Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[The Toy Box] Only Hearts Pets

Do you guys like my new picture?
Heather decided that each of us should have a few "Intro" pics... for variety.
Today I wanted to introduce you to...

Only Hearts Pets 
Sly the Fox

Ok, I just have to tell you guys... OMG! The Only Hearts Pets are the PERFECT size for us 1/6 dolls!!!
They also have velcro arms so that they can hold on to us... 
and can I just say, they are SO SOFT!!!
I want, like, a bajillion of them!
Heather says "No"... but I still want them anyways.

He comes in a box with a clip on it, and there is a little loop on him where you can put the clip, in case you want to carry him around that way...

and... on his butt there is a super cute little heart!!!

He also comes with this pamphlet that shows most of his other buddies that you could maybe buy, if your name was Heather, for someone... whose name might be Madoka.


  1. So teensy tiny! Those are super cute :).

    1. They're really, really, really soft too, or, at least, the fox is. They have them at places like Target and Rite Aide and such XD

  2. They remind me of the whimzy pets! Very cute!

    1. Oh... I'm not sure I know what the whimzy pets are!!