Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Goodwill Hunting] Today's finds!

Heather decided that I should be in charge of the section [Goodwill Hunting] in which I reveal the fabulous things we find at Goodwill.

Heather and I go almost every weekday at lunchtime, thanks to her coworker wanting to go (haha, otherwise Heather couldn't get there on her own!... wait... I guess that's not funny... at least, Madoka says it's not nice to laugh... oops)
Anyhow, here's what we found today!

The vase would have to be a floor vase for us PNs, but for Dollfie Dream girls, it would work out as a regular flower vase! The fabric is a cute, ice cream cone pattern that Heather wants to use to make us shirts! She's been trying to figure out the pattern, but it hasn't worked for her the way she wants it to yet!

Finally, the shell necklace... there was another blog where they were building a beautiful summer home, and they had little shells that they'd made into hermit crabs... well, we PNs saw that and we all want our own pet hermit crab now... so Heather's got to get to work!

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! Those were our finds for today!!!

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