Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Such a Doll] [ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika | Miki Sayaka ] (school uniform)

Good Afternoon, everyone!
Twig here!

It's time for the formal introduction of Miki!

Or, to use her full name: 

[ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika | Miki Sayaka ] (school uniform)

She's Madoka's best friend, and pretty darn cute!

 Miki, unlike Madoka, is a M size body.

Madoka: I love Miki... she's my best friend!!

She does come in their same ol' school uniform, so my review for that is the same as my review for Madoka's... stupid attached bow!

She comes in a box pretty much identical to Madoka's, except this particular Miki came with a sticker saying she's from Wonderfest... which means she also came with...

Twig: GAH, always with the screaming when they see these white cats... what's the deal?

 4 Kyubey's, 3 of which were exclusive to the event.

She also comes with little metal barrettes that I haven't photographed yet, because I don't want to take them out... I'm afraid if I use them, I'll lose them!!! XD

Overall, she's cute as heck... one more Magical Girl rescued!!!

On a side note... I have been making buttons lately :)




  1. *Squee!!* She is so cute! The blue short hair and that face! :) And those buttons are magnificent. How do you make such adorable buttons? Is that your photography? Oh and I just love the little white ruffle skirt. Ok..I just love everything about this entry. (^_^)

    1. Hehe, thank you XD

      The buttons actually are my photographs... those ones are even a bit bigger than I'd like (I misjudged how much would actually show up on the front of the button and not be wrapped around, LOL... but I LOVE the one with Twig and her knit robot XD )

    2. ... although I can't get the stupid text to stop being wonky!!!!!


    Your new girl is adorable!

    1. Thanks XD I kind of love these Madoka girls, and the idea of giving them a happier home, LOL.
      I should never have watched that anime, I would have saved so much money >_<

      4 evil Kyubey's... I imagine Miki didn't enjoy her trip over from Japan much, being shoved in the same box as those guys.

  3. Eeegh, why is Twig yelling at us?
    Miki's adorable! I like what you did with her hair.