Friday, February 10, 2012

[Such a Doll] Monster High vs. Pure Neemo

 Recently I had a request to compare a Monster High to a Pure Neemo...
Ask, and ye shall receive!

... uhm... but... uhm...

I'M NAKED!!!!!
I am so embarrassed.

This one shows us all straight on (you can click the picture to see it larger)
I figured since I was doing the comparison, I might as well put all the Neemo sizes in, as well as me, the Mamachapp... who is on an Obitsu 21/23 body (that's what we come with).

You can see the Monster High girl is much taller than all of us...

but I'm pretty close to her width wise, and I *DO* fit into Monster High clothing, but not all of it, some pieces, like things with long sleeves, are just too small for me.
You can see profile wise, my waist is pretty much the same as a Monster High girl, and the XS is close, but all the Neemos are a bit thicker in the body.

And here's a little body switching!
Prue: I feel so  graceful!
But my head doesn't move up or down at all :(

Prue: Do I have to give this body back?? I can reach the tall shelves now!

I hope that was helpful!
... and if there are any more requests, please feel free to make them! If I can show you what you're asking, I will!!


  1. The 21CM obitsu sort of fits clothes, the skirts are a little big because the obitsu is slim in that area, and the chest is wide, so its weird. The Fashion Designer Clawdeen outfit fits (i got it to velcro all the way) and i tried the Torelio movie outfit because it was stretchy too and i cant get it to velcro all the way up -_____- Im pretty sure anything that doesnt have stretch wont work.

    I love these MH shoes though for the Pure Neemos and i didn manage to squeeze her into one of the create a couple of the create a monster dresses, but the others no XD cause their arms are too thick on the Small size

    1. Oh yeah, nothing with sleeves is going to work... although I disagree with things needing to be stretchy to fit on the Obitsu body.

      I put the original Ghoulia outfit, pants and all, on Twig and it worked great.
      Ghoulia's outfit is a non-stretchy body suit and non-stretchy pants. Nothing was too loose at all.

    2. Oh, I should add, I've also put her in dresses, and yes, sometimes on some of them the velcro isn't a perfect match on the back, but it still closes, because you're right, these girls do have thicker upper chest areas than Monster High girls.

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new Barbie Elvis. She's beautiful. You're right that it is increasingly difficult to remove from the box. She is very well groomed for you. In this entry i like very much I like to put the comparison of measurements of the dolls.Keep in touch

    1. I love showing comparisons too... they're always so helpful!!