Thursday, February 2, 2012

[Stepping Out] What kinds of Barbie shoes can a Pure Neemo wear?

Hey, this is Samantha here. Welcome to Stepping Out, where I talk about one of my favorite things, SHOES.

Recently I had someone ask about what kinds of shoes will fit us Pure Neemos.
Good question.
Today I'm going to focus mainly on Mattel brand shoes.
Because for most people, they're pretty easy to get a hold of.

First up, and I'm pretty excited about this:

Mattel's StarDolls shoes WILL FIT Pure Neemos PERFECTLY!
There are the dolls shown above, as well as clothing packs that come with shoes such as these:
They fit great, slip on and off easily and are very stylish.

Next up, I'll talk about Barbie shoes.
First off, a LOT of Barbie shoes won't work.
For example:
The shoes from the Barbie Basics generally don't fit, they're too slim.

Hi! Madoka here! I'm helping Samantha out! Hehe!
Which is sad, because they're awfully stylish.

But a lot of other Barbie shoes WILL fit:

One of my favorites are these tennis shoes. They have been made in tons of different colors and pretty much all fit. It's not hard to find a nice color to match almost any outfit!
Barbie boots, on the other hand, are often a problem, and usually are too tight.
This style of boot, however, fits nicely, and sometimes if you cut a slit up the back of the boot, they will fit quite well without anyone being able to tell that you cut a slit there!

Bad news when it comes to Barbie high heels though... a lot of the new ones don't fit. Much like the Barbie Basics shoes, they're just too thin. What can I say, we Pure Neemos have fat feet. :(
Now, select ones will fit, mostly from older Barbie sets (like the ones pictured below)... but don't be fooled, even ones that look EXACTLY like these will sometimes not fit. You really don't know until you try them on...
But... how does one do that?
They happen all over, all the time, and often sellers will be there with collections of old Barbie clothes and shoes... and you can try them on, pair by pair. :)

Something that is usually a safe bet, though, are Barbie flats. They almost always fit, and they're pretty cute too! This also counts Ballerina shoes, which tend to fit quite nicely, but are sometimes hard to stand in.

Don't be afraid of shoes with bits like this either... I mean, you'll have to use your best judgement, but usually, especially if the plastic is bendy, they will fit. These particular shoes fit splendidly!

Another type of Barbie shoe that fits wonderfully are the hightops!
If it looks like a Converse, chances are, unless they change the mold, it's going to fit great!

As for other Barbie shoes... well, it's really trial and error... some work, and other ones that look exactly like them don't. All the shoes pictured below work wonderfully... but if you look at the style of the red shoe in the second row from the left, that style of shoe often doesn't work... so it's really a "try it on" kinda deal. Again, get yourself to a doll show! It's the best way to really try these things out! Or buy yourself a cheap lot of Barbie shoes on ebay... but be prepared to face some disappointment that way... it's always better if you can just try them on!

Now, these shoes with the imprints on the bottom, I can only assume came from a very specific Barbie... I don't know who she is... but her shoes fit great! So if you find shoes with funny little pictures on the bottom, try them on! You get stylish shoes AND a stylish shoe tread!

Finally, I'd like to talk about this style of shoe... what is seemingly Mattel's favorite style to include with Barbie accessory and clothing packs these days. The shoes are high-heeled and often over the top in design (always very fashionable, never everyday) but they almost always fit! If they have slits up the back, you can usually wear them! I've gotten many of these shoes and have been able to wear every pair. I can even stand in them! Remember though, it's only this style of high heel... the style like the Barbie Basics one I showed you earlier, will not work.
These kinds of shoes, pictured below, FIT GREAT!

Now, as far as I know, these aren't Mattel... about 8 years ago, there were Card Captor Sakura dolls released here in the US... and they had great clothes and shoes that fit us Pure Neemos perfectly.
Here are 4 pair from different dolls... I'll do a search later and try to find a picture of one of the dolls to share... but at the moment, I could only find the ones that were made in Japan.

Anyways, I hope this helped you out at least a little.
And remember, all the shoes I've tried on from the Barbie Basics sets DON'T WORK.
But generally, the ones from the clothing packs do.


  1. The last set of shoes look like they are from the CardCaptor Sakura dolls. I know the one on the bottom row, lefthand side belongs to the CardCaptor Sakura doll MeiLin. :)

  2. Oops I didn't read that you had included that in your post!! Sorry.. no more blog reading until after I have my coffee!! :)

    1. Haha, yes, I actually still have a boxed doll back at the house, so I figure I'll just go home and take my own picture of it this weekend so people can see what it looks like, in case they want to hunt ebay for them or some such. XD

  3. That pair of green platforms with sunflowers on them are from a Winx Club doll! Stella, to be exact.

    1. Aha! Then I suppose we can add Winx Club doll shoes to ones that fit. Although I have no idea what the rest of them look like. I was given those shoes and told they were Barbie shoes... oh the lies... OH the humanity!!!!

    2. Winx club shoes come in four forms. Platforms, high heels, ankle boots, and knee high boots.
      They've got feet that are a lot like Monster High feet, but smaller, and you can actually put some of the outfits on Bratz dolls. Some of the tops can fit MH too, but the pants and skirts don't close.
      I got the entire first run of the Winx Club dolls in fourth grade, which is why I know this.

    3. You wouldn't happen to have a Pure Neemo, would you? Then we could see if the other types of shoes fit.

      I've seen XS Pure Neemo fit into Monster High clothes, and XS and S Pure Neemo will fit into Bratz clothes almost perfectly... so there is a chance the shoes could fit.

    4. Sadly, no. (This is AerisAquata from the DD forum, btw!)
      I really want Homura though, and I may actually get her if my relatives give me money for graduating from HS. (Which I did last night thanks to online schooling~)

    5. AHA! LOL, I wondered if it was you... but I didn't want to assume XD
      I've got Homura preordered... I suggest you preorder her if she's available just in case... she keeps going in and out of availability, and you can always cancel your preorder (at least at before it comes into stock, if it turns out you can't get her.
      She's going to run you, with EMS shipping (and trust me, you want EMS) about $180
      Sticker shock... I know... but Madoka was so worth it... I'll be getting the other ones too.

    6. I might wait until I know if I can actually get her and go through Amiami, they have her for 6% off her retail price.
      Homura turned out to be my favorite character from Madoka, but Madoka has my absolute favorite costume. I'm a sucker for pink floofy dresses.

    7. Yeah, to get a discount at HLJ you have to jump on the preorder right away, they call it the "early bird" lol.

      I agree with you, I love Homura. I have to admit though, before watching the anime I couldn't figure out why people liked her so much, my thought was, "But, she's not cute!" ... oh, how I misjudged!
      ... and omg, yes, I'm a sucker for pink floofy dresses too... I want Madoka's magical outfit very badly!

  4. Hello from Spain again: I see you have many blogs. What a great job you do. You also follow this blog. I love the pictures of Barbie shoes. They are very original. It also will review your previous entries. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks for following! I'll try to keep it interesting and at least a little useful!

  5. The nice thing if you get the bulk shoes, they not really that expensive, plus if you have other dolls besides the Pure Neemos, then they can wear them as well. I still had to take off Hyas feet though with the bratz boots. I thought maybe she could leave them on but it didnt work out.

    Heather talked me into preordering the Witch of Heart, and now Witch of Song

    1. It's true!
      And yes, Bratz shoes are a disappointment all around. Stupid footless dolls having fancy shoes I want to steal >8(

      And yes... yeeeeees, hehehehehe, I have dragged you into the Pure Neemo world!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!

      ... now... just don't you drag me into the Fashion Royalty world. :P