Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[Such a Doll] The arrival of [Ex Cute] Classic Alice Koron... maybe...

Twig: Hum de dum dum dum de dum *looking at her sketches*

Twig: Oh! Hi everyone *hides sketches*... it's me again... I wouldn't be back so soon,

Twig: but I've got a new girl to review. She's another Pure Neemo, 
an older one this time, but not too old...

Twig: Her name is:
*whips bubblewrap off for the big reveal*

[Ex Cute] Classic Alice Koron

Twig: Isn't she... uh... isn't she... uh... Alice? Where's ALICE?!


Twig: I'm in so much trouble... I'll never be able to explain this... where could she have gone?
Carrot walks up to see what Twig is crying about.
Carrot: Twig, what's wrong?
Twig: Oh, Carrot... I've lost the doll I'm supposed to review... 
she was here, in this box, and now she's gone!
The commotion is drawing a crowd!
 Carrot: That's terrible! *pats Twig on the head* There, there, I'll help you look!
Mouse: What's going on?!
Carrot: Twig can't find the new girl she's supposed to be doing a review on.
Mouse: Oh, that's bad... I'll help look too.
Twig: *sniffle* R... really?? *sniffle*
Mouse: Of course!
Twig: Alright! Let's go!
Carrot: Boy, she sure snaps back quick.
Mouse: No doubt...

Twig: There she is! I'll karate chop her and then you two grab her and we'll drag her back to her box!
Carrot: Uh... Twig...
Mouse:I don't think this is the new girl...

Sophie: *waves at Twig* Uh, yeah, it's me, Sophie, I just put my default outfit back on.

Twig: Oh, oh, hi Sophie, sorry, my mistake. The girl I'm looking for is kinda frilly too.

*a mysterious, and beautiful, pair of shoes comes shuffling up*

Alice: Hello, everyone! My name is Alice!

Alice: Hi!
Twig: AHHHH!! ALICE!!! Why aren't you in your box?!
Alice: It was stuffy :(
Sophie: Ah, so this is who you were looking for, I can see why you made the mistake!
That is a lovely dress, Alice! My name is Sophie, pleased to meet you!
Alice: Why, thank you! Pleased to meet you too!
Carrot: *shouts at the top of her lungs* ALICE!!!!!!!!!!
Mouse: Oh my! Hello, Alice!

Carrot: *GLOMP*
Twig: Whoa....

Carrot: We haven't seen you in forever! We missed you so much!! *hugs Alice*
Mouse: Alice, I'm so glad to see you're doing ok! We worried so much about you being left behind!
Alice: *blushes* Oh, thank you! I didn't know you were so concerned! I missed you terribly!
Mouse, Carrot and Alice used to live together at baldylox's house, but then Carrot and Mouse moved here, and Alice was left behind... ever since then, Carrot and Mouse have been very worried about Alice. They all missed each other terribly!
Alice: I am so pleased to be here! I'm so happy!
Sophie: You know, you *do* look kinda familiar...
Sophie and Alice are both the Koron face... they *should* look similar, LOL!
Alice: Thank you for welcoming me!
Sophie: No, seriously... you look *REALLY* familiar!
LOL, poor Sophie!
Twig: *whew* Ok! Now that that's done, let's get on with the review!
This is Alice's box... it's also cardboard, with Ex Cute printed on it, but the blue part with Koron's name is a sticker. I suspect they used this same box for Black Alice Lien too...

Twig: Since her picture is also printed on the back!
I have to say, the newer boxes are much more clever in terms of pricing... they are clear plastic, and all the naming and branding is on card stock paper that slips inside. It looks much snazzier than these older boxes too... or even Madoka's box!

Twig: Alice comes with her little bunny, a hair bow, those beautiful shoes, stockings, pantaloons, an apron and a blue dress! Everything in her set is just beautiful, and very, very well made!
She does have an older body, though, and her ankle joints are very weak... so I suspect that body may be replaced in the near future.

Anyhow, thank you for listening to me again as I babble about dollies!
And a great big welcome to Alice!!!


  1. Carrot is my favorite!! She's so dang cute!

    1. Hehehe, she is certainly a character XD I'm quite fond of Carrot too... she drove my car once, ya know XD

  2. The cuteness is explosive! In a totally cute way of course. Can explosions be cute? Hmm... You should have WAY more followers than you do. I'm going to feature you on my blog. Is there a pic I could have permission to use to introduce you? (^_^)

    1. Oh! Thank you! Please feel free to use any of the images on my blog for your feature!! :)

      And yeah... I'm sensing Alice might be a little claustrophobic! When she arrived, she was all curled up in her box (which is no easy task for a Pure Neemo) and just looked so uncomfortable!!! ... and poor Twig... she was so worried she'd lost the new dolly, lol!

    2. So I just ran with it. I found blogging your blog effortless and fun. I adore your dolls! (^_^)

    3. Again, thank you so much, I'm going to have to go check it out!!!

  3. Hello from Spain: I liked the dolls you have. They have the ideal size and very pretty dresses. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, Alice and Sophie are by far the most frilly of my girls!!!

  4. Hey Ms. Heather

    Carrot when in kind of hard! lolol

    1. She certainly did!!! I'm shocked Alice didn't fall over! She must be stronger than she looks! XD