Monday, February 6, 2012

[The Toy Box] Uglydoll Lucky Uckys

Wow! Hi guys, I mean, WOW!
This is my first post ever!
I'm so glad that they decided to let me do something here too!
I mean, so far I've just been helping out, and that's been a lot of fun, but... WOW!
Now I get to show you guys neat stuff too!

I really hope you enjoy it!
I'm in charge of [The Toy Box]
where I'll be sharing Pure Neemo and other 1/6 size toys!

Today, I share with you...
Uglydoll Lucky Uckys!

These guys come in a pack of 4 for about $5, and there are 60 different versions to collect!
They are made from a solid, but flexible plastic (you can wiggle their ears and hands) and come in solid colors that correspond to the fortune they give you (see the picture below).

These little guys are the PERFECT size uglydolls for Pure Neemos like me, and other 1/6 dolls!
They are small and easy to hold, and the colors are very fashionable.

These little guys are very sturdy, and can stand by by themselves easily.

I prefer the pink bat, myself!! He matches me so well! I think I will keep him and share the others with my other Pure Neemo friends... although I may need to go back and get more packages... everyone might want one!


  1. That little pink Icebat is just too adorable!

    1. These guys are really cute, and proportion-wise, they're the perfect scale for 1/6 dolls to have their own Uglydolls... I think The Majokko Shop might have to stock them, hehe!

      I'm tempted to try coloring their eyes in white and black though, so they look even more like miniature Uglydolls!

  2. Your Pure Neemo Madoka reminds me of my DAL Madoka! :) The UglyDoll Lucky Ucky's are cute!

    1. Your DAL Madoka is SO cute! LOL, I wonder if everyone has a complex about adopting a Madoka and giving her a happier, carefree life? hehe! I really want to get the DAL Madoka outfits for my PNs, since they are supposed to fit... I hear they come with a plush Kyubey? Better for punching 0_0

  3. It amuses me that Madoka's Lucky Ucky is the 'secret power' fortune.
    They're pretty cute, I should look for some!
    Hey, do you think it would be possible for you to do some comparison shots of PNs with Monster High dolls?

    1. I know... hehe, the bat is very appropriate for Madoka XD

      and... no problem! The post has been made! Comparison shots taken!!!