when you are due). And everything else you have going on. Pregnancy, moving, car accident -- OH MY! Hope you can get control of your morning sickness!

    1. Yes, things have been really crazy here -_-
      BUT... it looks like we'll have a closing date on the house finally!!!!

    Uehehehe Call me creepy, but I had a feeling something like this was the reason we weren't hearing from you. Especially when you mentioned an important update :P.

    If it's of any comfort, they say that bad morning sickness is a sign of high IQ for the baby! My mom had a pretty rough time with me, and I came out ok haha.
    Might I suggest looking into vitamins as well if you aren't taking them already? My mom has a friend who knows a lot of natural remedies(she's qualified too haha) and vitamins and minerals can help a lot. I take zinc and magnesium regularly and know when I've been skipping because I start bruising and breaking out more easily.
    Looking at what she's said in the past, B6 and magnesium are some things that are important during pregnancy. If you'd like more information, I can do some more investigating for you. :)

    So you visited Disney for Halloween? Amazing! It looks like a tons of fun, and I know from those TV shows that the park is always awesome around holidays.
    Savannah too?! I know I live in Georgia and all, but I've still never been XD

    I hope things settle down a little for you! Get your rest when you need it!

    1. HAHA! Yes... it's been driving me nuts too, because there's been so much I've wanted to do for the blog, but just couldn't, between the insanity and the morning sickness!

      I've got some giveaways coming up that should have happened long ago!
      Hmm, you came out fine, and are pretty hilarious, so yes, I will go with what you're saying... morning sickness = high IQ XD

      I'm currently on prenatal vitamins, and I had to resort to chewable ones, because of the morning sickness -_- I'll message you about info though!

      Disney at Halloween is totally worth it! Everything is adorably spooky.
      Savannah is pretty cool, I recommend checking it out if you can swing it... although it wasn't a cheap stay. The house we rented was more expensive than the one we rented in Orlando 0_0

  5. Oy! You busy gal! Well I guess when it rains it pours. The upside is that it's all over with at once rather than dragging it out I guess.
    I've always wanted to go to Disney during Halloween. (which is what I call the month of October haha) Wait until the waddle phase hahahaha! >_<

    1. I'm right there with you, all of October is Halloween! I love this season so much, it's always so depressing when it's over and winter sets in!

      Oh my goodness... the waddle phase is going to happen when there is ice on the ground, I'm doomed XD

  6. WOW! You have been busy. Congratulations on the baby. That is so awesome. Sorry to hear about your sicknesses. Nausea is the worst! Disney is the best (except for the food poisoning part). Good luck with your move and the rest of your pregnancy.

  7. Nothing like pregnancy to ramp up the drama in your life! Especially with child number one, my wife and I had a down-right shitty time during the first trimester. Child number two proved to be considerably different with external stresses except that with her, my wife suffered "morning my ass" all day sickness, major hormonal upheavals and eventually, borderline gestational diabetes.

    At any rate, congrats on the new addition to your family (which I suspected might have been why you'd been quiet around here lately) and I hope all the other stuff works out well for you.

    An addendum- I'm not sure if you know the sex of your baby yet but with our kids, my wife and I both noticed that she was sicker and more "hormonal" with our daughter than with our son. Obviously, the physiology of the mother plays a huge role here but in our case, we started to suspect our second child was a girl pretty early on.

    1. HAHA, yes, EXACTLY!!! "Morning-my-ass Sickness" is the best name for it ever. XD

      I've been pretty sick so far... so I guess if this one is a boy, I'd better just stop there, for fear of having a girl, LOL!

  8. Congrats! It sounds like you've had a lot of bad luck but it should all be worth it in the end!
    But seriously what did that deer do to your car??

    1. The deer ran out and smashed the front end of it.... radiator, part of the engine, a lot of cosmetic damage... *sigh* It was such a good little car.

  9. Congratulations, thats good news!! (Ok except from the car, the food poisoning and the all-day-sickness)
    I freared something more worrisome, but its nice that it was such great news. (ignoring the exceptions again)
    Hope you can settle down now a bit, and good luck with the new house!

    1. Thankfully no! Nothing more worrisome than that stuff, which is good... with all these pregnancy hormones, I couldn't handle it!!! XD Thank you!

  10. Hi Heather! I'm so very happy for you!
    well things seems all to arrive at the same time (and having a good insurance company helps in the process), and it is difficult to keep calm and be patient with morning sickness (my sister had a great benefit with acupunture, she also was sick beyond the first three months....I know it sounds crazy, but it worked for her)
    Kisses Billa.

    1. You know, a lot of people have been recommending acupuncture! I'm going to have to look into it!!!

  11. Congratulations! We miss you though but take your time to adjust with all the hectic events first!

    1. Oh my goodness... I miss blogging! That may sound goofy, but I really do!!!! We have a closing date on the house, so I can at least do a photo story of the dolls moving in, hahahaha.

  12. Congratulations on the baby and the house, commiserations on the car and the food poisoning. I hate to say it but your doctor is probably right - if you have it longer than 3 months, you've probably got the nausea for the whole pregnancy although it generally goes away for the last six weeks (guess how I know). Seriously, resting as much as possible and avoiding stress help (but I guess those options aren't really possible) and vitamin B6 and acupuncture as already suggested certainly help some women. It's tough but the end result is certainly worth it.

    1. I think as long as I don't run into any more deer, then I can avoid at least a large portion of stress, LOL!

      Thankfully I am borrowing my Grandma's car until I can get a new one (Since she's legally not allowed to drive it anymore anyways)... and we finally have a closing date on the house!


      And oh my, I'm sorry you've gone through this too... this morning sickness junk is awful!!

  13. Congratulations! And good luck with everything, seem like you have an exciting time in front of you with the new house and baby!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, there's a lot going on, it's been crazy!!!

  14. Whoa! That is one wild update! I am so happy you are safe. And a huge congratulations on the wee one heading your way! <3 I hope your doctor is wrong about the morning sickness. Being sick like that and trying to function and plan would drive me bonkers. Hands down though...you are going to be one of the funnest moms EVER! ^_^

  15. Congrats dear! OMG, I'm behind on your posts! But It good to hear about all the good things that are happening for you!! Please take care and much love, gg

  16. Belated congrats Heather on the great news! Hope you are feeling better. Food poisoning is very unpleasant. Good luck with the move and I really hope things can get sorted with your car!

  17. Somehow I managed to miss this post. Congratulations and best wishes!