Friday, February 3, 2012

[All That Glitters] Robot Mood Ring

 Good Morning, Everyone!
Sophie here!

I found the most amazing thing the other day while I was out shopping.
Do you ever just go into some random store you would never usually go into, and then just find the most amazing thing?
That is what happened to me!

I stopped into a 7/11, something I never do, because Pita, Bunny and Peapod wanted some potato chips while they studied, and it was the fastest stop on my way back from the mall.

ANYHOW! The point is, when I went up to the counter to buy the chips, I saw THESE!!!!
This picture shows just the one ring... it's the most changey mood ring I've ever seen!
It's so awesome!

But... what does a little girl like me do with a ring like this? 
(Too bad it's not going to fit on my finger)

The solution is simple :) I now have the coolest hair tie ever!
Adjustable rings make AWESOME hair ties!

 Have you ever tried them? 
You should!


  1. Her hair must be in a happy mood because it's blue!! XD

    1. Hehehe, I know! This ring seriously changes at the drop of a hat, it would look like Sophie really was changing the mood ring because it'll fluctuate easily with temperatures too!