Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pure Neemo Ichimatsu Kohina up for preorder

Pure Neemo Ichimatsu Kohina is currently up for preorder!
She is on an XS body.





She's from the series Gugure! Kokkuri-san
of which, I know nooooothing about XD

She's pretty cute though,
I like her serious little face and interesting hair cut!
It will be interesting to see how these dolls arrive to customers,
and how closely the haircut looks tot he promo pics XD

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Azone Clothing Review: Knit Cap & Off-Shoulder Knit One-Piece Sets

Time for an Azone clothing review!

This time around, we'll review these cute little sweater/hat sets!

They are called the
Knit Cap & Off-Shoulder Knit One-Piece Sets

It's not easy to tell, but the middle one is actually cream with a white pompom.

Ok, so, let's start off with the good!

These are INCREDIBLY cute little knit pieces.
I always love when Azone does delicate knits!

These particular sweaters are lined on the inside with a more sturdy fabric as well,
so they are not as delicate as they look!

The colors are lovely, and the fit is cute!
They do fit some bodies better than others though, let's take a look:

First let's take a look at Mio, the gal with the Large Bust!
(I have put my Mio torso on an L body)

I really like the fit of this sweater on her...
it works with the curves XD

Next up is Mia, on an M body!
Still a cute fit!

 Now for Miu on the S body!
Even on the S body, where it starts to bunch up a little,
it's still awfully cute looking... although none of them really were able to pull off the "Off the Shoulder" claim... the sweater would just pop back up again.

Now for the bad.
If you look at the pics above, you'll notice that the hats sit high on the head, and the hems on them are unrolled a bit... that's because of this:

The inside gathering of the hat fabric is not the most well done. It's lumpy and bulky, and pushes the hats up higher on their heads. If I didn't unfurl the hat hems a little, the hats would pop off all the time... which is a little disappointing.

I have other winter pompom hats that were made in earlier years from Azone, and they do not have this problem, so I'm wondering if it was just too rushed of a production schedule? Or maybe just the difference in fabric types? I don't know.

All-in-all though, not a huge deal, and the outfits still look super cute in pictures!



Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

Is it the year of the goat, the sheep, the ram?

I've seen sheep getting a lot of play (cuz they're cute and fluffy XD)
so I'm giving the goat some props! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What doll do you regret passing up?

Not too long ago,
I asked "What doll do you regret selling?"

And a few of the responses have prompted me to wonder:

What doll do you regret passing up?

You know, that doll that you *could* have gotten...
it was available, right there in front of you,
be it for preorder, or from another collector, etc...

but for whatever reason you passed on it.

For me, it's Volks' Jun Tachibana.

I had *JUST* discovered BJDs when Haute Doll magazine had their exclusive Jun and Isao release, and I looked at the prices on those dolls and almost fainted dead-away.

I *could* have ordered her.
I didn't, because of sticker shock.

I have kicked myself for forever and a day since.
I would call her my "Grail Doll" if I were to name a doll that...
and she'd have to be fully default too (except maybe the faceup, I might forgive a changed faceup if her new one was awesome).

I even sought out and bought little YoSD Jun Tachibana as a consolation...
but every time I see that Haute Doll Exclusive Jun,
I really, really, really wish I'd bitten the bullet and ordered her!

How about you?
Who is your "missed opportunity"?

(On a side note, I'd love the SD Graffiti Jun as well... I think it would be so cute to have the SD, SD Graffiti and YoSD Jun collection XD)

Friday, February 13, 2015


There are no really amazing Azone updates for this week,
so instead, let's talk about...


Have you ever sold a doll and then deeply regretted it?

I've sold a lot of dolls in my day,
and 99.9% of them, I'm ok with...

but there was one doll I sold that I regretted,
I regretted selling her before I did it, 
as I did it,
and after I did it.

That would be my Dollfie Dream Alna

I sold her to get what I thought was a "Grail" resin doll,
and I was very wrong.
Turns out Alna was my "Grail" doll all along,
and it took selling her, and constantly lamenting it,
to figure that out.

I lucked out *BIG* time,
and had a friend who was selling her Alna,
and sold it to me at retail... no crazy markup.

So the Alna you see now when I take pictures is actually
my second Alna.
What became of my first, I'll never truly know...
but I was incredibly fortunate to find another.

So how about you guys?
Have you ever sold a doll and deeply regretted it?
Were you able to get that doll back?
What happened?