Saturday, February 4, 2012

[Such a Doll] [ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika | Kaname Madoka ] (school uniform)

Twig again... please don't hate me!
I've been here several times these last few weeks... more than anyone else... I think the other girls might be getting a little jealous. It's making me nervous!

Anyways, it's new doll time again!
You might have seen her around already, but I'd like to introduce you to Madoka, her official name is:

[ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika | Kaname Madoka ] (school uniform)

She is still available for purchase at places like Hobbylink Japan (
for about $180 USD shipped via EMS...
and trust me, you want EMS shipping.
[[Click here for a direct link to Madoka]]

I think she's still around because she's a little pricey compared to non-character dolls... but she's so cute (and so nice!) that, in my opinion, she's worth the extra dollars.

Here she is in her box, unopened:
Twig: *taptaptap* Hello, Madoka!

Her box was made of cardboard, which is not the usual for Pure Neemos. They usually come in quite the stylish plastic box. This box WAS shiny, however, and had holographic type on it:
Twig: Oooh, magical type!

All Pure Neemos come nestled into molded plastic that is shaped to hold them tight, with another molded plastic cover taped down over them. I hear it makes for a very comfortable trip.
However, unlike every other Pure Neemo that has ever arrived here, Madoka was the only one to show up without a "Pure Neemo Care" manual, or information booklet on that specific Pure Neemo.
Hmm, wonder why?
Twig: I'll get you out quick, Madoka! Don't worry!!

This Madoka comes dressed in her school uniform, which, in terms of Pure Neemo outfits, is neither the best nor most exciting. Don't get me wrong, the quality of the outfit is great, and I'm sure the skirt will be very useful for mixing and matching, but I was a little annoyed at how the big red bow was sewn onto the white shirt. 
Usually, Pure Neemo bows and neckties are separate, with a little hook in the back, so you can use them with any outfit... but not Madoka's big red bow, it's sewn directly onto the shirt. :(

Madoka comes with Kyubey (the show's magical mascot), extra hands and red bows for her hair.
The red bows are awesome, because they snap on, making them really easy to put on and take off, and then they won't become untied.
Madoka: Let's not let him out, ok?

Overall, I'm really thrilled to meet Madoka, and super happy that she's going to be living here now. She's so cute with her pink hair and stylized eyes. :)
The only major difference between her and the promo pics is her hair, which is not as stylized and messy when she gets to you. That can probably be fixed with some minor styling though!


  1. She's such a cutie! I love pink haired girls (obviously)...

    Let me know if you need help with her hair!

  2. Woohoo! This was the first time I ever tried "scheduling" a post!!! It worked!

    And thank you... Madoka is super cute XD Liz let me borrow some Stardoll shoes for her, and I had to run right out and get her a pair of her own, LOL!!!

    As for her hair... if you look at the picture I linked to (the one that is the direct link to Madoka) you can see how the promo pic doll has a bit more pointy, messy hair... and how my girl's hair is pretty tame... if you have any tips or tricks, or want me to bring her over next time you're in town, let me know!!! I will really appreciate it!

  3. It looks like it needs some hair crack to give it her style, i like the promos ones better XD, shes so cute

    1. Yeah, probably, I like the promo pic too... the wild hair is cute... so I'll have to try it.