Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[Repaint] These kids are such Bratz

Morning, everyone.
I'll bet you didn't know I did repaints.
I'm not saying I'm any good at them, just adequate.
I mean, it's not like I run a shop like my sister, Prue.
But, I do like to paint.

Now, when we think of Bratz dolls, most of us probably think of the big lipped, overly-done, huge eyed (ok, maybe I'm not one to talk on the huge eye thing...) girls who often dress like prostitutes.
(I can say this... because we steal a lot of their clothes, and trust me, one must be very selective when picking out a Bratz to strip... else she end up looking like she belongs on a street corner... of course... SOME Neemos wear those outfits anyways 
Typical Bratz Faceup: Even Angelina Jolie can't compete with those lips!!!

 I digress.
For Christmas, we ended up with a lot of Naked Bratz. Or, I should say, WE (the Neemos) ended up with a lot of clothes, leaving behind a lot of naked Bratz... so I decided to repaint them.
(FYI, if you're looking for Bratz, or Bratz clothing, the day after Thanksgiving at Walmart, there are $5 Bratz with pretty decent outfits)

I have no plan really, I'm just messing around, trying things I'm not willing to try on other brands of dolls that I've been repainting.

This first girl has lovely, straight brown hair and a medium brown skin tone.
This second girl HAD long, really messy blond hair, but I trimmed it into a shorter cut. I think she's cuter this way, but some might disagree.

These two girls are available for adoption if anyone is interested.
Obviously they would come nude (with their feet) and deboxed.
They are painted with professional grade Liquitex paints.

If you're interested, feel free to make me an offer.
Don't think any offer is to little, or that it will be offensive.
These poor girls just don't have a place here, and would rather move elsewhere!
My email is in the sidebar to the right!


  1. I think you are VERY VERY VERY talented!! How do you get your eyebrows like that?

    1. lol, thank you... I use a thin paintbrush and paint them on with a mixture of paint and retarder.
      I still have a million Bratz to paint, though, so hopefully I'll keep getting better!

  2. Hello from spain, you're right with the Bratz. They are very original. I hope your Bratzs soon find a new home.

    1. Thank you!

      Although, lol, I don't really expect them to, I'm just painting them for practice and pretty much just want to sell them for what I paid for them XD