Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Store Stuff Is Heavy!

 Anna: *pushpushpush* Why is this thing SO heavy??
Anna: PRUE! What are you doing?! Get down and help!!!
Prue: Oh, Anna, don't be mad at me! I am planning!
Prue: This place is gonna be great, and there's so much furniture we need to buy, and the shop will need shelves put up, and then there is stock, and we might have to hire a helper, and will we need a delivery truck, and what kind of bags should we get? Paper or plastic, do we need gift boxes, will we do gift wrapping? Is there going to be enough room for all the cool stuff, should we put a decal on the window...
Anna: *laughs* Whoa, whoa, whoa... what are you talking about?! We'll get to all that in good time. I'm glad you're so excited, but get down here and help me!
Prue: Oh, hehe, oh yeah, ok!

Prue: Uhm... Anna... can you help me down?


Anna: Well, I guess it's ok, Prue. We still need to add a border though.
Prue: It looks wooooonderful.

Anna: Don't tell Prue, but this is the happiest I've ever been...


  1. What a wonderful little story. They are adorable. What size are they?

    1. Hi!
      They are about the size of the shortest doll in this picture:
      Some are a little bit taller, but none are taller than the Blythe.
      They fit into Bratz clothes mostly, although will fit into Moxie and Barbie stuff too :)