Monday, February 27, 2012

[World Wide Webs] More Giveaways!

Goodmorning, everyone.
First off, I've found more lovely giveaways, which I will list shortly!
But second, I just wanted everyone to know... thanks to being away all weekend, and at the mercy of others (Heather can't drive herself, so she pretty much goes where she's taken these days 0_0 )
... the posts that were supposed to be made, didn't get made!!!
We apologize profusely... and Heather swears she has got to get herself an ipad so such injustices will not happen again! (I think she just wants an excuse to have an ipad...)

On to the Giveaways!!

Click this picture to go straight to the giveaway!!!!

This amazingly adorable little purse is being given away at The Little House at Pine Haven.
The drawing will be held on March 25th, so you must enter before that!!

I LOVE making doll purses, but haven't delved into the 1/6th realm yet... and stuff like this just blows me away! I want to win this one so badly... but... it would just be unsporting of me not to share it all with you... everyone should have a chance.
(but I still really want to win...hehe!)

Next up is another amazing little furniture piece!
How do you guys make all this awesome stuff???

Click the picture to go straight to the giveaway!

This piece is made by Mis Miniaturas y Yo!
The drawing will be held on March 4th, so hurry up and enter! Not much time left!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the goodies. We will root for Heather to get an ipad, too!

    1. I am amazed by how awesome the giveaways are in the Miniature world